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December 3, 2018

Synonyms for calligraphy Calligraphy and

Synonyms for calligraphy


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Word Origin & History

1610s, from Greek kaligraphia , from kallos “beauty” + graphein “to create” (see -graphy). Related: Calligraphic . The typical comb. form in Greek was kalli- “beautiful, fine, happy, favorable” kalo- would be a later, rarer alternative form.

Example Sentences for calligraphy

Calligraphy and poetry are confused together within the Chinese mind.

Hence the development of calligraphy should be put into 405.

Ibn Abi Sarh was well experienced within the arts of calligraphy and horsemanship.

It was the job of Behrisch, who had been a virtuoso in calligraphy.

Nonetheless, the calligraphy and borderwork are the most useful areas of his performance.

See Thompson, 236, where Irish calligraphy is fully worked with Camb.

She authored a great obvious hands and her method was as obvious as her calligraphy.

I will always be an excellent admirer from the calligraphy from the Dark Ages as well as the sooner printing which required its place.

The significance of calligraphy was recognised lengthy prior to the date associated with a literary monuments of their development.

The boy required little curiosity about his new work, but demonstrated some aptitude for mechanical drawing and calligraphy.


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