The Lucky Troll Tutorial

This tutorial is my own and though the tutorial and selections are mine, what you make using it is YOURS . . . BUT, my tutorials may NOT be turned into scripts or actions for distribution or to make images for sale . . . which means your image is yours and you can share it or post it for download, but not sell them.  I will reserve CU for myself on selection tutorials.
Why should you do the tutorial if you can't claim what you make???  PERSONAL SATISFACTION, learning and fun.
Download the zip containing the selections and unzip to your selections folder.

This tutorial requires knowledge of using layer and use of bezier curve is a plus for individuality.

Step 1
Make a color swatch of 3 troll colors, dark, medium and light.

Step 2
Open a new image,  375 x 500, transparent.

Step 3
Add new layer and name it Troll1
Load selection named 'Troll' and flood fill with your medium troll color - do NOT deselect.

Step 4
Add a new layer and name it Troll2;  flood fill with the light troll color.
Use gaussian blur set to 30 - do NOT deselect.

Step 5
Add new layer and name it Troll3;  invert selection.
Use Drop shadow with dark troll color loaded, set V & H=0, O & B=100 - Deselect.

Step 6
Merge visible Troll 1, 2 & 3;  rename layer to Troll.

Step 7
Add new layer and name it Troll Head;  load TrollHead selection - follow steps 3, 4 & 5 BUT do NOT deselect!

Step 8
Invert selection and add drop shadow  changing settings to V=3, H=0, O=100 and B=17.3 - Deselect.

Step 9
Load Troll selection, invert selection and hit the delete key.  Deselect.
Merge visible;  rename Troll.
You should now have something resembling this:

Step 10
Add new layer;  load belly button selection and flood fill with light troll color.
Add drop shadow, changing settings to V & H = 1, O = 60 & B=7.4 - Deselect.
Merge Visible, rename Troll.

Step 11
PSP8 users may need the layer adjustments for darklights and highlights layers but  all can use them.
Add new layer, name it darklights, load darklights selection.  flood fill with dark troll color, once or twice, then change layer blend to Multiply. Deselect.
Load troll selection, invert selection and hit the delete key, Deselect.
Merge visible and rename Troll
Add new layer, name it highlight, load highlight selection,  flood fill with white, decrease layer opacity as desired (I set to 40);  Deselect.
Merge visible and rename to Troll.

Step 12
Add new layer named nose, load nose selection, flood fill with medium troll color.
Add new layer named nose2 and flood fill with light troll color, apply gaussian blur set to 20.
Add new layer named nose3, invert selection, apply drop shadow with settings V=0, H=0, O=70, B=38.3, color=dark troll color then Deselect.
Add new layer named nose4, load noseHighlight selection, flood fill with light troll color, Deselect.
Load nose selection again, apply drop shadow with settings V=1, H=0, O=100, B=7.3, color= dark troll;  Deselect.
Merge visible.
Image should now look like this:

Step 13
Decide what color eyes you want - light, medium and dark shades.

Add new layer, name it sockets, load eye-sockets selection and flood fill with dark troll color;  Deselect.
Add new layer and name it eyes and load eye-left selection, flood fill with dark eye color, load eye-right selection and flood fill the same.
**This gets a little tricky for the coloring I'm using here but thought I'd shine a little for those who don't know how**
Set medium eye color to foreground and light eye color to background,  select your flood fill tool (the little bucket).
Now set the foreground tool to the gradient fill and set the gradient to Radial, V & H=50 and repeats=27 OR  Sunburst, V & H=50,  repeats=1 or 2

With eye-right selection still active, contract selection by 1 and flood fill with gradient.
Load eye-left selection, contract selection by 1 and flood fill with gradient.   Deselect.    (Spooky!)
Or you can use a solid color to fill the selections??

Step 14
Select the flood fill tool, change foreground color to black (or almost black shade of same color).
On same layer, load eyes-pupil selection and flood fill with the  color you chose.
Load eye-pupilHighlight selection and flood fill with white once or twice (or you could use a star tube for pupil).  Deselect.
Now, you can add a bevel to the eyes if they don't appear round enough but I didn't think they needed it.
Merge visible, rename as Troll.

Step 15
Add new layer and load mouth selection, flood fill with dark troll color - Deselect.
Load mouth-lip selection on same layer flood fill with white.  Deselect.
Merge visible, rename Troll.

Step 16
Add new layer, load bellyrub selection, flood fill with white; Deselect.
Merge visible, rename Troll.

Step 17
Add new layer, load cheeks selection, flood fill with dark troll color;  Deselect.
Merge visible, rename Troll.

Step 18
Add new layer, name temple, load temple selection, floodfill with dark Troll color, DESELECT,  gaussian blur=5
Merge visible, rename Troll.

Step 19
Add new layer, name bridge, load nose-bridge selection, flood fill with dark Troll color;  Deselect.
Merge visible, rename Troll.

Step 20
Just had to end it on an even number,  so  FRECKLES??
Add new layer, load freckles selections, flood fill with dark Troll color;  Deselect.
Merge visible, rename Troll, load Troll selection, invert selection and hit the delete key one last time.
Your image should now look something like this:
  The extra space at the top of the image is for the hair - Do NOT crop your image.

       You can use any hair you want and that's definitely up to the individual and if you're not accustomed to working with the bezier tool, there are other settings.  I am comfortable with the bezier curve and the way it works in PSP7, so regardless of what version I make the rest of the image in,  it's straight to PSP7 for the hair. 
You will be switching between the bezier setting, the freehand setting and the point-to-point setting at will.  Beginners will probably prefer the point-to-point to start out - it will lend a slightly wirey look to the strand of hair.  The freehand setting depends on how clean your mouse is and the bezier curve take a little practice but I found it gave me the wild long strand I like - so regardless of where I used what setting, I finish with some bezier curve strands once the layers are merged.
Let's get started!  Should you want longer hair, you can use canvas size to increase the size of the canvas.

Step 21
Add new layer, name it HairBack;  slide the layer below the Troll layer.
Click on the Troll layer to activate it, add a new layer, name it HairFront.
Activate HairBack layer.

Step 22
Make yourself a Hair color swatch with at least 3 shades of hair color, wild or mild - whatever you prefer.

Step 23
On the HairBack layer, draw a rough shape of where you want the hair to go.  I draw the line with my lasso selection tool setting of point-to-point.  You can draw shape and fill it with one of the colors for a quick start if you like - my preference is to do it strand by strand even though it takes quite a while.  **If you want to delete the shape later, put it on it's own layers and drag it under the HairBack layer - then activate the BackHair layer to start drawing the strands of hair.
       Now I'm ready to activate my line tool and start switching around.  Set the background color to NULL  

               Notice the settings. Width=1;  Anti-alias=checked;  Close path and Create as vector=unchecked.  The only part that will change in this tutorial is the Type of line and that you will change as you see fit and when you see fit.

Add new layer - you can name all the layers the same for behind the Troll - they will be merged (Same for the hair front).

Point-to-point:     you click along your desired path and when you are ready to stop, you have a line of boxes - CLICK OFF THE GRAPHIC to end the line.  After 25, 30 strands, I add a slight drop shadow - here I am using settings of V=1, H=0, O=70, B=1.2 and Color=Black.
   then add a new layer and go again.  I repeat this as many times as necessary to build a head of hair, then the Troll and HairFront layers can be hidden so the HairBack layers can be merged visible.  The thinker the hair gets, the more I use S shapes strokes to create the effect of the hair following the curve of the head.
       I figure this is enough for the base and I should have used a darker color for the tutorial.  DARN!

Step 25
I will Merge Visible my 5 layers of HairBack and activate the  HairFront layer.  I've been jumping back and forth between the bezier, curve, freehand and point-to-point, but I wanted you to see approximately where to start the hair strands on the HairFront layers.
The black line is my starting point for SOME of the HairFront layers, but not ALL.
              Once again, I will switch back and forth between style settings and colors.  Also, on the very last layer I do that will be at the top, I don't add the drop shadow to the strands - it makes it a little fluffier looking that way.

Step 26
When you are happy with what you have, merge ALL layers visible and SAVE before doing anything else to embellish your lucky troll.

This one - resized and on black to show detail.

IF you just plain cannot make your own hair and make your Troll truly unique,  click here.


Tutorial by CSGreen,  February 17, 2004

Close Window when Finished.