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Fountain Pens within the Creative Process

September 24, 2018

Fountain Pens within the Creative Process

I really like fountain pens. Sometimes I believe I’m the ambassador for implementing these pens in existence. I’ve introduced these to my buddies, to my hubby, and also to most of the authors within my circle. Making converts everywhere I am going. What’s so excellent about the subject? Well, for me personally, they not just result in the writing I actually do simpler, however they assist me to when planning my short tales and novels.

I came across the fountain pen in 2013. In those days, fountain pens weren’t awesome. To make use of one asked stares and derisive comments. The pens came me because my cursive writing had fallen into disuse and it was unreadable. I required up journaling to combat this, reasoning when I authored one entry each day in cursive, my penmanship would improve. The greater I authored using the ballpoints, the greater my hands cramped. I googled about writing and found that fountain pens do not need to press to the page while you write. You possess them in an position that’s much more comfortable for that hands. You can write more words and for a longer period having a fountain pen compared to a ballpoint. I needed to check it out.

The affordable Chinese model I purchased to determine if I’d like writing having a fountain pen was simple to write with. I loved the design of the pen within my hands, the numerous ink colors to select from, and i also could select different nibs to alter the way in which my words seen the page. I went by using a typical medium nib to some fine nib and also to an italic nib, that is a smoother form of a calligraphy stub nib. It had been fun! I grew to become totally hooked on the pens like a hobby.

Inside a year, I finished the $2 Chinese pens I needed to tweak before using towards the $30 pens with smoother nibs and as they are writing quality. My current “beater” pen, the main one I personally use most frequently within my office is really a Lamy Safari in Lilac. I personally use Noodler’s Black and white, that is archival and “bulletproof”. I own many colors of inks, but fundamental black is my primary color for that creative process and documentation. I additionally make use of a Platinum Plaisir for autographing my novels in the area. It’s a pen having a cap that keeps the pen from becoming dry for any lengthy period. My readers love seeing the pen also it helps make the autographing process a bit more special.

Will I love fountain pens since they’re a guide to my creative process like a author, or will i use paper notebooks like a author because fountain pens are enjoyable for me personally? My procedure for writing developed simultaneously I began my fountain pen hobby, who would be to say? I personally use fountain pens mainly within the brainstorming procedure for tales and poems. I’ve found the shorter the work, the much more likely I’ll make use of the pens throughout the creative process.

For poems, I create them almost entirely via fountain paper and pen. There’s something about doodling all individuals words around the page to obtain the perfect easily fit in my poems. I’m able to change the colours to suit the atmosphere too. I keep finished poems inside a traveler’s notebook to consider beside me to spread out-mic readings. Something concerning the matching of paper and leather appears quite bohemian.

When writing short tales, I keep an ARC notebook, that has superior quality paper for fountain pens. I create suggestions for my tales and make handwritten character sheets, outlines, and maps. After I get the story enough, I move it to the computer where I actually do the drafting.

Finally, you will find my novels. I personally use fountain pens and notebooks when I’m brainstorming suggestions for a singular. I produce a limited “novel bible” of character sheets, locations, and objects will be able to take beside me after i venture out drafting. I draft with an Alphasmart digital typewriter. After I complete the very first draft, I slowly move the manuscript into Scrivener for revision.

As time pass, I still incorporate fountain pens and paper into my existence. I sketch and ink the sketches having a fine fountain pen. I always keep a diary to chronicle my existence and that i have a bullet journal to help keep my writing tasks so as. I test out using fountain pen inks as washes within my artwork. Personally i think that writing with fountain pens has enriched my existence. Possibly they might perform the same to yours.

Wendy Van Camp writes sci-fi, regency romance, and poetry. Her writing blog No Wasted Ink features essays concerning the craft of writing, poetry, flash fiction, and author interviews. Wendy’s short tales and poems have made an appearance in sci-fi magazines for example “Quantum Visions”, “Altered Reality Magazine”, “Scifaikuest”, and “Far Horizons”. She’s won Honorable Mention in the Authors for the future Contest. You are able to join her quarterly e-newsletter to get updates on her behalf tales, workshops and appearances.

Fountain Pens within the Creative Process

Fountain Pens within the Creative Process

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