ROLLERBALL: Booklet & Rules from the Game

January 14, 2020

These are finally: THE official rules for that sport of Rollerball, as observed in the 1975 movie. They were transcribed — typos and all sorts of — from a 13-page pr release within the movie’s original press package from U . s . Artists.

ROLLERBALL: Booklet & Rules from the Game


Productions Designer — John Box

Track Architect — Herbert Schurmann (Olympic Track Architect for Rome, Mexico and Munich)

Skating Consultant for Track Design — Peter Hicks


Top circular dimensions — banked area:

Circumference — 547 ft (167.863 metres)

Diameter — 175 ft (53.426 metres)

Lower circular dimensions — banked area:

Circumference — 312 ft (96.113 metres)

Banked Surface — track area:

Width — 40 ft (12.30 metres)

Flat working surface — track area:

Width — 19 ft 8 inches (6 metres)

Circumference — 190 ft (58.434 metres)

Surface of bank from flat floor level:

Height — 12 ft 2 ” (3.71 metres)

Amount of banked track:

Two doorways — included in banked section of track:

Outdoors size of doorways when closed

–Length: 22 ft (7 metres)

–Width at top: 7 ft (2.20 mtres)

–Width at bottom: 6 ft (1.90 metres)

Size opening when doorways are open

–Height: 6 ft 6 inches (2 metres)

–Width: 6 ft inches (1.90 metres)

Pneumatically operated. (Available to let players and game personnel in — closed during game).

The track area — both flat and banked portion — possess a smooth wood surface.

Surround the top track there’s a 3-feet-high 6 inches thick steel barrier. Connected to the barier [sic ] is really a 2-inch steel hands-rail engrossed in rubber.

All around the track on top of this steel barrier is really a 4 ft 4 inches high steel mesh fence.

Surrounding the foot of the track there’s a 3 ft high 6 inches thick steel barier [sic ] with 3 ft wide player entrances at opposite ends from the Infield.

A 6-inch gutter surrounds the foot of the track. When the ball adopts the gutter, it’s a ‘dead’ ball.

Each team comprises seven (7) Skaters, plus three (3) Motor-cyclists. You will find eight (8) Substitutes on every team. These Substitutes, players and motor-cyclists, are situated within the Infield area during play until known as into action.

Players — each team:

Skaters — 5 players (Combination Offensive & Defensive)

Skaters — 2 ball catchers

Skaters — 5 Substitutes

Motor-cyclists — 3 Substitutes

Infield — each team:

Team Executive — 1

Team Trainer — 1

First-aid men — 2

Motor-cycle mechanics — 2

1. Studded motor-cycle helmet with face guard

2. Cotton jerseys with team figures

3. Ice hockey shoulder pads

4. Leather pants

5. Adapted baseball catcher shin pads

6. Motor-cycle boots for Motor-cycle motorists

7. Skate boots for skaters

8. Spiked leather mitts

9. Ball Catchers used adapted ice hockey goal-keepers glove.

10. Various protection pads: elbow, back, knee, etc.

Each team has three motor-cycles in play and three substitutute [sic ] motor-cycles. The motor-cycles used are Honda CB 125’s, that have been specifically adapted by adding steel protection pads around the front and sides, along with a steel towing-bar behind, that the skaters hold when being towed.

The cycles travel counter-clockwise while in play. They can handle high speeds and through a game title can achieve a speed as high as 50 mph.


Pneumatic powered (compressed air)

P.S.I. (Pounds per sq . inch) available — 600

Maximum power ever used — 400 P.S.I.

Firing velocity — to 135 mph

Cannon fired by computer from Controller’s Bubble

Made from solid resin core by having an outer steel skin.

The ball is fired in the cannon clockwise round the track.

Approach to Firing — cannon and ball:

The cannon lies on the top of banked section of track, which reveals robotically to fireplace, then closes. The firing from the cannon continues to be labored out with a computer that has been programmed. Just the computer and also the Controller know once the cannon will fire. Just one ball is within play at any given time. If it’s not selected up and reaches the gutter round the inner barrier (Infield), the ball is ‘dead’ along with a blue light flashes signaling the very fact. If your player drops the ball also it rolls lower in to the gutter or reaches the gutter unconditionally whatsoever, the ball can also be ‘dead’, or from play.

(1) Game Controller:
The Sport Controller is stationed full of the center from the Infield, inside a glass-enclosed revolving bubble, that he is able to begin to see the whole game organized before him. He’s sitting down inside a robotically-swivelled chair inside the bubble a little computer console included in the chair arms shows the rate and velocity where the cannon will fire the ball. The Controller operates the signal light tower which hangs in the arena roof within the bubble entirely look at the spectators and players.

Yellow flashing lights indicate — Cannon has fired, ball in play.

Blue flashing lights indicate — ‘Dead’ ball

Red flashing lights indicate — Goal scored

Eco-friendly flashing lights indicate — A problem continues to be known as

(2) Game Referees:

Within the Infield are a couple of Game Referees, each together with his own elevated station, that he supervises one-1 / 2 of the track. The Sport Referees are audio-attached to the primary Controller, as well as their chief function would be to call penalties and enforce the guidelines from the game.

(3) Team Executive:

They Executive may be the Gm from the team, and accounts for all of the operations from the team off and on the track.

They Coach is second-in-command towards the Team Executive and assists him in most team operations.

They Trainer accounts for the health and fitness from the team players and also the upkeep of they equipment.

(6) Team First-aid:

First-aid staff is situated in the Infield area. They’re outfitted with portable first-aid equipment and stretchers. They cope with the hurt, providing them with as rapidly as you possibly can from the track. Individuals players seriously hurt are put within the elevators (lefts) which bring them underneath the stadium for expert medical assistance.

(7) Motor Bike Mechanics:

These are the same First-aid teams. They cope with motor-cycles in the same manner because the First-aid personnel cope with players.

The 2 magnetic goals are situated on the top from the banked track area over the steel barrier. The goals are mounted right into a glass back board 8 ft 4 inches wide and 4 ft 10 inches high. The aim is really a cone-formed opening within the back-board, 21 inches across.

There’s two large score boards positioned over the spectators behind each goal. The score boards provides the following information:

It is really an Information Center situated in a glass booth high over the spectators within the Stadium. The sport is totally documented on Multivision screens from remote Multivision cameras situated in the stadium, and concurrently transmitted towards the Multivision sets around the world. The Multivision Broadcasters watch and describe the sport came from here.

The sport is formulated around the fundamental proven fact that they obtaining the ball needs to get round [sic ] the track using the ball and set it within the opposing team’s goal within three laps from the track.

A group will get some point for each goal scored. Whenever a goal is scored, the red lights flash, a klaxon sounds, and also the score board registers the purpose.

Behind each goal around the banked track is really a 6-feet-wide red area where a player should be to make a go at scoring an objective. When the ball carries tries to score from outdoors el born area, it’s disallowed along with a ‘dead’ ball is known as.


(1) Playtime — three (3) periods, all of twenty (20) minutes.
After each period, there’s a 2-minute rest period. When the score is tied after three periods, an overtime period is known as and performed until a group scores.

(2) The skaters and bikers are only able to move counter-clockwise round the track.
If your skater or biker is viewed moving clockwise through the referee, a 2-minute penalty is known as from the offender. The gamer is distributed from the track and can’t get replaced throughout the penalty period.

(3) After gaining having the ball, the offensive team cannot apply for a score before the ball has traveled one revolution from the track. This revolution starts from the purpose of pick-up through the ball catcher.

(4) When the offensive team ball carriers happen to be not able to test for any score within three revolutions from the track, the ball is recognized as ‘dead’ and should be guttered. A brand new ball will be fired in the cannon.

(5) The ball carrier isn’t permitted to deliberately hide the ball in the defensive team. The penalty for doing this is perfect for they to forfeit having the ball (the ball should be guttered).

(6) A maximum of ten (10) players per side could be around the track at anyone time. From the ten players on every team, only five are permitted to attain goals. The 3 motor-cyclists cannot handle the ball. The 2 ball-catchers are only able to field the ball after it’s fired and pass it to among the five skaters, who are able to pass it to each other and try to score.

(7) No permanent goalkeeper or goal defender is permitted within the scoring area. Defensive and offensive players are only able to maintain the 6-feet-wide red scoring area when an offensive ball carrier is creating a apply for an objective.

When the ball carrier passes the red scoring area, the defensive players who’re at a negative balance scoring area must pursue the ball carrier.

(8) The motor-cyclists aren’t permitted within the top 1 / 2 of the red scoring area. If your biker is viewed in this region through the referee, a 3-minute penalty is known as from the offender.

(9) An electric motor-cyclist mustn’t deliberately injure a skater. If he is doing so and it is seen through the referee, a 5-minute penalty is known as from the offender.

(10) A skater mustn’t deliberately injure an electric motor-cyclist. If he is doing so and it is seen through the referee, a 5 minute penalty is known as from the offender.

(11) The ball should not be utilized as an offensive weapon. Penalty: three minutes.

(12) The Infield personnel of every team are needed to get rid of in the track as quickly as possible hurt players and broken equipment.

(13) A opponent is permitted to intercept a ball being passes, or get the ball that’s been knocked from the offensive ball carrier’s glove and may attempt to pass or score using the ball — supplying the ball is around the track and it has not arrived at the gutter.

(14) Each team may substitute players as lengthy because there are only seven skaters and three motor-cyclists around the track previously. This, however, doesn’t affect players taken off the track for penalties (there’s no substitution permitted.)

The Way The GAME IS Performed:

The teams in formation around the track: the Controller fires the ball by functioning on instructions in the Game Computer. The teams are dispersed out so your two catchers of every team can cover because the track as you possibly can, yet still be paid by another skaters and bikers.

When the ball is fired through the cannon, the teams get speed to stay in a great fielding position once the ball is removed the rail. The two catchers on either team can field the ball and move ahead as quickly as possible to be able to pass the ball to among the offensive players when the ball takes place by an offense, the total amount from the team forms to be able to permit the offensive carrier to maneuver once round the track (360¡), then to test for any for any score within the opponents’ goal.

The carrier has as selection of attempting to score or make another circuit from the track, by which situation the opposing defense must brake making another circuit also.

Players on defense move about the track circling with and from the offensive team, looking to get having the ball. Because the skaters move about the track, they alternate positions in protecting the aim. The motor-cyclists help in protecting by towing skaters as on offensive play, and taking advantage of their speed to maneuver between your patterns from the offensive team.

Notes & observations:

It was all things in the pr release. I declined to edit or correct the transcript within the interest of completeness, even when some sentences were confusing and contradictory.

Clearly there’s a couple of products “

missing”, a minimum of so far as explaining certain occasions observed in the show. For instance, perform the number of small, white-colored lights alongside a player’s number around the scoreboard mean anything? I usually imagined that — as with basketball — a person could have only a lot of penalties before “

fouling out” from the game, which these lights stored tabs on the amount of infractions. No explanation is offered for that lights (apart from the dramatic effect they’ve in noting players who’re disabled and wiped out), as well as their in-game purpose continues to be a mysterious.

Also, at the start of the film, the Madrid team is upset whenever a referee doesn’t see Moonpie strike a person who’s clearly stunned and merely dealing with his ft. It appears obvious through the actions from the figures that there’s some rule against attacking players who’re lower (think late hits in football) yet this restriction doesn’t appear in the list above.

Finally, should you read my article “

The Rules from the Game: The Evolution of Rollerball,” you’ll uncover that, yes, they did from the game because they went along. Because of the chaos from the shoot, and the amount of people involved with creating and marketing this movie, it’s highly unlikely that the complete and comprehensive algorithm were ever written lower. The above mentioned is really as close once we is ever going to get.

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