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December 27, 2018

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My Pelikan M805 Fountain Pen

In ways this Pelikan M805 comes from the executive collection, an account possibly suitable for its appearance. Although I wouldn’t always disagree — personally a minimum of — that description is possibly just a little misleading with regards to the real nature from the pen. With that score, I’d contemplate it an even, comfortable cruiser, instead of just a boardroom symbol of status. A enjoyable lengthy form author much more than the usual one signature question.

Pete Denison The Pelikan M805: great 18k F nib on the great pen.

This black and rhodium M805 (18k fine nib) was kindly and incredibly generously forwarded to me with a fellow enthusiast downsizing his collection. It’s a pen often inked and frequently known as upon for writing responsibilities, ending page six as easily within the hands because it commenced the first page.

Feel and look

As you can tell within the associated images, the outward appearance of the pen can be defined as standard executive-searching black. I actually do own numerous black pens, as well as individuals, the rhodium trimmed are my favourites. It’s a colour plan Irrrve never really tire of. Classic, timeless, you will find — possibly boring for many. Be that as it might, however you could describe that appear to be yourself — I really like it.

The people from the M800/805 series from Pelikan are significant pens (though one step lower in the 1000’s), and leaving about this publish also triggered a couple of ideas on whether I’ve got a preferred size with regards to my pens generally. That publish morphed into something quite different, however so far as sizes are worried, I’d note the 805 — though in the maximum — remains firmly within my preferred zone. For reference, my M600 is most likely in the actual center, out of the box the Sailor man 1911 Large.

Pete Denison Pelikan brothers and sisters (L to R): M400, M600, M805

I’ve thought it was interesting how my cap-posting preferences have altered with time, and that i place it lower towards the fact a number of the best writing pens come from the bigger finish of my collection, thus requiring the caps be published on most of the smaller sized to retain a semblance of the new-found “balance” I’ve become familiar with. Here obviously I make reference within my collection, in order for there are extremely many bigger and much more weighty pens available on the market which aren’t relaxing in my drawer awaiting ink.

Understandably, I personally use this specific pen without posting the cap. As being a pen which prefers a medium to large hands, posting might obviously suit a little couple of, however I’d expect individuals to become in the far right from the bell curve with that one. Overall it’s a perfectly-balanced pen (if not published), and also the primary difference for me personally in contrast to the M600 may be the diameter in the point my pointer finger sits around the section. The 805 because tiny bit bigger here, separates my thumb and pointer finger somewhat further then your 600, and for that reason I’ve found it-not quite as comfortable as a number of my pens with slightly narrower sections (again the 1911 Large one thinks of – though similar across, most likely suits just a little better because of the form of its taper in accordance with the barrel).

As with every Pelikan pens, the conclusion is on point, and even though the pictures perform a much better job than my words, there are a handful of things that do spring to mind when thinking about things i enjoy most about its appearance.

Additionally towards the black and rhodium combination I’ve pointed out already — I’d repeat the overall balance between your finial/clip ring, cap/branding ring, and individuals round the piston knob once the pen is capped. The normal Pelikan beak-formed clip, and finial emblem complement things nicely, and even though there’s a small taper towards either finish, the flat ends exhibited by Pelikan pens I’ve found and also definitive.

Pete Denison That nib again…

When uncapped, the 18k nib stands impressively, with engraved detailing, Pelikan emblem, and nib designation lettering. The nib is one step in size in the M600, corresponding to the general size the pen. A light taper in the section and inconspicuous cap threads round things out nicely.

Overall, a classically styled, yet sharp and well-hired pen which looks out-of-place nowhere really — possibly except for a dusty work shed or moving around loose towards the bottom of the gym bag.


  • Pelikan Souverän M805 Fountain pen
  • Nib: Fine
  • Nib content: 18k Gold
  • Filling system: Piston
  • Closing System: Screw cap
  • Material: Resin
  • Colour: Black
  • Trim colour: Silver
  • Weight: 28 gram
  • Length closed: 142mm
  • Length barrel: 127mm
  • Length published: 167mm
  • Diameter: 13mm

Based on in which you might purchase one, prices is roughly AU$600.00 – $795.00 (RRP: AU$795.00) during the time of writing.

Writing performance

The 18k gold nib around the M805 is among the bigger nibs within my collection. I have to admit occasionally, after writing having a smaller sized nib for just about any period of time, it will take some time to regulate. Obviously following a couple of lines it feels as comfortable just like any from my pen drawer.

Although it carries the Fine designation, based on paper type, the resulting line width approaches your Japanese Medium or perhaps beyond. Obviously that’s nothing unpredicted, and stays in line with other European nibs, and definitely individuals on my small other Pelikans.

Regardless of the quality finish and classy appearance, the not minor cost point carries by using it a particular expectation when it comes to performance, and getting always found Pelikan to provide as guaranteed — I’d are saying this time around isn’t any different.

Pete Denison A couple of words: Existence Symphony Notebook Bookbinders Snake Ink – Ground Rattler

As I’ve discussed already, though significant, the nib is well-balanced because of the overall size the pen. With respect to the size your hands and preference (certainly one of course influencing another to some large extent), the big nib/full-sized pen can be a combination slightly outdoors your level of comfort for extended writing. I’d say my hands are average, so that as I’ve pointed out, it most likely sits in the upper finish of my “comfort range”.

The 18k gold nib is possibly less soft within the “give” aspect as a number of my other pens, however don’t take into account that an adverse as a result. Although firm, it’s an easy glider with the perfect footprint around the page to hold a dense, vibrant line — the magnitude that will obviously connect with the specific ink you’ve filled at that time.

A number of my other gold nibs (specially the 14k fine and additional fine within my M600 and M400’s correspondingly or say, the Sailor man Sapporo 14k), have a tendency to give a bit more and “sit in” towards the page, that we find just like comfortable really — again with respect to the kind of paper you use.

Ultimately, the general balance, size, and nib combine perfectly to create the easy feel this pen provides after i write by using it.

Signing Off

Most likely probably the most pertinent aspects relating to this pen are its size and gratifaction. Yes, I’ve found the build and style of top quality — and usual for the Pelikan pens I own — however why is this different to individuals other pens?

Pete DenisonWere it bigger in both diameter or length, the pen would definitely see less use, which is always dependent on personal preference. Were I searching to purchase another, the Pelikan 600 series most likely will be the point I’d be thinking about — offering only a marginally better size fit, not to mention saving just a little money (with respect to the particular model) as well. So far as writing is worried, this pen is only a beauty.

Sometimes Personally i think it may be more systematic to possess some kind of rating system of these posts, however many of them are contacted with a few points in your mind. Anything not discussed you are able to assume is comparatively trivial in my experience within the grand plan of products (for instance piston versus ripper tools, or ink ability to name a few).

Generally each publish could be summarized before I begin, by thinking things i might say if requested for any quick summary concerning the pen under consideration.

It’s most likely among the largest I’d easily use, however it’s a very good quality pen having a great nib, and it is a complete pleasure to create with.

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