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UMD student arrested after police seize countless THC oil cartridges

December 26, 2019

by Mike Carter-Conneen/ABC7

UMD student arrested after police seize countless THC oil cartridges

Police seize 375 cartridges of illegal THC oil attending college Park. (Prince George’s County Police)


Prince George’s County Police announced Wednesday a medication bust and also the arrest of the College of Maryland student.

Investigators grabbed 375 cartridges of THC oil, the chemical compound in marijuana that will get users high.

The cartridges are discreetly utilized in vape pens using the hallucinogenic results of smoking marijuana but with no stench.

“If someone is vaping using these pens, it is going to smell of particularly. It is going to smell of peach,” stated PGPD Maj. Timothy Muldoon.

PGPD detectives stated they intercepted the THC oil recently. They stated it had been shipped from Colorado using a parcel service.

Their analysis brought to some search warrant in a home around the 7500 block of Dickenson Avenue attending college Park. In the home, police stated additionally they found 39-grams of marijuana and funds.

They stated individuals products are evidence showing 21-years old Brandon Kraut – a senior at UMD – planned to market the cartridges.

Muldoon stated information seeing more marijuana products – like edibles and THC oil – smuggled from Colorado where they’re legal. There, one THC oil cartridge may cost between $25 and $35.

“Out here around the underground community [in Maryland], they have essentially bending the cost,” Muldoon stated.

Around the product website, the maker claims one cartridge should serve you for a user about one or two days.

Should you equate this having a typical medical cannabis user who can experience an oz of marijuana per week, the grabbed stash contains about just as much THC as 187 ounces or nearly 12 pounds of pot.

“If you simply see this package, it’s packaged in vibrant colors,” Muldoon stated. “It almost appears like chocolate or gum or something like that.”

Several UMD students confirm they have seen THC oil vaping at parties.

“I think it’s pretty common. Yeah,” stated senior Louie Colella. “I think there’s a smaller amount of a smell using the cartridges from the oil.”

Muldoon calls that concerning, both like a cop and being a parent.

“[Users] can essentially be utilising marijuana right beneath your nose,” he stated.

Kraut was billed with possession with intent to distribute. If charged, he could address 5 years imprisonment.

On Wednesday, Kraut’s housemates and neighbors wouldn’t talk on camera. UMD declined to discuss his current status in the college.


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