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Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

May 25, 2018

Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

Supplies for Filling Directly with the Ripper tools

One minor factor I do not like with regards to filling my fountain pen is when the nib and section always need to get ink in it, and so i made the decision to test another way of filling lately. В I’m prepared to bet there are some difficulties with filling a fountain pen by doing this, but to date none happen to be apparent in my experience, however for individuals individuals available that know much better than I actually do, tell me your ideas. В Shall We Be Held missing something that may be harmful to the pen or even the writing performance by later on?

Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

Filling the Syringe

I’ve used a bulb syringe (that we unfortunatelyВ don’tВ remember where I acquired) and filling it with ink as you can see above. В This primary stem avoids getting to stay the nib and portion of the pen in to the ink bottle and becoming them engrossed in ink that you simply later need to wipe off that will get wasted.

Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

Filling the Ripper tools

Next I stick the finish from the syringe within the finish from the ripper tools and gradually squeeze a lot of it in, beginning at the end and pulling the finish out because it fills the ripper tools.

Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

I’m careful to not fill the ripper tools An excessive amount of. В Should you consider the top you can observe hat I’ve created a small space inside unfilled. В The main reason I actually do it is because whenever you attach it back tot he section, there’s a little nipple that pops within the ripper tools, so should you grow it the entire way, the nipple would displace ink making a mess within the section.

Filling a Fountain Pen with Ripper tools just a little Neater

Last Step – Squeeze one give up

My last part of filling the fountain pen ripper tools would be to twist it to be able to squeeze one drop from the nib so the entire feed is stuffed with ink now. В This last step does automatically mean that i’m not filling the pen with just as much ink, but that’s one downside I’m willing to take that way in my pens.

When I stated, I’ve had very good success with this particular method during the last couple of several weeks. В The pen writes soon after filling it, and transpire of maintaining your nib, section, and feed area clean happen to be met. В And So I don’t tell you they are the creator of the method, I know there are more people who do this…or maybe that do not get it done since there are some lower sides that i’m not thinking about. В Has anybody attempted this before? В What is the reason I shouldnt do this? В I’m prepared to take minor risks and trade offs to make the entire refill process just a little cleaner, but I’d like to hear any ideas that individuals have in regards to this way of refilling a fountain pen.

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Two minor a few things i can consider: you miss the washing action of bottle filling through the nib and constant removal and substitute from the ripper tools may have a little impact on the seal.
I can’t see myself carrying this out though.

Just feedback. You’re most likely directly on both counts, I suppose basically flush the entire factor with water every couple of refills I’m able to steer clear of the feed getting dirty…as for that seal around the ripper tools, I suppose in the event that happens I’m able to purchase a new ripper tools, they’re relatively inexpensively.

I usually fill my converters/cartridges having a syringe basically can. I personally don’t like dipping the whole nib + an element of the section within the ink bottle. It doesn’t only create a mess however it wastes ink, as well as the potential of contaminating the whole bottle.

Basically can’t make use of this method, I personally use the feed saturation method.

The TWSBI 530 rocks ! in will be able to unscrew the section and fill the reservoir using the syringe directly. I understand, it defeats the objective of this excellent piston-filler however this way it’s a great deal cleaner.

After I don’t believe that I have to flush the feed, I simply take out the ripper tools and place it in to the ink bottle and suck in the ink. Then wipe them back and set in section. You don’t need to wash out a pipette or syringe this way. I attempted a syringe fill also it constitutes a mess should you over fill or have an air bubble. After I clean a pen, I usually go ahead and take ripper tools off to have it really clean. This is where I’m more prone to perform a ripper tools fill.В

OSG, I needed to find me certainly one of individuals plastic squeezy thingies after studying your publish. It’s known as a pipette also it typically accustomed to mix paints. I found them inside my local hobby store within the section with the model airplanes. Attempted it by having an ink sample and chock-full my Pelikan piston filler by unscrewing the nib off and filling the interior chamber directly. Actually was an simpler experience. I might do only this to any extent further. Now to locate a whole bunch that give us a call our fountain pen enthusiasts at Goldspot.

I did not even consider doing the work using the TWSBI or any similar piston fillers…great idea, thank you for discussing!

Hmm, good point, reduces the center man essentially…maybe I’ll try that the next time!

I love “plastic squeezy thingies” better, should you choose stock them at Goldspot, you need to certainly give them a call that. рџ™‚

Filling the ripper tools directly may be beneficial: less mess, may avoid wasting ink (some continues to be lost towards the syringe or pipette), prevents contamination of ink bottle. I do not think it ought to harm the pen provided you flush it with water periodically to get rid of dried ink buildup etc. I personally use this process to refill the cartridges of fountain pens that do not have converters — it truly broadens a lot of it choice for individuals pens. I believe a syringe could be simpler to wash out compared to pipette. I’ll need to try the direct-to-ripper tools filling technique, as that might be probably the most ink efficient of. Sometimes it’s difficult to contain the ripper tools correctly for filling when it’s dipped in to the bottle, particularly if the ink level is low.

I personally use this process for refilling cartridges a couple of occasions, but next the seal will get loose and leaky.В I do not do that with converters for the similar reason: every time the ripper tools will get placed on or removed, you might have caused enough accrued put on to permit a leak inside after reassembling the pen.

Just generate income get it done.

Online, look for “feed saturation method”. Saves u a measure of dish washing the Bulb syringe if u store ink within an eye dropper bottle. With more experience, there’s you don’t need to use any tissues too рџ™‚

Yeah, I must concur – years back after i was initially beginning by helping cover their fountain pens, I did not know you can fill the pen by submerging the nib, so each time I required the ripper tools, and submerger *that* int he ink, filled it with ink, then restore it within the nib/pen. I discovered which i the В the converters winding up with lifespans of just a couple of monts each, prior to the seal was broke and that i began getting flow problems. However, this method, which doesn’t involve submerging the ripper tools in ink/liquid, might not be as prone to exactly the same problem…

Exactly what is a TWSBI? I’m going to get my first fountain pen and that i do not know what everyone mean.

Taylor, TWSBI is a of fountain pen. You can observe an example in a number of web sites, including Amazon . com.


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