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Apple Pencil Presenting the all‑new Apple Pencil.

March 5, 2018

Apple Pencil Presenting the all‑new Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil is the greatest

Apple Pencil elevated the bar for the way drawing, note-taking, and marking up documents should feel — intuitive, precise, and magical. The brand new Apple Pencil takes that have even more. You can now change tools having a simple double-tap and pair and charge wirelessly.
Proceed, help make your mark.

to complete more, another way.

The brand new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically having a reassuring — and incredibly satisfying — snap to the side of the iPad Pro. Once attached, it begins to charge and instantly pairs together with your device. And you will find new methods to communicate with Apple Pencil. Simply double-tap to alter tools without setting it lower.

All-new seamless design. The brand new Apple Pencil is made to be a much more comfortable, natural tool to make use of. The seamless design — no connectors or moving parts — makes it simple to keep. You may also have your Apple Pencil engraved making it your personal.

Magically pair. Wirelessly charge.
The brand new Apple Pencil starts charging whenever you put the flat part around the right side of the iPad Pro. Additionally, it pairs instantly together with your device. And you may charge your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil simultaneously. Magic, right? It’s really magnets, but we’ll go.

Tap to unlock new abilities. The brand new Apple Pencil enables you to change brush sizes or modes having a double-tap exactly where your finger rests. And you may personalize your taps to simply switch between your tools you utilize most.

for top art.
And anything else.

Apple Pencil is the best tool for whenever inspiration strikes. Utilize it to jot lower notes, paint a watercolor, or design a structure onsite. You are able to margin directly in a few apps, and you will find all sorts of apps within the Application Store that allow you to do much more with Apple Pencil. Whatever you must do, Apple Pencil is simple to use but impossible to place lower.

Take notes. Making
them spectacular.

Take notes and sketch ideas within the Notes application as naturally while you do in writing. There's also great note-taking apps within the Application Store for expressing yourself in certain very colorful new ways.

Margin email, screenshots, and much more. You are able to write and sketch on e-mail, as well as draw directly in apps like Keynote. Have a screenshot by concurrently pressing then releasing along side it button and also the volume-up button, then margin the shot you simply required.

The perfect tool for artists of each and every kind. Apple Pencil can help you express your ideas. Whether you’re painting a watercolor, designing an inside, or retouching layers of the photo, Apple Pencil brings your visions to existence.

Advanced technology for optimum fluidity.

Apple Pencil comes complete with technology made to make utilizing it completely intuitive. With imperceptible lag and pixel-perfect precision, it seems like a well-recognized writing and drawing tool you’ve always used.

Highly responsive. Perfectly precise. Apple Pencil is the greatest tool to achieve for when you really need pixel‑perfect precision. Draw anything lower one pixel, from the technical illustration to some fine portrait — with wispy hair lines and all sorts of. Press tougher for thicker lines, lighter for thinner ones. Create shading by simply tilting your Apple Pencil. With without any lag between that which you write and a specific item.

Utilize it effortlessly. Tap your iPad Pro display with Apple Pencil to awaken your tool and open the Notes application. You may also rest your palm around the display also it won’t register like a mark, so technology-not only as being a pad of paper.

Choose the best Apple Pencil for the iPad.

Apple Pencil (second generation) for
iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (third generation)
and iPad Pro 11‑inch

  • Automatic pairing, wireless charging,
    and magnetic storage
  • Double tap to change tools
  • Tap to wake
  • Free engraving

Buy Apple Pencil for iPad Pro 12.9 inch or iPad Pro 11 inch Apple Pencil Presenting the all‑new Apple Pencil. lag between that


Apple Pencil for


iPad Pro 12.9‑inch
(first and second generations), iPad Pro 10.5‑inch,
iPad Pro 9.7‑inch,
and iPad (sixth generation)

  • Lightning pairing and charging

Buy Apple Pencil for iPad Pro 10.5 " or iPad 9.7 inch

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