The Eraser

January 10, 2020

The Eraser invisible impressions produced

The Eraser

General Information

The Eraser was the selected alias of Lenny Fiasco, who switched to crime after living his college days under constant mocking and taunting by his classmates. Fiasco is really a professional at since the tracks of other crimes. For any 20 % cut, the Eraser will ‘erase’ evidence of some other crime.

History Edit

Lenny Fiasco would be a college classmate of Bruce Wayne (Batman), and it was constantly mocked by his fellow students for the mistakes he earned at school. The couple of individuals who appreciated Lenny always pictured him with eraser in hands, correcting his mistakes. The only real girl Lenny ever wanted was classmate Celia Cruz, and that he planned to consider her towards the school’s ice circus. Lenny was crushed when she chose to choose Bruce Wayne. Feeling quite bitter, he switched to some existence of crime, developing an eraser costume that may eliminate all evidence from the crime scene.

He required out advertisements because the Eraser in The Key Subterranean, a periodical targeted at Gotham City’s small-time crooks. For any 20 % commission, before taxes, the Eraser provided to remove all clues in a crime scene before a police analysis might be conducted: “Do not take chances! Allow the ‘Eraser’ erase every clue out of your crimes! Only 20% of job–before taxes! Email Box 19611. General Delivery!” In the suit and full mind mask, the Eraser was similar to a full time income # 2 pencil. He did a commendable job, and also the police were baffled at the possible lack of clues at a number of bank robberies.

The Eraser’s cameo in Batman: R.I.P.

They known as on Batman, who disguised themself being an organ grinder and hired the Eraser for any mock robbery. Eraser then removed his mask, showing the way the eraser helmet installed on it had been given a unique compound that removes everything—even the virtually invisible impressions produced by the soles of footwear. Eraser recognized Bruce Wayne with the disguise, explaining that for a long time he hat sitting alongside Bruce attending school classes, smelling the special shaving lather he used, and that he could can remember the smell as he sniffed it again. Putting a hands on Bruce’s shoulder, Lenny says he confirmed Wayne’ identity because a person’s skin acidity makes any shaving lather he used react differently than another person’s. The villain then told Bruce he had grew to become a criminal because Bruce shattered his hopes for seeing Celia Cruz. Bruce did not even remember Celia’s name, prompting Eraser right into a rage. He knocked Bruce by helping cover their sleeping gas, and Bruce woke up at Eraser’s headquarters, in which the Eraser had built a entertainment from the college ice circus. Robin then showed up in this area and distracted Eraser lengthy enough for Bruce to alter into his Batman identity. What adopted was academic, Batman pummelled Eraser and sent him to jail. In prison Batman presented Fiasco having a giant eraser, and advised him to create a new begin in existence having a clean slate. Lenny did not appear too amused with Batman’s joke. (Batman #188)

The Eraser makes minor cameo appearances in Publish-Crisis continuity. He first switched in Ambush Bug: Year None #4 (2008).

Lenny Fiasco because the Eraser later came back included in Bruce Wayne’s imagination in Batman: RIP. The Eraser also lately made an appearance in Neil Gaiman’s 2009 story “Whatever Became of batman?” which shows the results of Batman’s dying on his opponents and allies.

Forces and talents Edit

The Eraser used footwear tipped with pencil-point blades that may also emit a sleeping gas. He used a mask capped served by a huge eraser that may rub out evidence from crime scenes like footprints and fingerprints.

In Other Media Edit

Television Edit

The Eraser makes cameo appearances within the Batman: The Brave and also the Bold episode “A Bat Divided!” and Joker: The Vile and Villainous! where he’s seen consuming along with other Batman villains inside a bar. He’s also a part of Joker and Penguin’s army of c-list villains in Scooby-Doo and Batman, the Brave and also the Bold.

A LEGO form of the Eraser constitutes a cameo appearance in The Lego Batman Movie. He’s seen driving a commandered truck alongside Crazy Quilt.


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