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June 15, 2018

Franklin Covey

I have been too cheap to spring for any Franklin Covey planner, but my daughter – a higher school British teacher – loves hers. It’s less the price of the binders that will get in my experience. They’re costly, but should serve you for a lifetime. It’s the price of refills that appears to become too much. However I guess when the paper is FP friendly, it can be worthwhile. Hopefully another person on FPN can provide you with some first-hands understanding.

RLTodd 11 February 2007

Check out DayTimers, the binders was once greater quality and fewer costly compared to Franklins. This might have altered since Acco aquired them, so you’ll have to consider it by yourself.

The Franklins were botique offered merchandise so that they were built with a the payment method included in the cost. The DayTimers was once mainly catalog shopping and lacked the responsibility from the payment method.

The Franklin binders are great binders. I’ve one that’s over fifteen years old also it stands up – the leather ones. You need to be conscious of the sizes and they will vary with paper sizes and holes that whatever you decide and offer in England. My suggestion for binder is always to visit Ebay, knowing which size rings and binder you would like.

The paper is certainly FP friendly.

RetroTech 11 February 2007

I’m a FranklinCovey company in my company, and so i could possibly assist with a number of questions. Essentially, a part of my job helps people organize themselves including selecting tools toward that finish.

I have been aware of both Filofax and Franklin’s products because the mid-80’s (in addition to Daytimers, Dayrunners and many other products in the marketplace today). Both Filofax and FranklinCovey are towards the top of the marketplace when it comes to quality, selection, service and cost. I’m able to say without hesitation when I could not use one of these simple two products, I’d make use of the other.

One most significant note thinking about this is FPN. The paper quality of both FranklinCovey and Filofax is extremely high and that i know from general observations they both handle fountain pen inks well. Rarely have I seen an ink which will feather and that i can’t recall seeing an ink bleed with the paper.

FranklinCovey has binders in bigger ring sizes than Filofax but Filofax has fancier binder cover materials. As examples you will get Filofax ostrich skin binders for more than $500 and alligator for near to $2000. Probably the most costly FranklinCovey binder will not review $200. For many people, utilizing a planner is often as much a standing symbol because it is practical. That could take into account such cost points. Alternatively finish from the cost scale, you will get vinyl binders from either company for approximately $20 approximately. On the product-by-product comparison, I have found Filofax and FranklinCovey to become virtually even, cost-wise. They’re more costly than other planning tools available on the market, only one is not more costly compared to other.

FranklinCovey is a lot more than simply an idea and binder company. There’s an entire system that may be integrated into your planning schedule, the binder is really a mere tool for the reason that system. They provide books, CDs, DVDs, workshops, classes on various subjects from personal time management, leadership and communications. These products in addition have a great warranty too, one can turn to any FranklinCovey store within the U.S. and also have your rings replaced if damaged or broken.

Much like another person has pointed out, I additionally have a lot of binders produced in the late ’80s and early ’90s which are fit and still being used. I am sure Filofax has binders which are nearly as good in quality.

Some point that can help you choose: when selecting something that needs periodic refills, you have to consider how easy it is to buy the refills where you reside. I have had a hard time locating a refill for somebody which has an off-brand binder that no-you have heard about, not to mention how to locate a refill that matches. The great factor about the likes of Filofax, Daytimers, FranklinCovey, etc. is the fact that they are prone to be around years from now to give the refills.

sleek_lover 11 February 2007

As continues to be pointed out, the Covey (and also the Daytimer) is, actually, a method.

The Franklin system (which existed prior to the Covey folks bought them) was began by a few people that left Daytimer over . and went an entire different direction.

Steven Covey, he from the 7 Habits fame, bought the Franklin system because, mainly, the philosopical underpinnings of Franklin match the entire 7 Habits factor pretty much.

The purpose of this little background speech is when you want to keep an eye on appointments, an inexpensive little factor from Staples (or even the British equivilent) works. But if you wish to get all tangled up within the various binders, accessory packs, form styles then the systems work great.

Regarding FP ambiance. Franklin Covey is preferable to Daytimer and Filofax may be the worst from the bunch.

With this can be a caveat. To actually get the most value from Franklin Covey, it’s important, again, for me, to embrace, as some greater or lesser level, the Covey 7 Habits paradigm. Including the ‘Four Quadrant Personal Time Management Schema”, Compass Points, Personal Mission Statement, Lengthy, Medium, Temporary Setting Goals, Family Buy-in. the whole selection of the Covey Lifestyle.

It ain’t a poor factor. but.

In another thing about this site, someone requested about lately studying. I simply finished An Ideal MESS, which highlights that humans function a damn sight better inside a slightly chaotic atmosphere. After I read that book, I recognized why, it doesn’t matter how much I allocated to planners and just how much I attempted to become organized, it did not work.

So, prior to going out and spend a lot on $200 binders and $50 refills and $25 accessory packs. make sure that it’s what you truly need.

Bill. that has all of the great binders. from pocket size to compact to Monarch both in Daytimer and Franklin/Franklin Covey And also the Electronic form of both And also the Palm And all sorts of accessory packs and who finds a totally free PIM known as Abbassis Work Desktop to become all right. just print your day or week or whatever.
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jsonewald 11 February 2007

Badger 11 February 2007

Titivillus 11 February 2007

Sorry in the future late towards the thread but this is a thought:

Too software like MS Outlook can print pages that suit the Covey/ Daytimer. style binders. And may get it done completely as much as an 81/2 x 11 sheet.

So it may be simpler to obtain some nice FP friendly paper a 3 ring binder and print a month’s price of pages.

I began by helping cover their Daytimer visited Covery following a week’s training. then visited a PDA but have stopped by using their in support of Outlook on my small desktop along with a binder of knowledge and notes.

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johnr55 11 February 2007

I’ll echo what Bill stated above. I have got an ex brother-in-law who will not use the bathroom without working it in the Franklin. I discovered I spent additional time modifying myself somewhere than simply continuing with things i was doing–you will find, I have read Covey’s books through the years. I merely did not/have no need for that much cla of complexity. I have used exactly the same 8.5×11 DayTimer for more than ten years. Primary groups for me personally may be the annual calendar insert, and make contact withOrdeal with backup in my phone. Using standard 3-hole, basically obtain a printed of something in a meeting it’ll use there–and that is essential for me. It simply appears in my experience that Franklin is making their cash on their own refills, regardless of how nice the paper.

I additionally come with an affordable address/schedule computer software which will print pages in my planner. Have you thought about that?

Sorry if this sounds like excessive long–

lefty928 11 February 2007

Yes, you will get the binders (that’s, the rings inside) in a variety of thicknesses. And Franklin Covey once had hole punchers, and that means you can certainly use online templates to print pages on FP-friendly stock if you want.

The Franklin Covey system labored well for me personally a couple of many I did previously periodically revisit it — this really is high praise, as I am inclined to tire of systems rapidly, and you have to perform upkeep. However that was prior to the ease of computerized schedules inside a busy (hectic) office atmosphere (I am dating myself!).

I am sorry the stores closed within my area, when i do from time to time miss the mixture of the monthly view and separate appointment page and daily notes page (within the classic version, versus. the month-only or weekly ones). Office Depot and Staples aren’t well-stocked, a minimum of within the city branches here.

P.S. Regarding “a lot of things” — one more reason I ended using FC was that binder got overweight that i can be lugging back and forth from work (I’ve got a low tolerance for extraneous schlepping and have a tendency to pare lower), however these systems (FC, Filofax, Daytimer) are actually ideal for holding optional stuff: tabs, special forms and sections, notepaper pads, zipper pockets, etc.
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Badger 11 February 2007

I have never browse the Covey books so I’m not sure anything concerning the system, I simply like flexiblity and writing room. I like writing making little notes to myself in my own amusement, odd I understand. My ears are furry and never excessively sensitive. I’d love the cleared up form of that which you considered the machine.

Badger 11 February 2007

Johnr55, is it necessary to cut the paper to size that way?

RLTodd 11 February 2007

Titivillus 11 February 2007

I have never browse the Covey books so I’m not sure anything concerning the system, I simply like flexiblity and writing room. I like writing making little notes to myself in my own amusement, odd I understand. My ears are furry and never excessively sensitive. I’d love the cleared up form of that which you considered the machine.

Allow me to paraphrase things i requested the company in the finish from the week’s training.

If everybody inside a company follows the Covey system it should work great but when one individual shortcuts the guidelines then may possibly not work quite as well.

And That I got a strange look but no answer in the company.
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French 11 February 2007

I’ve got a Franklin-Covey planner, and also the paper is extremely fountain pen friendly. Just the wettest nib/ink combination within my collection may have any bleedthrough.

That being stated, my former company sent me to some eventually training around the 7 Habits, and that i discover the ‘system’ works best for me and my loved ones. However, I would need to say when the paper within the Covey refills was junk, I most likely wouldn’t have accepted the machine as intensely.

hope this can help,

myotis 11 February 2007

I’ve got a Covey sand stone leather zipper binder classic with 38mm rings purchased from Covey Europe with A5 pages, as well as the metal hole punch. Observe that the uk supplies really are a confusing mixture of A5 and Classic sizes.

The leather area of the binder is great, however the ring mechanism looked and felt cheap from the first day and also have now lost a part of their plating and appear tarnished.

I have been with them for quite some time now with no longer utilize it, nor did for a while, because it is very bulky for the quantity of information it may carry.

The paper parts appear top quality so that as others have stated appear fine with my FPs.

johnr55 12 February 2007

I personally use the ‘Executive Edition’ DayRunner, meaning it uses 8.5×11″ paper anyway. I transported a smaller sized size in early 90’s but visited this size particularly to hold standard paper. Still it fits fine within my briefcase, so that as I stated before, uses the conventional 3 holes. I do not spend considerable time flipping around and altering appts. it is simply away from the nature of my work.

Guess what happens I personally use to publish alterations in the calendar inside? Publish-It notes – the little size. Works perfectly for me personally.

Consequently, after i print Outlook products, additionally they emerge in how big my organizer. I truly aren’t seeing what difference one inch approximately in width and length way to portability, apart from it can make you buy someone’s proprietary paper products.

Again, though, no critique of the items works best for others I simply understand what works best for me.

cowboyjack 13 February 2007

Well. I have used all of them except FiloFax.

Began with DayTimers, gone to live in Franklin Planners, remained together once they grew to become FranklinCovey, have attempted making my very own Outlook Calendars and Address Books, made my very own Moleskine planner, attempted the pre-printed Moleskine planner, and today use forms on 32# HP paper inside a Circa binder.

I visited a 1-day Franklin Planning session before Covey came aboard and located it helpful, even when I did not subscribe to the entire program. “A sensible man can learn even from the fool,” right?

I’ve got a Franklin Covey Leather binder which i used extensively for around 12 many it organized well. I truly loved the paper and also the format and mixed and matched many forms through the years. I discovered all the Franklin Covey paper products to become fountain pen compatable with minimal feathering and bleed through, but haven’t bought any previously 5 years approximately.

I ultimately chosen a less complicated calendar and address format with day-by-day notetaking and project lists, although I actually do periodically consider my “Mission Statement” and values per Covey. I like the Circa format, when i can switch the web pages go back over themselves, however that wasn’t your original question. I love having the ability to print my very own forms, hole punch Them and add and/or change them when needed. And also the 32# HP paper is wonderfully smooth having a fountain pen, far better than any Franklin paper I ever used. Sometimes I’ve found myself writing or sketching only for the sheer pleasure from it all.

I discovered Plenty of helpful and free time filling useful personal time management shows 43folders. com and David Allen’s site,

Brerarnold 26 February 2007

I began having a DayRunner. Excellent leather portfolio with all sorts of different add-ons. I loved it a great deal. I made use of the Calendar, Address Book, and loved the Index where I possibly could alphabetically store notes I’d written around the notepad which easily fit in it (5×8 IIRC). I made use of colored highlighters to classify some types of information at-a-glance. I began attempting to follow “the machine,” but eventually thought it was cumbersome and merely used the sections in the above list. DayTimer inserts fit equally well and every so often I made use of them, based on what Staples had right now. I favor design for the DayRunner.

I checked out the Franklins however it appeared such as the DayRunner only agreed to be as functional at a lower price. If you would like the Franklin system, then be my guest. I did not.

After which came the PDA. Not just made it happen possess the calendar, address book, and memo pad, however i could lookup any appointment using the Find function (rather of paging with the DayRunner.) While using Fitaly Stamp system, rather from the handwriting recognition, I possibly could enter data rapidly and precisely. Also, with HanDBase (a relational database for PDAs), I authored an application that we use to keep an eye on session notes. It automates a lot of it for me personally — when the patient’s details are joined in a single database, it’s accessible from the other. Same goes with CPT codes, DSM codes, and certain key phrases and words that we use frequently and may enter with only two clicks from the stylus. Which is searchable — I presently have 8 many years of patient records (encrypted obviously) on my small Palm. Eliminates lots of paper filing, and helps make the information contained within portable, accessible, and for that reason have sex used.

But PDAs get their limits, regardless of how well add-ons such as the Fitaly Stamp work. It is sometimes simpler or even more more suitable to create. Here is how I’m at presently:

I have a leather portfolio by having an A4 pad. This really is mainly for that pockets, where I’m able to put mail, business card printing, faxes that I have received, whatever. A Reporter’s Moleskine has replaced the spiral-top piece of paper which has ridden within my shirtpocket for a long time. And there is the Palm.

Somewhat I miss the DayRunner. It had been a handsome bit of “furniture.” It had been very functional in the day. If I didn’t want a method to carry A4 size papers without folding them (the current portfolio’s primary raison d’etre), I would utilize it only for the notepad.
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