How you can turn a brush into an eraser

January 10, 2020

How you can turn a brush into an eraser (Transparent Color)

What is the brush you like which has the qualities you’d passion for an eraser? Use Transparent Color to change any brush into an eraser.

Within the image below, the artist used a unique brush formed just like a clump of grass. Within the left image, she tried on the extender to produce the grass. Then, she selected Transparent Color, making an eraser of the identical shape. Within the right, she subtracted in the image by using this clump of grass transparent ink “

eraser”, rather of drawing more.

Transparent color can be found in the Color Editor. It transforms your brush into an eraser using the sign of the selected brush. When the selected brush is pressure-sensitive and helps to create a stroke that fades off, your eraser is going to do exactly the same. Utilize it to erase existing color pixels around the current layer.

Turning a brush into an eraser in SketchBook for Desktop

Transparent Color can also be obtainable in the next places and could be held in the custom color scheme, see How you can turn a brush into an eraser to learn more.

  • Within the lagoon, select and flick , to show your brush into an eraser.

  • Color Puck and Color Editor


How To Use a Photoshop Brush as an Eraser