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Parker Pen renovation

December 30, 2019
Parker Pen renovation

Winning the task

In 1983 JP Cullen was awarded the refurbishment project from the 62-years old, seven-story Parker Pen business building in Janesville, Wisconsin. 2 yrs before, JP Cullen had finished the development from the pen company’s 131,000 sq . ft . headquarters, and in Janesville.


The primary issue with the Parker property was the necessity to continue working round the company’s 155 employees who required to work on their desks without distraction or interruption. Through the job, using the staff always the ground from the construction, the JP Cullen team continuously stored lower noise and dirt pollution whenever possible.

Longtime worker Harold Jennings (left), also referred to as “Big Daddy”, and Chuck Zinzmaster eye plans for that Parker Pen renovation.

Parker Pen renovation

Longtime worker Harold Jennings, also referred to as “Big Daddy” (left) and Chuck Zinzmaster eye plans for that Parker Pen renovation.

Erecting temporary partitions helped resolve a few of these untidy workplace issues. Additionally towards the interior work, a brief roof was placed on the primary building’s 4th floor because it had been refurbished and expanded. Steel posts were also sunk with the existing building and also the north wall foundation needed underpinnings to aid an overhang that housed their boardroom and executive lounge. A rooftop penthouse seemed to be built to carry operating gear for that elevators, together with heating, cooing, and ventilation units.

Exterior Work

Included in the project, that old building received a brand new exterior composed of 336 travertine panels. Each one of the massive pieces considered one ton. JP Cullen removed the outdoors face from the building connect attachments to aid the brand new travertine limestone that facades the dwelling. A structural steel frame was erected round the existing building to aid the stone panels and insulated glass skin. The stone was quarried in Winona, Minnesota, and hauled preassembled using its attachment studs towards the job site for erecting. These panels cover 41,000 square ft from the building.

The job entailed lots of detail, from jackhammering out two concrete and steel vaults, to razing that old employees’ clubhouse. The clubhouse was substituted for an eight-tiered plaza that involved flowing 2,600 yards of concrete. To accomplish each tier, JP Cullen installed footings, and put a concrete wall which in fact had to create prior to the soil behind it may be compacted to permit the following wall to become set up. Stone caps were then set over each one of the tiers.

This tough job known as for plenty of focus on detail in addition to had challenges like the safety from the employees and decrease in noise and dirt pollution. Despite its complexity and challenges, the work was completed promptly.

Good reputation for Parker Pen

Parker Pen Company started in Janesville in 1888 with a person called George Safford Parker who patented the very first fountain pen. No more in Janesville, Parker Pen’s headquarters gone to live in England but is proven to be a common company in Janesville with reminders of the organization scattered round the city such names as Parker Senior High School and Parker Drive, in addition to little treasures like the arch towards the factory’s entrance now which now stands in Rotary Botanical Gardens. Furthermore the Parker Pen Company and JP Cullen share a lengthy history in Janesville, but we share exactly the same management philosophy: our information mill about our people and also the appreciation of quality craftsmanship.


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