Film / Rollerball

November 22, 2019

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Film / Rollerball


Rollerball is really a 1975 dystopian sci-fi/action film directed by Norman Jewison and starring James Caan. William Harrison adapted the screenplay from their own short story, “Roller Ball Murder”.

The storyline is placed twenty minutes to return, when things are controlled by Mega Corps that keep your filthy masses happy the easiest way they are fully aware how: full contact Bloodstream Sport!

The game, Rollerball, is much like Roller Derby on speed. Players appear and disappear (usually strongly), because the sport is supposed to suppress individuality. That changes when our hero, Jonathan E (Caan), turns into a Rollerball star and will not retire. The executives can’t stand might begin to make changes towards the game in order to kill Jonathan.

Additionally there is a 2002 remake, directed by John McTiernan and starring Chris Klein as Jonathan, featuring two times the bloodstream and half the plot, in addition to Paul Heyman like a game announcer.


For that video pinball game from HAL Laboratory, click the link.

This film provides types of:

  • Ball Cannon: Jonathan E invokes this as retribution for that on-track killing of his closest friend. Jonathan beats the killer nearly senseless, then drags the inert fellow to the track to ensure that his mind rests within the launching lane. Moments later, a brand new steel ball is fired in the game cannon, obliterating the victim’s mind. No foul is known as with this, obviously.
  • Fight Chant: When star player Jonathan E scores the winning goal within the final game, despite rules changes designed to destroy him, everyone else begins chanting his name inside a building crescendo. This portends a social revolution where the corporate masters come unglued of the formerly docile populace.
  • Subverted earlier — because they go out in to the ring, Jonathan’s team give their standard chant, as the opponents chant, “JONATHAN’S DEAD!”
  • Berserk Button: Through the majority of the movie, Bartholomew is very calm and reasonable when confronted with Jonathan, until he pointedly shows that Jonathan can be created to stop the sport. When Jonathan solutions that Bartholomew can’t lead him to do anything whatsoever, the manager shouts, “Don’t state that! Do Not Ever State That!”
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