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March 28, 2018

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5 Methods To Kick Your Moleskine Notebook Up A Notch

Popular TopicsThrough the years, the Moleskine notebook has turned into a trademark staple for anybody dabbling in creative endeavors – especially authors and artists. Actually, the Moleskine is nearly as legendary because the Laptop, the hipster glasses, and also the daily appointments with Starbucks.

But merely getting one of these simple notebooks will not be enough to spark your productivity and obtain your steam pumping towards optimal efficiency. Listed here are a couple of methods for you to raise your Moleskine from “yet another notebook” to “I can’t do without this any longer.”

1. Stay Productive With Circle To-Do Lists

Probably the most fundamental to-do list is frequently a maximum of a summary of shoddy descriptions of tasks which are entered out when completed. Although this simplicity might be enough for straightforward tasks which are either “done” or “not done,” you might need a more elegant system for extended-term tasks.

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In steps the Circle Method . Essentially, this process starts each list item by having an empty circle beside it and progressively fills individuals circles with marks with respect to the tasks’ completion levels.

  • New Item: To begin a brand new item within the list, draw a clear circle.
  • Next Item: To differentiate the following task you need to tackle, convey a us dot within the center.
  • Item Began: To mark an activity that you’ve began, mix the circle having a diagonal slash.
  • Item Cancelled: To mark an activity as trashed, mix the circle by having an opposite slash.
  • Midway Complete: When you are midway via a task, complete 1 / 2 of the circle.
  • Fully Complete: Whenever a task is totally finished, complete it completely.

The technique is sensible and very versatile, enabling you to alter the status of the task if required.

2. Organize While Using Quadrant Technique

In case your notes require lots of internal referencing, then your Quadrant Technique is a lifesaver for you personally. The only real downside is it requires a preliminary time investment to setup the notebook.

Setup your notebook by dividing each page in two – draw a line with the center, separating the very best in the bottom. This can create four quadrants: the very best-left quadrant is really a, the underside-left quadrant is B, the very best-right quadrant is C, and also the bottom-right quadrant is D.

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Each number of four quadrants is known as a block. Now undergo and number each block, beginning with 1. I love to put the number in quadrant A, but you can place it wherever you want.

That’s it for setup. Now, if you are writing notes in quadrant 38C (block 38, quadrant C) and want to reference something in block 12, quadrant A, just insert a parenthesis: (12A). Done.

3. Create A Catalog Within The Back

Put aside the final 10 pages of the Moleskine notebook and employ them to produce a system of indexing. This really is very helpful for those who have notes on various topics and plan to reference them again and again.

To use a catalog, it’s important to number your website from begin to finish. If you are while using Quadrant Technique, you should use that as the reference rather.

Indexing is simple. For those who have a webpage of notes evaluating different laptops, switch to the index and write on the new line, Laptop Comparison, page 38. Now, if you want to reference that comparison, you’ll find it easily. Rather of flipping car notebook, you simply need to switch with the 10 approximately pages within the index.

The indexing system grows more helpful as the notebook grows more full of information.

4. Divide The Notebook With Plastic Tabs

Boost your notebook’s organization by utilizing plastic divider tabs, particularly if you make use of your Moleskine in excess of one purpose.

If you are while using formerly pointed out quadrant technique and indexing system, you may feel enticed to simply complete your notebook along the way. There’s nothing wrong with this, however it certainly isn’t optimal. Wouldn’t it’s simpler in your thoughts to part ways the notebook in chunks and assign each chunk to some subject?

The plastic tabs, then, are an easy way to visualise the various sections. Combine this using the other business techniques, and you’ll soon find your Moleskine becoming a fundamental element of your existence.

5. Choose the best Pen

Surprisingly, you are able to improve your Moleskine notebook one stage further by simply switching to a new pen. Which pen in the event you change to? That’s entirely your decision. However, there’s a couple of guidelines that pens fully trust the Moleskine.

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  • Select a pen that does not bleed. Utilizing a pen that bleeds with the pages could be disastrous. At the best, you’ll render clean pages unusable. At worst, you’ll render past work unreadable. Mostly, you’ll just turn your notebook right into a mess of ink spots, which might prevent you from wanting for doing things any longer.
  • Select a pen that does not smear. Like the bleeding problem, a wet pen that smears easily can lead to notes that can’t be read. Even when you’re careful while you write, a lot of it will smear once you close the notebook. Avoid smearing pens unless of course you need to wait for a ink to dry any time you jot lower an email.
  • Select a pen that feels comfortable inside your hands. It’s amazing how holding the best pen will make you want to create more. Pen comfort is individual, so it’s important to locate one that matches your hands well. No matter should you prefer a thin pen, fat pen, lengthy pen, short pen, a treadmill with rubber grips – acquire one that you simply want to write with.

Should you prefer a recommendation, use the Pilot G2 pen . It will not break your budget, it doesn’t smear or bleed, also it writes easily.


Should you not make use of your Moleskine everything frequently, then you definitely most likely won’t gain much take advantage of applying these methods for your routine. However, if you are using your Moleskine enough that you simply make it around along with you everywhere, then these methods can heighten your notebook one stage further. Tell us within the comments what methods you utilize.

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I had been searching for how you can create a catalog for notes inside a Moleskine, particularly the number of pages to create aside for that index. Found the data here as well as the tip on making use of circles for the to-do/task list. Thanks.

Glad you thought it was helpful, Kurt! 🙂

I loooove the very first tip! Thanks!

Thanks Joel. I’ve been using moleskin for a long time Have attempted other notebooks but revisit towards the no rule notebook, soft cover.

Will implement your opinions 1 ) circle to complete , 2 ) quadrant . I’ve been while using tabs and index.

In regards to the pens, I’ve attempted nearly every pen. Cannot remember basically attempted the pilot g2. I’ve got a inclination to love the micro ultra. Actually, I’m using uniball signo .38 at this time. I’ll provide the pilot g2 a go.

I take a lot of kidding concerning my journal. Guys at the office keep calling it a diary and that i help remind that it’s a journal. Something humorous towards the subject.

great, simple, helpful article. such as the quadrant idea.

Thanks! I am glad you loved it. 🙂

I made use of a G2 for any lengthy time but was from time to time disappointed by skipping and easy smearing. I happened over the uni-ball Signo that has supplanted it by a lot as my preferred pen, even if not combined with a Moleskine.

Wow, I have never witnessed that. It appears intriguing and it might certainly have its uses. It will seem like little bulky, though. I’d find it difficult fitting my notebook into my pocket with this factor!

To be sure that some versions from the G2 aren’t any great for Moleskines. The truly amazing factor concerning the G2 is the fact that, as Jared pointed out above, you will get thinner or thicker pen points to fit your preferences.

However, if you want while using BIC Very, carry on using it! Pen option is personal factor, and I am glad you’ve found a pen that you simply love. 🙂

Plans, Joel, and refreshing. I love while using uni-ball Signo micro 207 pen. Dries fast which last.

When choosing a G2, make sure to compare the encircled number around the pen. It represents the width from the stroke. The most typical are:
05 – Very Fine (Almost tickly)
07 – Standard (My Personal Favorite)
10 – Very Wide (Plenty of Ink, Takes longest to dry)

Good point, Jared. I love to use G2 pens which are around the thinner side–usually “Ultra Fine.” For Moleskines, I would suggest choosing thinner tips, no wider than the usual standard to avoid bleeding and smearing.

Thank you for getting that up.

I even found a .03 ! SuperFine. Is effective especially when you really need to cram a great deal right into a small space.

I loved this short article! Just tips, Joel.

I am glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

that the only method that i can obtain the problem revolsed ended up being to contact Moleskine. And So I did through the contact details within the Moleskine.Inside a week I received instructions and 2 Moleskines from Kikkerland Design Corporation, US distributors for Moleskine. On the top of this I caused by Moleskine Italia another three Moleskines.So my prized possession was the 5 I received and also the trophy prize was the Moleskine that caused the mutually beneficial win to begin with.Yes I’m a Moleskine fan and can never change consequently.

Haha, When i first thought it was a piutcre of the items someone carries around daily in theOrher bag. There are plenty of individuals on Flickr. I figured: Wow, that appears heavy!’. Until I just read what it really really is I believe for the purpose a pleasant Moleskine is simply te perfect notebook.Cheers, Erectile dysfunction

I suppose I am still trying to puzzle out exactly what the problem is one of the “brand.” Yes, they have had some pretty famous users. but may be the Moleskine (5″x8″) journal that a lot better than the Barnes and Noble “house” brand for under half the price or even a couple of more pages?

Don’t misunderstand me, I love the hacks above. and can implement a number of them. The problem I’ve may be the all of the hooplah about Moleskine. I do not write in addition to Hemingway. don’t believe my selection of notebook or pen has much related to it.

Moleskine includes a big status since it was the “original,” as they say. Nowadays, there are plenty of competitors that induce similarly bound flat-lounging notebooks.

I made use of Moleskine within the title since the word “moleskine” is becoming somewhat symbolic of the particular style and genre of notebook.

Like I stated, you will find loads of comparable notebooks by other brands, including Piccadilly, Rhodia, and Stifflexible. The variations mainly lie in aesthetic design and quality.

Take a look site for reviews on all sorts of “little black pocket notebooks,” if you want: http://blackcover.internet/

I personally use the organizer where I’m able to give a central page where I’ve my todos. I flag it that it is available immediately and in addition it provides me with a choice to begin to see the calendar. Need to shift the additional paper every couple of days. Need to alter the paper every few days
Yet another issue, i’ve got a bad practice of placing a dash before anything I write like a todo. This sort of makes my options of manupulation limited. I’ll use the circle. Select a new habit to interrupt a classic one 🙂

I did previously use dashes constantly, too! Required us a while to get the circle method, but it is been useful.

Love these thank you for snriahg any news around the MSK!Please add my email for your distribution list in order to keep updated on new items.Thanks!MRS

I really like all of the different systems you should use for any Moleskine – plus the truth that it can’t feel right with them with every other notebook.

I believe I’ll adopt the very first way of my brand new one and find out the way i jump on. 🙂

Thanks Dean, I am glad you loved it! I really hope the technique calculates for you personally.

LOL, this is actually the most united nations-makeuseofy MakeUseOf publish I have ever read. Piece of content, but where’s the screen?

Sorry, I am unsure that which you mean. Are you able to elaborate?

This publish is not about tech stuff. It comes down to paper and pen! What exactly are individuals again?

These were the forerunners of contemporary technology. Ha! 🙂

Joel Lee includes a B.S. in Information Technology and also over six many years of professional writing experience. He’s the Editor in Chief for MakeUseOf.

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