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August 5, 2019

Eraser Software has the capacity to erase

Ontrack offers 100% data sanitization of the Computers, laptops, servers, data center equipment, enclosures along with other large self storage units with Blancco Drive Eraser. Most applications only erase the index however with Blancco Drive Eraser you overwrite all traces of knowledge, making data renovation impossible. Blancco goes past overwriting and verifies the overwrite continues to be effective then supplies a certificate for auditable reporting.

Key features

Simple to use

Fast and synchronised erasure of multiple drives

Patented solid condition drive (SSD) erasure (Patent No. 9286231)

Globally certified

Leading edge efficiency & productivity

The information erasure software has the capacity to erase multiple hard disk drives concurrently at high-speed plays a role in an very efficient and price-effective process. The erasure process may be the fastest in the market and generates efficiency and speed by:

  • Concurrently erasing multiple hard disk drives (as much as hundreds at any given time)
  • Fully customizing the information erasure tactic to each customer’s unique small business
  • Offering regular product and driver updates to maximise security, erasure efficiency and speed

Extensive hardware support

We provide extensive hardware support together with leading manufacturers – from Computers and laptops to servers, data center equipment along with other large self storage units – to help boost the data erasure process. Blancco Drive Eraser works seamlessly to aid the largest number of hardware and includes pass-through and dismantling for RAID arrays (where relevant).

Detailed erasure documentation

Eraser Software efficiency and speed by

Blancco Drive Eraser validates the effective completing the overwriting process, and generates comprehensive, tamper-proof reports to conform with legal auditing needs. Reports are centralized within the Blancco Management Console and supply information for example:

  • Condition from the hardware
  • Relevant serial figures and asset tags
  • How by whom the erasure ended
  • The information erasure standard used throughout the erasure process

For additional information, read our product infosheet.

Blancco Drive Eraser Infosheet

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