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November 30, 2017

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Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996

by Jim Mamoulides, March 26, 2004

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996 proven using the incorporated very inkwell

Revival of the rarity

Once the A. T. Mix Pen Company made the decision to produce its first special edition pen in 1996 the organization adopted the growing trend among pen makers in reviving vintage company designs. Parker and Sheaffer had both lately introduced updated vintage designs to their lines, applying their extensive catalog of famous pen lines. Entering the forex market, Mix had something of the dilemma. Although the earliest USA manufacturer of pencils, Mix was without the extensive history in fountain pens since it’s competitors.

Mix introduced its first stylographic pen and propel-repel pencil in 1879, prior to most up to date pen companies were even created. The business’s own history does not list a nibbed fountain pen until 1930 after which not again until 1982. What’s recognized today because the classic Mix “look” are visible in a lifetime pencil, introduced in 1946, and also the Century ballpoint, introduced in 1953, a effective design that’s still being produced today. Applying the business’s historic pens would limit the options.

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996

Mix find the the classic, and quite rare 1930 triple banded pen and pencil. This can be a very art-deco design with three inlaid enamel bands around the cap and barrel along with a “flamestitch” machine engraved pattern the size of both. The initial pen would be a sleeve filler, run by sliding the barrel away from the section to show a cutout for any press bar over an ink sac. Pressing the bar collapsed the sac, similar to a lever filler works, or perhaps a modern squeeze ripper tools does. The initial design was quite simple to create and eliminated most of the complex mechanics in the filling process. Some sources date this pen from 1930-1941, however the actual production dates are very murky.

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996

Just like modern Mix pens, many examples have logos installed on them. One that’s seen frequently may be the Packard shield, attached around the cap over the clip, a sales award for Packard automobile salesmen. Mix even today aims lots of its business in the awards and premiums market, along with the gift pen market. Certainly a lot of us remember visiting a gold-filled or silver Mix ballpoint and pencil set receiving as a present.

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996

A More Sophisticated Package

This primary Mix special edition celebrates the 150th anniversary from the founding of the organization by Alonzo T. Mix in 1846. His first work, based on the sales brochure incorporated using the pen, is at making “hands-tooled filigree casings for wooden pencils” in Providence, Rhode Island, an essential jewellery and silverware manufacturing center within the late 1800s.

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996, showing packaging

The edition is available in an enormous solid American Cherry wood situation having a hinged top. Within the situation is, obviously to the three bits of each edition, a wood pen tray which will hold all the pens, and also the incorporated cut very inkwell, an engraveable plaque, along with a bottle of ink. This set is made to take a seat on the desk, in which the pieces can remain protected until used.

Fountain Pens around the globeDetail from Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition sales brochure showing early trademark

Mix find the 1930s design like a representation from the height of their pen making craft. The look also shows the heritage from the Mix “look” in the current Mix pens. The edition is available in two versions, 12 karat gold filled or solid silver. The nib is elaborately engraved 18 karat gold with rhodium plated highlights, having a lion’s mind, that was an earlier Mix company trademark.

Fountain Pens around the globeDetail from Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition sales brochure showing Silver Edition

The fountain pen utilizes a standard Mix ripper tools for bottle filling, or may use Mix cartridges. The ballpoint and pencil use standard Mix mechanisms. All the instruments within the edition ought to be very familiar to Mix collectors.

The 150th Anniversary Commemorative Special Edition would be a discharge of 10,000 total pencils in three writing modes, in individual units and packaged sets:

  • Fountain Pen – US $1,000.00
  • Twist Action Ballpoint Pen – US $500.00
  • .9mm Twist Action Pencil – US $500.00

The warranty for that edition is extremely interesting. The mechanism for that ballpoint and pencil and also the feed for that pen are “unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure no matter age (emphasis as with the sales brochure).” However, Mix should have recognized that stocking substitute parts or repairing defects around the small group of instruments created will be a challenge, so that they limit the warranty in it. The “caps, barrels, points, clips, nibs, conical tops, and ornamental bands” are restricted to Cross’ accessibility to repair parts and is came back unrepaired if Mix would go out. In almost any situation, abuse isn’t covered.

Identification guide featuring:

  • Edition restricted to 10,000 total pencils, 2,750 individually numbered fountain pens, 2,450 ballpoint pens, and 600 pencils each edition, in gold filled and silver
  • Edition number marked close to the cap top
  • 12 karat gold filled or solid silver cap, barrel and clip
  • Three black enamel bands each around the cap and barrel
  • Cap and barrel engraved with engine-switched flamestich pattern
  • Ball finish clip
  • Engraved 18 karat gold nib with rhodium plated highlights, having a lion’s mind, an earlier Mix company trademark
  • Screw on cap
  • About 5 1/4 inches lengthy capped, and it is about 4 7/8 inches uncapped , the pen doesn’t publish well
  • Weighs 1.2 ounces
  • Cartridge / ripper tools filling system
  • Offered as fountain pen, $1,000, twist-action ballpoint pen, $500, and twist-action .9 mm pencil, $500, or $2,000 for some the 3 instruments
  • Group of three instruments presented inside a solid American Cherry wood situation having a cut very inkwell, an engraveable plaque, along with a bottle of ink

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996


The Mix 150th Anniversary pen is mid-size, smaller sized compared to huge and high Townsend line, along with a definite escape from the popularity toward more and more huge and ornate special edition pens of times and following. It’s less bulky compared to Townsend, with thinner walled cap and barrel, giving the all metal pen surprising lightness, a lot more like a 1920s metal Wahl pen, climax still heavier than most moldable pens. The fundamental design is Mix, using the classic taper at both sides, capped in black plastic, having a crisp edge. The cap and barrel are machine engraved inside a striking zigzag pattern and handle in an exceedingly vibrant 12 karat gold fill or solid silver. The inlaid triple enamel bands around the cap and barrel work perfectly from this busy design and provide the pen a powerful visual pattern far away that gets to be more detailed close-up. This can be a bold statement pen.

Fountain Pens around the globeMix 150th Anniversary Special Edition cap and nib detail

This can be a very good quality pen. Body and finished are high quality. I am generally hesitant of pens with metal cap and barrel threads, however this one threads very easily, implying hopefully lengthy service without excessive put on. Basically have gripe concerning the externals from the pen, it might be a want the engraving to become a little much deeper. It ought to stick out a bit more. The special edition markings around the cap top take presctiption the sunshine side, which makes them difficult to see unless of course switched, so.

Capped, the pen is all about 5 1/4 inches lengthy, and it is about 4 7/8 inches uncapped. The pen doesn’t publish safely whatsoever, and unless of course you need to pressure the cap on and risk marring the conclusion, I do not recommend it. If posting pen caps is really a decision, don’t include that one in your wish list. With all this, the uncapped length can be a little short for many, however the pen fits the hands nicely and feels great due to all individuals textures.

Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition 1996

Even though this is a cartridge / ripper tools pen, the incorporated piston filler ripper tools works very well and also the incorporated ink bottle and very inkwell are extremely inviting, I only tested it in the bottle. Mix ink is clearly Pelikan ink, lower towards the bottle shape, however i used my trusty Waterman Florida Blue for testing, because it flushes cleaner.

The nib is the focus about this pen, and is among the most ornate I have seen. Lot’s of details make one wish to see it because it easily and silently does its work, lounging lower a pleasant evenly wet line. The rhodium plating is subdued, because of the busy engraving. Used to do place the main one defect about this pen. There is a little dab of rhodium around the lion’s face. It does not detract, but it is there. Not one other quality issues show up on this pen, but something even this minor shouldn’t be expected on the US $1,000.00 product. The section plastic choice might have been a softer feeling plastic. I’ve found hard plastic selected feels beneath this pen.

The 1930s ball clip just enough spring for skinny material, although not for flannel. This pen must ride inside a starched shirt, anyway.

Fountain Pens around the globeDetail of Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition nib

The Mix 150th Anniversary Special Edition is much more of the entertainment from the vintage design using modern tooling and filling systems than an up-to-date homage towards the original. It could have been interesting to experience using the 1930 pen alongside with this particular latest version, but they’re quite rare and fetch princely prices. Thinking about that lots of modern converters make use of a press bar design, it could have been interesting if Mix had made the decision to imitate the initial pen’s sleeve filler design having a removable sleeve type ripper tools.

I discovered the pen very appealing along with a pleasure to check. I didn’t place it to hard daily use, however i can speak to other contemporary types of Mix gold filled pens and start feeling confident this you will endure. Will it support its retail cost? No. It isn’t hard to see these show up occasionally at 1/3 to at least oneOrtwo their email list cost. The worth most likely is hurt by Mix mostly selling within the low to middle fine pen market, and also the name can’t have a US $1,000 pen.


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