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Franklin Covey Freemont Review

July 31, 2019

The Franklin Covey Freemont is really a pen that you simply rarely learn about. It is because Franklin Covey is a not typically recognized for their fountain pens, but instead their planners along with other products. For this reason I’m betting that many of you’ve heard of the brand, however a fountain pen from their store? Not.

If the pen is really a secret (in the web based community anyways), then how made it happen finish on my radar? Pure accident, that’s how. I was on the little grocery shopping to Minot ND after i was insistent ongoing to Staples to determine what America been on store for all of us. It had been after supper so we were chilling out within our accommodation throughout a pretty heavy thunderstorm. Such as the heaviest I have seen rain in recent memory. Well I had been within the infancy of my pen addiction, and so i was resolute to create my Staples go to see the things they had, and so i made your way (solo) towards the local Staples. I browsed around, selected up some gel pens, checked out the $60 Mix pens which i didn’t are interested (okay maybe wanted them just a little since i have wanted everything), and finally seen this pen just hanging there. It looked fancy enough and it was only $15, and so i figured why no. I’m obviously speaking concerning the star of the blog publish, the Franklin Covey Freemont.

Franklin Covey Freemont Review

After we returned from your trip, I sprang within the little black cartridge that included the pen, and boy could it have been underwhelming. This really is most likely since i hadn’t hit my ink obsession stage yet and it was kinda tired of black and white. Since that time I’ve tried on the extender a couple of more occasions having a couple of different types of inks and contains certainly been getting good attention by me.

On the side note, Among the finest to indicate which i only agreed to be inside a Staples in Regina (Canada) plus they were selling this identical pen for $25 CAD! Sure it’s a little more than our neighbours towards the south, despite the exchange rate, however i only agreed to be pleased to view it for purchase.

Design & Build

Whenever you see this pen, the very first believed that will play our mind (well mine a minimum of) is “that is really a classy searching pen”. There’s practically nothing exciting about how exactly this pen looks, but that’s okay. Its not all pen must blow your socks off, specifically for $15.

Franklin Covey Freemont Review

While you start to handle pen, you’ll watch a couple of more things. The pen unposted is very light, almost a lot that it’s uncomfortable to make use of. However, the cap includes a nice heft into it that actually balances the pen out when published. Additionally, it posts very deep and incredibly secure, which means you don’t need to bother about you cap falling when things obtain a little beyond control.

You may already expect this from the cheaper pen, however the finishing touched really are a bit untidy. Among the cap bands has glue squished around it such as the put an excessive amount of and didn’t wipe them back. It isn’t an enormous deal, however it implies that qc might not be there.

Franklin Covey Freemont Review

If you’re somebody that uses a little colour within their existence, I’ve come across this pen inside a more dark, but nonetheless classy red. I’m enticed to purchase one within this colour, but depending on how much make use of this one will get, I’d think of the red will not be very different.

Writing Performance

The way a pen feels and looks means practically nothing when the pen doesn’t write. Fortunately for all of us, this pen writes quite decent. I’d even go so far as saying that it’s a typical author. The nib itself is simply a generic iridium point nib, which means you can’t expect anything magical, but it works, simple as that.

Franklin Covey Freemont Review

The nib isn’t the smoothest factor on the planet, but it is also and not the toothiest. I really sometimes benefit from the feedback which i receive from by using this pen, however i realize that isn’t for everybody. The flow has usually been very good, but this is when I pier points (basically were grading it). Very at random within a lengthy writing session, the nib would basically dry out and convey a really dry line. I’d then prime the nib also it would then flow correctly throughout my session. It’s good that it’s not really a common occurrence, but certainly an indication of it’s inconsistency.

To increase it’s genericness (not really a word, I understand), the only real nib option that I have seen is really a medium, which just about writes just like a fine at occasions. This isn’t a problem for me personally since i have have a lot of pens with various nib options, but when this would become your first pen, some option is nice.


In conclusion, this can be a very average pen without a penny really special about this. It appears classy, has fairly solid construction, writes decent, and it is in a fair cost. I’d state that there’s certainly some value within this pen, particularly if you are simply beginning out, but it’ll don’t have the spark you might be searching for for those who have already leaped both ft in to the hobby.

I would suggest this pen if you’re searching for any budget gift for somebody, or you are searching for your second cheaper pen so that you can use several ink at the same time. As the initial pen, I’d pick the Pilot Metropolitan over this each time, but nonetheless would still support this purchase should you left your Christmas shopping before the last second and all of these are Staples provides.

Once my cartridge of Kaweco Palm Eco-friendly expires, I’ll be putting this pen in storage, but I am certain it’ll shine just vibrant enough that i can give some shown to it each year or more’s time.