‘Eraser challenge’ latest dangerous social networking trend for children

January 22, 2019

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<p>It’s distributing via social networking: A ‘dare’ where kids use erasers to rub away your skin on their own arms, frequently while reciting the alphabet or any other phrases.</p>
<p>Players compare the resulting injuries, and also the most hurt player may be the ‘champion.’</p>
<p>The so-known as ‘eraser challenge’ continues to be circulating for around annually — but it is serious, doctors warn.</p>
<blockquote><p>‘The eraser challenge could cause discomfort, burns towards the skin, scarring, local infections,’ stated Dr. Michael Cooper, who directs the Burn Center at Staten Island College Hospital, in <a href='~id-270New You are able to City.

With your injuries, “in severe though rare cases, existence-threatening sepsis, gangrene and lack of limb can happen,” he noted.

Based on USA Today, East Iredell Junior High School in Statesville, N.C., lately published an alert on Facebook concerning the eraser challenge.

“Children are rubbing an eraser across their skin while getting to complete or say something,” the college stated in the publish. “It’s causing serious burns and we have seen several installments of this.”

“The eraser challenge may seem harmless as well as an innocent show of bravado,” Cooper stated. “However, the effects might be lifelong problem as well as dying, and like other ‘challenges,’ ought to be prevented.”

Dr. Robert Glatter is definitely an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, and in New You are able to City. He stressed that the chance of severe infections in the eraser challenge is an issue.

“Bacteria and the dead skin cells can colonize erasers that have been applied on skin,” he described. “Erasers, which may be made from man-made materials for example vinyl, plastics and artificial rubber, have crevices that offer a hot and moist atmosphere for bacteria to thrive. People also put erasers within their mouths, which makes them a collection-up for polymicrobial infections which may be difficult to treat.”

How to proceed? Glatter states parental monitoring and intervention is essential.

“Parents require a frank discussion using their children concerning the dangers connected using the eraser challenge,” he stated. “If you discover inexplicable abrasions or wounds in your child’s legs or arms, it is important to inquire about them should they have been involved in this concern.”

And Cooper noted the eraser challenge is not the only real dangerous social networking trend available.

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<p>‘The arrival of social networking, and also the endless look for recognition and a focus makes posting videos while performing harmful and senseless functions both commonplace and prevalent,’ he stated.</p>
<p>‘The ‘fire challenge’ causes self-inflicted, existence-threatening flame burns from igniting lighting fluid or alcohol put onto the skin,’ Cooper described. ‘And, lately, a teen was seriously hurt as he leaped right into a lake he understood contained alligators.’</p>
<p>When it comes to eraser challenge, Glatter stated, ‘it is rather simple: erasers belong in writing — not on the skin.’</p>
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