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How you can Have a Pen Together With Your MOLESKINE

August 7, 2018

How you can Have a Pen Together With Your MOLESKINE couldnt develop

Intro: How you can Have a Pen Together With Your MOLESKINE

there are lots of good instructables regarding how to develop a pen holder for the moleskine notebook.
Let me propose another simple simple simple solution, to hold your pen together with your moleskine without building anything.
This solution doesn’t need you to definitely modify your notebook. You just need. well. a pen.
let us get began.

Step One: Clip That Thread!

Open your notebook and catch the material bookmark using the pen clip. Make sure to keep your clip upwards.

Step Two: Move Up!

mmmh. slowly move the pen up, around the upper boder from the notebook. Clip, up.

Step Three: Pull!

close the notebook and pull lower the bookmark. The left side from the pen can get trapped available online for.

Step Four: Block It!

last step: close the notebook using the rubber band while you always do, blocking the pen.
you can now carry your pen together with your moleskine anywhere you go. easy, is not it?

Have you get this to project? Share it around!


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honestly. this really is this type of humbling moment. It’s surprising I couldnt develop this. Trust me I attempted.

I love this concept, however when I attempt it, the ribbon easily slides up within the notebook and also the pen comes loose. I’d a concept to enhance this that will solve that issue put some kind of stopper (perhaps a button) close to the finish from the ribbon, to ensure that once the ribbon rests within the notebook, the stopper sits just outdoors the foot of the notebook. By doing this, once the notebook is closed, the stopper wouldn’t permit the ribbon to slip up within the notebook whatsoever. By doing this the pen/pencil on the top would stay tightly in position (also with the help of the rubber band) before the notebook is opened up.
Going to try and remember to do this once I am home in the office and perhaps make an Instructable onto it too.

Thank you for idea and great publish!

Reply three years ago on Introduction

it is always good! thanks.

I’m able to only fit one pen within the spine and that i always wish to take two.

United nations buen consejo para mantener juntos tu lapicera y cuaderno. Así lo encuentras fácilmente. Muy buen consejo. Acá hay una fotografía del mío.

Reply 6 years back on Introduction

If you possess the pocket sized one simply provide just a little twist at the very top and set the clip in to the spine – pen will stay there across the spine of the notebook!

Reply 6 years back on Introduction

just hint!

Works best for Rhodia too!))

This really is brilliantly simple, after an hour or so of having fun with elastic bands and duct tape I discovered this on the Lifehacker comment and loved it! Many thanks. this really is certainly the simplest and many effective solution I’ve seen. Oh one more thing I registered simply to publish this comment :).

Reply many years ago on Step Four

How you can Have a Pen Together With Your MOLESKINE notebook is closed, the stopper

thanks to you, I’m happy this little hack continues to be helpful for you.
Thank you for discussing your pics, have some fun!

ah. I can not do this though. My moleskine is definitely an incredibly factor one w/o the ribbon bookmark. :p so i’ll just throw a pen within my messenger bag together with it. (not that it’s problematic, anyways.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome, I like this

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

I think you’ll appreciate it, thanks. If you wish to share a pic, it might be wonderful. have some fun!

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

Hey, I personally use a ball-point Mont Blanc Refil in my small notebook since it fits better with ways and that i dont do extended writing anyway.

Sorry for low-res pic, i simply used webcam ๐Ÿ˜›

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

I really like it! i had been trying to find a great way to do that which is the easiest and many helpful of!

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

You are welcome jdomingo! I am glad you want it, and if you wish to share a photograph, It might be super awesome!
enjoy your moleskine!

This will make a surprisingly strong grip for that pen. Simple is generally better.
Thank you

Reply 8 years back on Step Four

you are welcome! Happy that you simply loved it! If you wish to share a pic of the moleskine + pen, we’d appreciate that!
have some fun!