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Easter Eggs
or Even A Bank

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Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
My Egg Selection [Includes a Slot Selection for a Bank]
Your choice of tubes to use for decorations

I will give you instructions for just a basic and very easy egg. Use whatever colors, tubes, and decor you like. Using my .sel files, it couldn't be easier. Put the .sel files in your Selections folder under PSP. If you don't have such a folder, create one.

First, open a new image 325 wide x 400 high transparent. Then choose Selections/Load from disk, and find pa-egg.sel. Open it. It will be placed in the center of your new image. It should look like this. Leave it selected. My samples are reduced for faster downloading. Your image will be larger.

pa-egg.sel loaded

Select any color or gradient you like. I chose a gradient, Pastel 1 with these settings:


Flood fill your selected egg. It should look like this:


Save your working image - File/Save As.

Do NOT deselect.

With the egg still selected, add a new layer, then apply a cutout [Effects/3D/Cutout] using these settings:


Do NOT deselect.

Choose Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Copy/Paste As a New Image. Deselect. Export as a tube - File/Export/Picture Tube. Open a new image 300 x 300 transparent. Flood fill with your background color or pattern. Add a layer, and with your Tube tool find your new egg tube. Scale it down to fit in the center, click once. Add a drop shadow to suit. Decorate with tubes or freehand drawings. Crop it and save by choosing File/Save Copy As, then save either in JPG or GIF - whichever gives you the best resolution for the colors you've used.

For the bank, follow the instructions down to before merging the layers. Load the pa-eggslot.sel. Shadow it for depth. Continue with merging, etc., as in the previous paragraph.

easteregg08.jpgYou can make simply colored eggs or elegantly decorated eggs. For this one I used an Eye Candy 4000 glass filter, added tubes [each on its own layer], shadowed them, then I used an Eye Candy back shadow.

You could also rotate the egg 90 degrees, placing it on its side. The bank slot would then have to be moved into place.

Make chocolate eggs by filling with a rich brown, adding a few round blobs (with the paintbrush tool) of a different color of brown, then twirling it.

Try a multicolored egg by using a round paintbrush, then paint a few circles inside your egg of several colors. then twirling it. The twirling is done with Effects/Geometric/Twirl.

Paint squiggles and designs with the draw tool set to freehand and 2-3 pixels wide.

Have fun dying and decorating your own eggs!

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