This site is closed until Christina contacts me about her intentions in regard to Commercial Use Rights . . . since I can not give Commercial Use Rights to anyone  about anything on this site, I will simply wait until I hear from Christina herself . . .  it may be quite some time until I hear from her since the last email address I had is no good.  However, the site TOU is still no commercial use rights.

For those of you selling your images from the tutorials, I can't tell you it's OK.  As I read the TOU, it clearly said 'NO' to me;  but as so many others read the same TOU and assumed they have CU . . . the answer can only come from one person . . . so all of you, just use your own judgement at YOUR OWN RISK.

ATTN:  Marrianne, if you have heard from Christina, please holler at me . . . I really don't want people just wanting to learn to loose these valuable tutorials.

Hello, Christina!
I know you always drop by to see your site and I'm sorry it's down, but could you please contact me when you read this?  Need your input desperately.


csgreen at (just in case you forgot).
March 17, 2009