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Fude Pen

September 9, 2019

Product(Fude Pen)

Kuretake launched its first brush pen in 1973, ongoing to grow the road with every product getting improvements for various use. The comb pen is most generally employed for calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing.

Bimoji: Beautiful Lettering. Made to imitate the appearance and weight from the traditional calligraphy brush.

COCOIRO comes from japan words, “

COCORO” – Heart and “

IRO” – Color.
COCOIRO is made to personalize your body, ink and tip to ones personal style or even the “

color of the heart”.

An excellent brush pen for novices. Appears like a pen but writes just like a brush.

  • Double-sided soft and hard brush tip pen for lettering, outlining and inking illustration.

    Fine synthetic brush tip creates the years lines. Create the years lines effortlessly. Ideal for sketching, inking and wash drawing.
    Refill ink cartridge (DAN105-99H) available.

    Our extremely popular No.13 includes a fine synthetic brush tip to produce an array of lines. Water-based dye ink refill cartridge (DAN105-99H) and brush mind substitute (DAM1-999) can be found.
    Set includes: fountain brush pen and three ink refill cartridges.

    Refill ink cartridge(DAN101-99) can be obtained.

    Medium brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.

    Small brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.

  • Popular brush pen having a metallic sheen.

  • New technology for smooth-flowing and easy writing. It’s not necessary to press around the primary body, a lot of ink flows naturally.


Artist Review: Sailor Fude De Mannen Fountain Pen