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Gordon Brown claimed £732 pen cartridges on expenses

January 16, 2019

Gordon Brown claimed £732 pen cartridges on expenses on This summer

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Gordon Brown spent £732 on pen cartridges before walking lower being an MP in the general election.

The previous Work pm bought 250 ink refill cartridges for any Mix Porous point pen in December 2014.

The claim been revealed following the body overseeing MPs’ pay started printed MPs’ expenses receipts after losing a freedom of knowledge fight.

A spokesman for Mr Brown stated he’d “already volunteered” to come back any unused refills.

Mr Brown walked lower as Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP in May, following a 32-year Commons career that saw him function as chancellor and pm.

The price details happen to be printed following the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) lost a Court of Appeal challenge against a purchase it must release copies of receipts posted by politicians.

It adopted a Freedom of knowledge request with a Sunday Telegraph reporter.

The most recent document – the first to become disclosed under FoI with no order from the court – demonstrated that Mr Brown claimed £732 on expenses for that ink refills.

Mr Brown’s spokesman stated: “Due to his eyesight, after a number of operations on eyes, Mr Brown uses special felt-tip pens for writing letters and notes.

“When his parliamentary office closes lower on This summer 8, Mr Brown’s office has volunteered that it’ll return refills that haven’t been utilized by him or his staff.”

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