Calligraphy, Gerard Vink

June 18, 2019

Calligraphy is about the graphical facet of writing. The term, which stems from Greek, literally means “

beautiful writing”. This ancient manner of handwriting are available in different languages and cultures. Prior to the invention from the printing press, calligraphy was mainly practiced professionally. Later on, calligraphy progressed into a completely independent talent. A modern day calligraphic practice can be explained as the skill of giving form to signs within an significant, harmonious, and skilled manner.

You’ll discover the basics of calligraphy ways to use the tools and the way to form words and letters. The program is fantastic for beginners and all sorts of fundamental materials are provided.

Gerard Vink

Gerard is really a graphic and typographic designer, he studied Graphics & Typography in the Royal Academy of Art within the Hague. After graduating he began being employed as a completely independent designer.

Its not necessary a X subscription to participate this program.

Within the subscription overview you can observe which rates are relevant for you.

Practical Information

Group course, max. 10 participants

Each lesson is two hours

All of the fundamental materials are provided in the course.

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