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Thread: Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont

May 3, 2018

Thread: Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont  started to uncover that, even

Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont

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I lately obtained a Franklin Covey Freemont fountain pen from my local Staples. I’ve only used another fountain pen, for around per week. A Shaeffer Point of view, also from Staples. The Point of view would be a tickly,stabby little factor, but because of SbreBrown’s videos online, i could smooth the nib out and open the tines from the nib slightly, and really transform it into a pretty nice little author. The only real factor holding it back was a little bit of fumbling on my small part when putting the nib to paper, maintaining your nib positioned correctly when i write, etc. the mechanics of FP use, to say.

I purchased the Franklin Covey like a step-up per week approximately later. Also it was, in each and every way.As they are it had been better in each and every way compared to Point of view. Nice,smooth nib, and authored really nicely, with simply my technique causing some skipping issues.Approximately i figured.

But because I ongoing to create and refine my technique with fountain pens, I started to uncover that, even if I had been doing everything right, there have been skips. Frequent, aggravating skips.

Did some investigation around the forums, but tend to not know if the nib about this pen was removable. Required the possibility anyway, and attempted. Whaddaya know? Arrived on the scene fairly easily.The outlet it inserts into is formed so you must re insert it inside a particular way, but it’s removeable.

Required the nib and feed and drenched it in soap and water for 25-half an hour, then rinsed under water that is clean, and wrapped the enter absorbant toilet tissue to suck out just as much moisture when i could, used a little, sharp knife to follow the funnel within the feed a few occasions.

I did not have brass stock, and so i required, of the things, a dual edge blade(about .010″ thick.Rapira Super stainless, if anybody cares) and ran i in the feeder hole towards the tips from the tines. Around the third pass i possibly could feel less resistance,and so i stopped.

Re-placed the nib and feed, replaced the cartride(Franklin Covey black) and reassembled the pen. You don’t need to smooth the nib, because it is already a fairly smooth author, IMO.

Labored like no bodies business! The pen is wetter, that is what It needed. Nice, smooth, even ink flow, nice smooth writing. Forget about skipping. Lovely.

I understand there’s very little information available regarding whether you are able to work the nibs on these pens. And So I thought I’d share the nibs are removeable, plus they do take advantage of a little bit of tuning.

Thread: Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont  tickly,stabby little factor

Thanks. and thanks again, Sbrebrown.

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Re: Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont

FPMike, you’ve learned quite a bit very quickly. I’m not sure anything regarding your particular model pen, but I’m sure that it’s a modern cartridge/ripper tools pen having a steel nib. This means that the nib and feed were created by certainly one of merely a couple of companies. There has been many threads about flow issues that appear normal with modern pens, and you’ve got done precisely what the majority of us “old-timers” might have done.

Congratulations in your new-found understanding, and relish the fruits of the labor!


Thread: Fine tuning a Franklin Covey Freemont  but it