Harmful Chemicals in Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

December 6, 2019

Do Mr. Clean Magic Erasers contain harmful chemicals?

Claim: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers happen to be banned from stores since the product contains chemicals.

Example: [Collected via e-mail, 2006]

Origins: Western society likes its homes and it is clothing clean, but satisfying that desire comes in a cost — to do this, consumers must placed their belief in polysyllabic chemical concoctions

vended by large corporations, entities it normally won’t always trust to obtain their needs in mind. Consequently, fears about poisonous or harmful substances being secreted in keeping cleaners is really a recurring theme in contemporary lore. That anxiety continues to be voiced in many false product rumors recently (e.g., Resolve carpet cleaner caused the dying of the youthful boy who drank it, Beginning dishwashing liquid eroded the corneas of the toddler’s eyes, pot-scrubbing sponges contained a harmful derivative of Agent Orange, beloved pets felled by something horrible in Swiffer WetJet, Febreze fabric refresher, and Ultra Clorox).

Another entry within this pantheon of household cleaner misgivings concerns P&G’s Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, something that hit the U.S. market in 2003 and which we started receiving inquires about in 2004. The components list on Magic Eraser, an area-cleaning pad made from super-fine fibers that lifts and traps dirt to rub out most marks, has spawned a persistent thought that the merchandise contains chemicals, an ingredient many people affiliate using the embalming of dead physiques.

This hypothesis seems to become a consequence of a misparsing from the ingredients list. Mr. Clean states concerning the rumor:

Here are a few details concerning the ingredients utilized in Magic Eraser:

    The components in Magic Eraser happen to be securely and generally used for several years in an array of household items.

Chemicals isn’t and has not been an component in Magic Eraser. One component in Magic Eraser (chemicals-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer) provides the word “formaldehyde” in the chemical name. However, this component isn’t chemicals and poses no health or safety risks. (Consider this name like “sodium chloride”, that is table salt. Sodium alone could be harmful, but sodium chloride – salt – is protected.)

Magic Eraser is recognized as non-toxic. Just like any sponge-like product, when ingested the product may block the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, we all do advise to help keep the product from the achieve of pets and children to prevent accidental ingestion — it’s not a toy.

It’s possible that chemicals may trouble minute, trace amounts because of the manufacturing process. Even so, the quantity present is considerably less than standards established by governmental agencies and trade associations, and it is really under what can be found in indoor air.

  • Actually, no ingredients in Magic Eraser are susceptible to any health-related labeling laws and regulations in The United States or perhaps in the Eu.
  • Hopefully you discover these details reassuring. You can keep to make use of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser confidently in the performance and safety for you personally and people of ones own.

    To acquire more information, please call 1-800-867-2532.

    Regardless of the e-mail’s declare that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are “slowly being banned all stores,” we found no evidence that’s so. Neither the maker nor any governmental agency has issued a recall for that product, and Magic Erasers continue to be broadly obtainable in every major grocery and pharmacy chain we’ve checked.

    Another issue relating to the same kind of product (created with a different manufacturer) came about in November 2006 whenever a lady authored a free account by which she claimed that her boy had endured chemical burns as he applied a Scotchbrite Easy Eraser on his face and face. Doubters maintained the child had simply endured skin abrasions in the abrasive top of the eraser. (The product’s packaging bore no warning about either kind of injuries at that time):

    My package from the Scotchbrite Easy Erasers didn’t possess a warning either and also, since my child understood to not consume the sponges and prevent them from entering achieve of his little brother and sister, it had been a duty I happily allow him to do.

    Basically had known that both brands (yet others like them) have a dangerous alkaline or “base” chemical (complete opposite of acidity around the pH scale) capable of burning the skin, Irrrve never might have let my young boy handle them. As you can tell in the picture, once the Scotchbrite Easy Eraser was applied against his face and face, he received severe chemical burns.

    After much back-and-forth, the problem was apparently

    resolved in The month of january 2007 once the product’s manufacturer (3M) issued an apology along with a statement that they “addressed the problem and therefore are making plans to alter the packaging to warn other consumers from the potential response to while using product onto the skin.”

    Barbara “formaldehyde and seek” Mikkelson

    Last updated: 6 Feb 2007


    The Nikkei Weekly. “Japan Proves New-Product Gold Mine for P&G.”
    12 This summer 2004.

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