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Mix Pens Special Edition

March 5, 2019

Mix is really as focused on creating attractive and functional pencils because it what food was in its founding through the British artisan Richard Mix, who traveled the world to America in 1846 to setup the now renowned Mix pen company.

Lately celebrating 170 many years of craftsmanship, Mix continue being a vintage option for gift-giving, with each and every Mix pen coming having a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Cross’ wide-ranging features something for everybody, mixing ranges of classic and contemporary designs – from Limited Editions using gold and silver and Swarovski crystals to modern multifunction pens celebrating film and comic figures. With expert design and top-caliber manufacturing it’s really no question Mix continues to be the pen preferred by several American presidents.

twenty-first century Special Edition

There’s plenty to celebrate using the Mix twenty-first century special edition collection. Produced especially to commemorate the 170th anniversary of Mix and also the 70th anniversary from the legendary 1946 Century range, this distinguished collection is restricted to 170 pieces worldwide, includes a AA grade gemstone and presents Cross’ first solid-gold finish.

93 454,06 ₴ – 168 736,50 ₴

The Mix ATX uses gentle curves to suit perfectly inside your hands. Obtainable in three classic colour combinations.

1 557,57 ₴ – 1 786,62 ₴

The Mix Bailey range presents well-balanced, traditional pens in four high-gloss finishes. A multigrooved center ring and contrast accents produce a vivid yet classic appearance.

1 067,39 ₴ – 1 374,32 ₴

The Mix Beverly range provides a modern, feminine form to Cross’ excellent selection. An stylishly curved clip and it is textured finish cap and center ring add originality and interest towards the sleek profile. Glossy lacquer finishes in black, wealthy crimson or lustrous gem-white-colored match polished chrome accents to great effect.

824,59 ₴ – 1 099,46 ₴

The Botanica range combines wonderful floral designs with etched metallic highlights and wealthy colours on the pearlescent ivory lacquer. These striking designs really are a beautiful celebration of nature.

1 924,05 ₴ – 2 611,22 ₴

The Mix Calais range combines Art Deco sensibilities with clean lines to provide four chrome-driven designs. The lightweight and sleek Calais has become available too in rollerball and fountain pen.

792,53 ₴ – 1 099,46 ₴

Century II

The Mix Century II presents an increased variation around the Classic Century having a balanced, weighted design although maintaining all of the style and elegance from the Classic Century.

1 427,77 ₴ – 6 566,22 ₴

Classic Century

Mix designed the Classic Century range to embody the American spirit. The 9 timeless finishes incorporate a new blue lacquer. Classic ballpoint pen and pencil versions are became a member of through the recently available fountain and rollerball pens to create this excellent range bigger and.

1 038,38 ₴ – 98 951,36 ₴

Easy and refined, the slim, retracting Mix Click ballpoint pen is ideal for contemporary tastes. Obtainable in three satin colour finishes as well as in a very-polished chrome finish.

Click The Exorcist

The gel ink pens from the Mix Click The Exorcist collection combine instantly recognizable emblems with inspired colour schemes to celebrate the best known figures within the The Exorcist movies.

Mix Double Desk Set

The Mix Double Desk Set features a beautiful walnut base by having an engravable name plate, ideal for personalisation with this engraving service. The double desk set includes a Classic Century ballpoint pen and .7mm mechanical pencil in 10CT gold filled/folded gold finish.

Peerless 125

Celebrating the 125th anniversary from the original Peerless pen, Mix believe the Peerless 125 range may be the finest pen they have ever produced. The stunning pen combines rare metal finishes, a large-bodied profile along with a brilliant-cut Swarovski very.

5 359,87 ₴ – 11 544,33 ₴

Peerless Citizens

The Peerless ‘Citizens’ range reproduces the splendor of a trio of metropolitan areas – London, New You are able to and Tokyo, japan. The bold and artful designs are inspired by three significant structures and therefore are presented in a variety of gold and silver.

7 558,78 ₴ – 13 605,81 ₴

Peerless Fonderie 47

Tools of war are changed into objects that inspire human imagination by design brand Fonderie 47. All these unique Collector’s Edition Peerless rollerball pens is made of an AK47 helping fund programs to lessen gun violence in war-torn parts of Africa.

The Tech2 dual-function pen offers an elegant means to fix modern challenges. Rapidly switch from the traditional ballpoint pen towards the touchscreen stylus to navigate your digital device.

The Tech3+ may be the Swiss army knife of Cross’ excellent pen range, supplying fast access to 2 ballpoint tips, a pencil, an eraser along with a stylus to be used on touchscreen electronics. This slim design combines polished chrome accents with a number of engraved or satin finishes to provide a tactile writing experience.

1 710,27 ₴ – 2 838,74 ₴

The option of pen for many American presidents, the Mix Townsend presents an ageless and stylish design in a variety of gold and silver and wealthy lacquer finishes.

2 336,35 ₴ – 8 826,22 ₴

Townsend The Exorcist

Figures in the legendary The Exorcist saga are commemorated within this luxurious selection of Special Edition themed Townsend fountain and rollerball pens. Four well-known figures are celebrated through themed engravings and inspired colour schemes.

8 108,51 ₴ – 10 307,43 ₴

Zodiac Year from the Dog

The Townsend Chinese Zodiac Exclusive Edition Series celebrates the entire year from the Dog, the eleventh position within the Chinese Zodiac.

5 772,16 ₴ – 8 520,81 ₴

Zodiac Year from the Rooster

The Rooster signifies the tenth from the twelve year cycle of creatures within the Chinese Zodiac and it is celebrated within this Exclusive Edition for 2017. The features of individuals born under this sign, including courage, loyalty and determination are symbolised via a crimson finish and deep etched engravings coupled with 23CT gold accents along with a red Swarovski very.

5 772,16 ₴ – 9 131,62 ₴

Keep the pens in prime condition with Cross’ finely crafted Classic Century pen cases. These fold-over Napa leather cases can be found in two sizes to hold a couple of pens.

  • Product Type
  • Fountain Pen (90)
  • Ballpoint Pen (58)
  • Rollerball Pen (48)
  • Refill (24)
  • Set (10)
  • Mechanical Pencil (9)
  • Multifunction Pen (9)
  • Canned Ink (6)
  • Inkjet Cartridges (2)
  • Spare Part (2)
  • Show another
  • Colour
  • Silver (64)
  • Black (57)
  • Gold (35)
  • Blue (26)
  • Red (13)
  • White-colored (11)
  • Eco-friendly (7)
  • Crimson (7)
  • Brown (3)
  • Gray (3)
  • Ink Colour
  • Blue (13)
  • Black (12)
  • Red (4)
  • Crimson (2)
  • Eco-friendly (1)

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