Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

January 9, 2020

By Kelly Tokarz · Jul 12, 2018 · ·

Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

As part of a continuing series, we’re searching at artisanal crafts which are regaining traction within the New You are able to scene. Now, uncover the origins of contemporary calligraphy and just how it’s been reinvented in the present marketplace.

A brief history of calligraphy

Produced from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein), calligraphy literally means “the art of lovely handwriting.” And just what a wealthy history this art has.

In the centre East and Eastern Asia, calligraphy, like painting and sculpture, has apparently always held a location of esteem within the field of fine arts. In the western world, however, the concept of calligraphy developed later — nearer to the 15th century. Using the Latin alphabet using the spotlight, calligraphy increased (relatively) less exclusive and, within the 16th through 18th centuries, writing and copybooks started to achieve prominence. These publications trained readers how you can create letters, how to pick appropriate paper, cut quills and make their very own inks, and provided space to rehearse copying pre-designed letterforms on their own. Through the finish from the 17th century, calligraphy-style handwriting wasn’t only being trained to scholars, but towards the recently-literate ladies who started finding power in running their husband’s companies.

The typewriter made its debut in the finish from the 1700s and writing professions started their loss of visibility and prestige. Most European and burgeoning U . s . States practitioners shifted focus from artistic calligraphy and towards the thought of a simple-to-craft, easy-to-read handwriting.The real push and pull of individual versus machine goes back towards the 1800s a minimum of — the purpose where the first calligraphy revival continues to be noted. Throughout all these revival periods, a brand new type of artistic lettering continues to be put into the general mix, plus the well-established Spencerian and Copperplate fonts.

A contemporary identity

Now, in 2018, we’re witnessing a brand new emerging style. Known as ‘modern calligraphy,’ this kind of hands-crafted penmanship is unlike any that’s come before it — mainly since it will not stick to the rules.

We requested New You are able to-based modern calligrapher, Danielle Rothman, of Rothbyrns Creative, a couple of questions regarding her practice and just how we are able to enter around the rule-shattering calligraphy trend to live in.

Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

Nooklyn Tales: How have you enter into calligraphy? Important so rewarding for you personally?

Danielle Rothman: Everything began having a coloring book! My pal bought us a coloring book at the begining of 2016 and that i grew to become obsessed. Coloring opened up up an entire ” new world ” of creativeness for me personally. A couple of several weeks later I purchased some markers to make use of with my coloring books and apparently , these were the defacto standard for brush calligraphy at that time. I clearly remember watching my first lettering video and thinking to myself that I must do this! I’ve found calligraphy rewarding since it combines a lot of things I really like: quotes, books, writing, art, and helping people create thoughtful gifts. The good thing for me personally, though, may be the workshops. I’ve always loved teaching and as being a source of people — having the ability to educate calligraphy which help people explore their creativeness is amazingly fulfilling! Calligraphy has completely altered my existence and career. I went full-time with my company Rothbyrns Creative in 2017 and I’ve grown a lot since that time, both being an entrepreneur as well as an artist. Through calligraphy I’ve discovered other disciplines like watercolor, embossing, and botanical line drawing. I really like how calligraphy touches a lot of other kinds of art and I’ve been getting an enjoyable experience exploring!

Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

NS: Why modern calligraphy over a classical type? Could it be personal interest or commercial necessity?

DR: I trained myself calligraphy through books and blogs, and at first modern calligraphy was all I had been uncovered to. It had been just beginning to become trend also it felt readily available. I became a member of several social networks and located lots of support there, which made learning both simpler and much more fun. I’ve always respected traditional calligraphy and I’ve been beginning to understand more about it. What I’m finding is the fact that modern calligraphy is simply an additional way to approach exactly the same concepts. After I began, I did not mind by what would sell — it had been by pointing out pleasure of writing and finding a brand new skill. When I developed my company and honed my style, I’ve appreciated the versatility and fluidity of contemporary calligraphy. My alphabet has changed a great deal during the last 2 yrs, and I’ve began to build up a couple of different sets to match both my very own and my clients’ needs.

NS: What, for you, may be the role for or necessity of calligraphy in an enormous amount of digital art practices?

DR: That’s a quite interesting question, especially since the majority of the calligraphy I’ve been doing recently is digital! I believe there’s always an excuse for art, and calligraphy (together with visual art generally) is getting a properly-deserved moment at this time. We’re more connected now than ever before, that is great, but additionally has its own challenges. Being “on” 24/7 is exhausting, and individuals are embracing art and calligraphy for to reduce stress. Calligraphy is an extremely conscious activity, as well as just sightseeing write it’s mesmerizing. With Instagram and YouTube which makes it so simple to find and follow artists, it seems sensible that it is become a method to relax and reconnect using the outdoors world. Digital calligraphy belongs to that, too. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil happen to be a game title changer due to pressure sensitivity, and digital art is becoming incredibly accessible. Calligraphy is the main thing on this exploration, and there is a lot that you can do using these tools. Personally I really like the versatility of having the ability to create my iPad beside me on the run, and I’m excited to determine how digital art is constantly on the progress.

NS: Where are we able to find out more about calligraphy practices?

DR: The easiest method to learn calligraphy is as simple as going for a class! This gives a firm foundation within the basics. I’ve trained over 800 students and the main suggestion I can provide you with would be to slow lower. Writing gradually provides you with greater control and neater writing. This isn’t only for beginners, either most videos the thing is online happen to be increased considerably. Remember, practice makes progress — it’s not really perfect when you initially start, however the more you practice the greater it will likely be! I usually tell my students that it is easier to practice just a little everyday than the usual lot monthly. Initially when i first began, I made gifts in my every special day in my buddies and family. I enjoyed finding the perfect quote for each individual also it was useful to possess a deadline to help keep me on the right track. A lot of my most widely used prints and journals began out as gifts!

Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

I’m teaching a unique Brush Calligraphy and Embossing class on This summer 19th at Court Tree Collective in Brooklyn, which discover more about on my small website at I offer 1:1 training, private workshops, and company occasions, i educate workshops at CraftJam, Brooklyn Brainery, and Brooklyn Craft Company. You are able to join my e-newsletter to get a regular monthly update on my small classes, in addition to free worksheets and printables. If you like classes on the web, I lately printed a web-based class with Skillshare. Use my referral connect to receive two several weeks free — there are millions of great creative classes to select from!

Resurrection from the dying arts: Modern calligraphy

Danielle Rothman is really a modern calligrapher who builds community through art and workshops. Danielle has a love for teaching calligraphy and it has helped greater than 800 students write superbly at her workshops in New You are able to City. Her business, Rothbyrns Creative, focuses on personalization and thoughtful gifts, creating inspiring one-of-a-kind journals, prints, and calligraphy designs for just about any occasion. Recent collaborations include workshops in the Guggenheim and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museums, West Elm, Etsy HQ, The Nation’s Stationery Show, Eden, Brooklyn Brainery, and CraftJam.


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