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December 20, 2019

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The first record of the reservoir pen, the precursor towards the modern fountain pen, goes back to tenth century Africa. Couple of information on the pen’s mechanism are known with no types of the pen’s construction have survived. Progress was slow until A. A. Waterman of recent You are able to started to mass make the nib-finish ink pen. Early pens were filled by unscrewing part of the hollow barrel and inserting ink by having an eyedropper. Although stylish in design, they tended to leak within the cap where the pen opened up for refilling. For generations, the fountain pen has offered being an everyday writing instrument and it has achieved a esteemed possession status worldwide. Fountain pens also have offered various artistic purposes for example calligraphy, pen and ink artwork in addition to professional art design. Some proponents still believe their role in education ought to be ongoing since children learn significant penmanship skills that provide them more artistic control of their handwriting. Thank you for visiting the Pilot Pen website. Please still browse and tell us the way we can enhance your online experience.

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