Technical Pen

Zensations Technical Pen

August 16, 2020

Simple The perception of Precision and Control. Zebra Technical Pens are a great tool for illustrations, sketching or writing. The metal guide pipe provides excellent control when precision is really a necessity.

  • Metal-guide pipe on every pen provides simplicity of use with rulers and stencils
  • Vibrant black archival quality ink, ideal for use within acidity-free environments
  • Quick drying ink for any bleed free, smudge free, water-proof writing experience
  • Cap snaps safely to pen to keep pen freshness with time

2 reviews for Zensations Technical Pen

Alice Hendon, The Creator’s Leaf – September 15, 2018

I personally use these pens literally each day. I spend several hrs every day drawing zentangles in journals, in sketchbooks, on various professional art papers. the pens have great flow, I have not had one clog or goes a blob of ink – never. I’ve added watercolor and acrylics of these inks without any problems whatsoever. I’ve even used the technical pens to help make the artwork for many of my printed books. you must have these pens so that you can use them on your own.

Sandra Strait – September 29, 2017

These pens are wonderful! A lot of it flow is smooth, the road is bold and also the pen feels safe within my hands. The specs state that a lot of it is water-resistant, however i used watercolor regarding this without any smudging whatsoever. Possibly should you didn’t allow it to dry for any couple of minutes it might smudge, however it appears pretty water-proof in my experience.

Michael Wacewicz – September 30, 2017