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November 30, 2018

Pens & Accessories to fountain

Executive Gift Shoppe carries over 160 variations of pens, pen sets and pen accessories We feature ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, fountain pens as well as pen & pencil gift sets. All of our pencils consists of the best materials with writing tips made to create smooth, concise lines. Each pen and pen set carries our 100% satisfaction guarantee. ., or we’ll change it. We provide free personalization and free delivery over $25. We stock our pencils so we perform the personalization within our warehouse, so that your order will ship the next day you set it..

Executive Gift Shoppe carries many engraved pens and pen sets that are ideal for giving gifts. Styles vary from ballpoint, to rollerball to fountain pens. They are available in gift sets, combination desk sets including men’s valets so that as single unit pencils packaged within our gift box. If you are searching for any nice pen as a present for somebody special, we’ve just the thing you need.

Our personalized pens are customized in our very own warehouse, insuring quality. If your pen includes a steel finish, it’s personalized utilizing a gemstone tip engraver, etching in to the metal. If we have an acrylic or lacquer finish, it’s personalized utilizing a laser engraver. Each method produce a sharp, crisp, clean text that’s both great to check out and readable.

You will find three fundamental pen tips available. A ballpoint tip writes in smooth, easy lines and it is an enjoyment to create with. A rollerball tip writes in crisp, clean lines and it has a sharper feel into it. Fountain pens possess a classic feel for them and can be used for writing inside a more formal manner, having a calligraphic flair.

You can buy single writing utensils packaged inside a gift box completely to the fanciest of desk pen sets. We feature a sizable choice of steel and wooden pens and pencils, obtainable in sets. Our wood pens come packaged in matching wooden gift boxes. The boxes could be laser engraved too, developing a unique gift for your hard to buy executive. Our gifts carry our lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can provide them with as gifts with full confidence.