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Using Brush Pens for Calligraphy + An accumulation of Worksheets

January 14, 2020

This publish has everything: some brush pen calligraphy tips, a few videos, and free worksheets! Regardless if you are acquainted with brush pens or otherwise, this can be a neat little tutorial with a few icing on the top.

I've several blogs around the TPK site that educate you crafting calligraphy having a dip pen. Today, though, I wish to provide the spotlight to a new tool — the comb pen! I've written an over-all summary of brush pens before, however nowadays I wish to concentrate on using brush pens for calligraphy particularly. Flexible tips, quick-drying ink, and familiarity (since you’ve most likely labored with markers before) make brush pens an excellent candidate because of not only creating modern calligraphy — but in addition for learning how you can create modern dip pen calligraphy!

What exactly are Brush Pens?

Brush pens are, basically, markers having a tapered, super-flexible tip. This tip is attentive to pressure, which leads to thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes. I particularly love Tombow markers, and that i used them for the examples within this publish. However, any marker having a flexible tip works — I've even used a $1 package of broad tipped markers to create “Crayola” calligraphy!

This tapered, flexible tip results in many nice stroke variation.

To create an upstroke, you will not put much pressure around the pen, and also the tip may be like this from the paper:

Make certain you exert hardly any pressure whenever you push-up around the pen! This gives you nice, delicate upstrokes.

To create a downstroke, you’ll exert pressure around the pen so that a lot of nib touches the paper. With this increase of pressure, the end should bend a little! That may be like this:

For downstrokes, you’ll wish to exert pressure so that the end from the pen bends a little and constitutes a thick stroke.

Photos are wonderful, but may it’s useful to look at a relevant video to be able to grasp an idea. The next video supplies a clearer explanation of methods to exert pressure around the tip of the brush pen to produce stroke variation. I really want you to note the way the tip from the pen reacts when i vary pressure onto it!

Getting Creative having a Brush Pen

One neat factor about brush pens is that you could dramatically vary your stroke widths! This effect isn’t easily achieved with many dip pen nibs, and that’s something which sets brush pens aside from dip pens.

Upstrokes and horizontal strokes must have a delicateness for them. In comparison, downstrokes ought to be thick!

The contrast in strokes creates eye-catching pieces that in addition have a casual feel for them due to the marker aspect. The package pictured below, for instance, utilizes Jesse Style Calligraphy to produce an envelope that actually sticks out. This envelope only required about two minutes to create (no exaggeration). Brush pens are low-fuss and easy to use when you get used to them!

You couldn’t write about this padded package having a dip pen effortlessly. A lot of it would spiderweb out and also the delicate dip pen strokes could be overpowered by how big the package. Because of this, brush pens + packages really are a right diamond necklace!

Writing with brush pens is really a natural, frustration-free process when you learn how to exert pressure around the tip. To exhibit how simple writing with brush pens could be, I produced a relevant video previously mentioned showing my hands writing. While you see it, you are able to be aware of hands position and pressure effort individuals are a couple of things to concentrate on when you choose to provide using brush pens for calligraphy a go!

To explain things i say within the video about brush pens being ideal for lefties: I understand that some lefties possess a inclination to the touch their hands towards the paper because they write, which smears ink. However, brush pen ink doesn’t smear, therefore it can be an invaluable learning tool to learn pressure and letterforms without getting to pay attention to ink getting everywhere. So far as all calligraphy learners are worried, brush pens are a very good way to understand the skill of pen pressure effort. Brush pens aren't a prerequisite for learning dip pen calligraphy, however they can easily prove useful!

Using Brush Pens on Calligraphy Worksheets

I've received a couple of emails from calligraphy learners asking if an individual could feasibly use brush pens to exercise the TPK Calligraphy Worksheets, that have been produced for dip pens. You can, however i would make use of a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen, with a smaller sized tip than most brush pens! You can observe within the photo below these brush pens work great around the Jesse Style worksheet, for instance.

I would suggest while using Tombow Fudenosuke hard tipped brush pen to complete the TPK Learn Calligraphy worksheets. The soft tipped pen is a touch bit too flexible to simply control!

Brush Pen Calligraphy Sources

I ultimately intend to have brush pen versions of all the dip pen Learn Calligraphy worksheets available. At this era, I simply get one brush pen worksheet, and that’s the Kaitlin Style. The primary distinction between the Kaitlin Style dip pen worksheet and also the Kaitlin Style brush pen worksheet may be the size and technique difference. Letters within the brush pen worksheet are bigger to support a brush pen, and also the instructions and letter formation arrows specified for for any brush pen.

It is really an instructional page in the Kaitlin Style Brush Pen Worksheet. You can observe more photos and find out more about the worksheet set on this link.

I additionally have a lot of free sources which you can use to rehearse your brush pen calligraphy. Included in this are:

For those who have any queries or input about writing calligraphy with brush pens, you shouldn't hesitate to comment. Hopefully you found this publish useful, and you give brush pen calligraphy a go sometime! Even when you’re acquainted with dip pen calligraphy, brush pens give a nice change of pace and may render visually compelling results.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks to you for studying!

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Sana states

Great publish! I've all your worksheets and that i do rotate between your small tombow brush pen and also the dip pen. I expect to new worksheets for brush pens throughout the styles. I like the Kaitlin style brush pen sheet.

Lindsey Bugbee states

Many thanks!! I’m glad you like the worksheets 🙂

Pam states

I’ve been enjoying your site posts and videos since i have began within this modern calligraphy world a couple of days ago.
I acquired a wood straight nib holder and some three Brause nibs (the EF 66, a blue one and something more) and incredibly thin ink. I haven’t purchased the Nikko G/ Zebra G nibs yet, therefore the start wasn’t that simple however i think I could possibly reach a good beginners level sometime soon.
I discovered some Winsor and Newton 6-piece pack of dual pen brush markers and yesterday I had been finally capable of making them work because of your video!!

I bet the Tombow work far better, and so i will prove to add these to my “wish list” (with the super suggested nibs and perhaps an oblique holder just to find out if it’s really simpler for me personally since I’m lefty.

I’m holding the pen as everybody does and my hands isn't groing through the ink… I’ve had the rest of the problems a novice might have, however that one! 😂

Anyway, God bless your kindness explaining everything very well. If you would like, I'm able to have a picture or record a brief video of methods I’m holding the pen so other lefties studying your helpful blog can easily see whether it works best for them.

Lindsey Bugbee states

A photograph could be great! If you take one, I’d like to publish it: [email protected] . 🙂 Just kind offer!

Kamie states

Hi Lindsey! Appreciate this publish, I'm just beginning to understand calligraphy and discover brush pens a little difficult to use, my thin strokes end up with shaky, I don't know if it’t the position or simply the truth that I'm not accustomed to it yet. I'm using ZIG Art & Graphic Twin by Kuretake, as my home we do not have Tombow.

Lindsey Bugbee states

Hi Kamie! Your experience is fairly universal should you practice more, the shakiness will help reduce. 🙂 Also, try drawing only upstrokes — that can help!

Huris states

Thanks lindsey… I really like it!

Lindsey Bugbee states

It’s my pleasure — thanks, Huris!

Lauren states

Lovely publish! When i first bought/used tombow pens at the beginning of the entire year in my create365 project however i still haven’t used them in this manner! I discovered the ink utilized in the pens are ideal for using with my water pen therefore i do more watercoloured styled pieces together but certainly need to own calligraphy position an opportunity!
Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

Lindsey Bugbee states

They are really fun for calligraphy! (Fast and simple, too!) Love your site, incidentally — great photography. 🙂

Rom Macho states

Hi Lindsey! Continues to be an enthusiastic readers of the blog for any year now. Whenever I learn something totally new of your stuff, I usually immediately try that factor out as well as publish it on IG and tag you. Now after studying this, I grew to become interested in brush calligraphy. I really hope you’ll share brush calligraphy drill sheet later on for all of us to download and check out. Many thanks. xo

Lindsey Bugbee states

Hi Rom! How awesome! Are you able to refresh me in regards to what your Instagram handle is? 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard that i can see what I’m tagged in — I've no reason behind this aside from being extremely non-Instagram savvy. A brush calligraphy drill sheet is advisable! It’s moving in my “blog publish ideas” list — thanks!!

Wendy shortland states

Longing for more info of the blog now I’ve thought it was, and please enter me within the giveaway. Thanks a lot!


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