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Gel Ink Pens Groups

August 20, 2019

Gel Ink Pens Groups because of the dynamic

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Within the late 1980s America was brought to the gel pen after many years of development and research in Japan. Sakura was the very first company to produce a gel-based ink that brought to the development of the very first smooth, gel point pencils. Since that time, an limitless a few different styles and colors happen to be produced. Today, these pens really are a favorite among graphic artists because of the dynamic gel ink formula that’s smear proof and is available in a sizable variety of vibrant colors. Gel pens basically combine the performance of the ball point using the smooth glide of the rollerball for any brilliant writing experience. Pilot offers a variety of styles featuring from contoured grips to visible ink supplies that allow you to know when it’s here we are at a refill. For added comfort, soft rubber grips can be found which permit for additional control and reduces force on the writer’s hands. Thank you for visiting the Pilot Pen website. Please still browse and tell us the way we can enhance your online experience.


Gel Ink Pen Commercial (Group 3)