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Refill a Ballpoint or Gel Pen With Fountain Pen Ink

October 24, 2019

Refill a Ballpoint or Gel Pen With Fountain Pen Ink Suck up some fountain pen

Intro: Refill a Ballpoint or Gel Pen With Fountain Pen Ink

This instructable explains how you can dismantle, prepare and fill a gel or ballpoint pen with fountain pen ink. While not efficient for everyday use, this can most likely be considered a fun-filled activity for pen nerds everywhere.

Step One: Materials

-1 syringe with needle (I acquired mine from the printer refill package)
– Some pliers
– Some fountain pen ink (I made use of Parker Quink)
– Surgical spirit
– A pen, preferably used ( I made use of .5 ballpoint and gel pens)
– Steady hands
– Several sheets of scrap paper for absorbing any spills
– Mitts
– a disposable cup (optional)

Step Two: Dismantle the Pen

Go ahead and take pen apart, taking out a lot of it tube

Step Three: Remove the Metal Point and Clean

Remove the metal point:
Keep the metal point gently and pull the purpose out while twisting gradually. In gel pens, the metal point is mounted on a plastic portion which, consequently, is connected to the ink-holding tube.

Washing or flushing the tube and point:
Wash the tube and point with surgical spirit, spilling the runoff right into a a disposable cup.

Step Four: Filling a Gel Tube

(The gel pen could be filled without needing the syringe’s needle)
Suck up some fountain pen ink in to the syringe. Put the syringe opening at one finish from the gel-ink tube (picture 1) and push the plunger lightly. Let an ink column of approximately 2-3 inches form.

Take away the syringe and allow the ink almost drop out and right now once the ink column is threatening to fall from the tube (see picture 2), stuff the metal point in (picture 3). Wipe off excess ink.

If you notice air bubbles, repeat the process.

Step Five: Filling a Ballpoint Tube

A ballpoint is trickier to fill than the usual gel tube due to the thinner tube. However, with persistence, it is possible.

Suck up some fountain pen ink in to the syringe. Squeeze syringe as proven in picture 1.
Contain the whole tube in an elevation of approximately 5 levels (otherwise a lot of it flows on your hands). Start pushing the plunger super gradually.

[Look at this whole paragraph first after which proceed] Allow an ink column of two-3 inches to create. “Balance” a lot of it column somewhere in the center of the tube.

Position the tube gradually, and also at the purpose once the ink is nearly spilling from the tube, insert the metal point into that finish. Wipe off excess ink.

If you notice air bubbles, repeat the process.

Step Six: Put Everything Together Again

Go ahead and take refilled (yay!) pen tubes and set the pen/pens together again. You are done! Test out your new impractical but fun pen, and (sorry for that caps) ALWAYS Keep PENS HORIZONTALLY.

I’ve incorporated some writing samples and photographs below.

I welcome constructive critique and comments so be at liberty.

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17 Discussions

Quite interesting. dose it focus on cheaper pens (roller balls and so on) or only around the more up scale pens?

This is great for individuals high dollar refill pens.

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

Well the entire cost I compensated for individuals two pens was just around $ .3 and i believe this method will produce spun sentences with various pens, regardless of cost.

BTW this fountain-pen-ink mod expires pretty rapidly, and is not pocket safe.

Reply four years ago on Introduction

Bad. I literally had the very same idea, even lower towards the printer refill syringes and saw that Staples had the Quink fountain pen ink. However, because you stated it expires rapidly and isn’t pocket safe, I’ll postpone until I actually do more research. If perhaps we’re able to get bulk ink the pen company makes, only then do we wouldn’t need to improvise! That’s my next research.

Refill a Ballpoint or Gel Pen With Fountain Pen Ink metal point

Reply 12 months ago

What about utilizing a body that’s created for fountain pen ink such as the Platinum Preppy?

Reply 8 years back on Introduction

oh the indignity of utilizing fountain pen ink in cheap pens

You just described the how you can in cannibalizing a pen’s working tip.What about showing how you can cannibalize a rollerball tip and installation onto a Platinum Preppy?

are we able to do ball pen ink pen’s ink?

but. that would be ideal idea but my buddy stated it cannot be achieved using ink pen’s ink

After I refill a gel pen a lot of it isn’t any working. Sometimes work with 2-3 min. after 2-3 min. it stop. Please suggest how you can refill a gel pen that actually works.

The safest method to keep your pen is writing tip up. As needed, seal another finish from the tube having a glue gun.

This appears just like a very logical tactic to me. I will do this soon after which publish my results. Thank you for this instruction. Cheers !

It does not work. I attempted several occasions and fountain pen ink is simply too liquid for gel pen. It flows too ink in the gel pen tip.

I’d attempted several occasions however i had som problems:
I want something to exchange the gel that’s uesd to shut the pen tank, maybe can one use herbal hair gel?
I discovered fountain pen ink (I made use of Pelikan) too liquid for gel pen

Have you ever attempted to help make the pens pocket safe by putting Vaseline or Hair Wax in the finish from the tubes?

It could work correctly like a grease seal, ensuring a lot of it does not flow out of the finish.

whats the price of the least expensive gel pen obtainable in your country?

Reply many years ago on Introduction

There is a in your area manufactured top quality gel pen for 15 LKR, or .14USD (that we used above).
Lately, a brand new pen known as “butter gel” continues to be released through the same company for slightly under that. (their goods can be seen under “shopping cart software”)

Reply many years ago on Introduction

i believe more cheaper gel pens can be found in India. You can aquire a gel pen for Rs.5(12 lkr) and cheaper ones are for sale to Rs.3 ( about 7 LKR). And Hi , I’m glad to determine someone in the sub continent 😀

For those who have an extended needle are you able to fill a lot of it tube completely witout taking out the writing tip(i,e you grow it from the open finish).


Refill a Ballpoint or Gel Pen With Fountain Pen Ink to the

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