Eraser Portable

June 4, 2019

Eraser Portable

Secure erase utililty

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Version for Home windows, British
1MB download / 3MB installed
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Eraser Portable

Eraser Portable is really a secure file-deletion and knowledge wiping utility. With support for multiple wipes, pattern writing and much more, you can use it to safely delete any sensitive data.

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Memory Stick Note: Almost all modern flash drives use put on leveling to spread write operations out more than a device. This disrupts Eraser (along with other secure deletion utilities) capability to wipe single files. Wiping a whole drive or erasing personal files after which wiping free space may be more secure but nonetheless not delete all data, although it will put additional put on in your drive.

Version Note: There’s a more recent form of Eraser, Eraser 6.x, that is a complete rewrite from the tool. It depends on the .Internet framework 4.+. I will be releasing a form of it later on like a separate application as it won’t focus on as numerous Computers as standard Eraser 5.x.

Updater Icon/Interface: The icon, toolbar, and interface of Eraser continues to be modernized for Eraser Portable through the team.

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Eraser for secure file deletion