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Muji Gel Ink Pen Review

May 17, 2019

Muji Gel Ink Pen Review

I had been available on the market for any new cheap, gel-ink pen the 2009 semester and that i wound up buying Muji’s Gel Ink Pen in .38 mm. Those of 10 was $13.50 with Amazon . com Prime shipping, which ends up up being $1.35 per pen. Not necessarily a bad deal, and slightly less expensive than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C4’s I’ve been hooked on.

This pen’s exterior is what it must be — it’s sleek, simple, and clean. Despite the fact that it’s simple, the beige and salmon colored sticker is eye-catching enough allow it some personality. The important thing feature is this fact pen does not have a rubber grip, so it isn’t a dust and dirt magnet. The pen’s body comes with an opaque and matte texture. Initially, I had been scared the matte surface would scratch, but following a couple of several weeks of rough-and-tumble within my backpack, it grew to become obvious the plastic will not scratch.

The cap snaps off and fits on the rear of the pen very nicely. The total amount from the pen using the cap around the back feels light and airy. It need not be very heavy because the ink flows easily with no pressure. It’s lighter compared to Hi-Tec-C4, so it’s a bit harder to twirl.

This pen survived a lot of abuse through the semester, and didn’t hand out on me the whole time. I take my notes by hands, and that i didn’t have any issues with flow or consistency. A lot of it flows easily with virtually no pressure, so it’s simpler to create timed essays using these pens than most others. The supposed .38 mm line weight runs just a little thicker compared to Hi-Tec-C4’s .4mm line, which wasn’t an issue unless of course I had been attempting to write really small. A lot of it dried relatively rapidly and that i didn’t have any difficulties with smudging it with my hands. A lot of it does transfer towards the opposite page just a little whenever you switch a webpage over and write on the other hand. You’d think a lot of it could be dry when an entire page is stuffed with notes, however i would see little specks of ink around the opposite page anyways. Not really a huge issue, however it forced me to accept paper from my notebook to consider notes. Each pen lasted me about 2–3 several weeks, that is roughly 50 pages of notes.

The greatest drawback was highlighting. Regardless of how lengthy you depart a lot of it to dry, a highlighter will smudge the letters to get nearly unreadable. I did not have this issue utilizing the same highlighter around the Hi-Tec-C4. Simply because note-taking is my primary use situation, it was an offer breaker for me personally.

Muji Gel Ink Pen Review


I finished up returning to my sweet little Hi-Tec-C4s due to the highlighting issue. I ‘gifted’ the additional pens to my loved ones in order to come with an excuse to change to my Hi-Tec-C4s (oops, hi Lillian). The Muji Gel Ink Pen is gorgeous and designed, however the ink gets in the alternative page and doesn’t prosper with highlighting.

Muji Gel Ink Pen Review

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