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Mix Satnink Review

December 4, 2019

For quite a while now, there’s been a pattern from standard ballpoint pen ink refills towards hybrid ink refills that appear to be to takeВ the graceful and consistent flow of the gel ink and blend it with the fast drying durable ballpoint ink that individuals became familiar with. В It appears such as the Mix Satnink Hybrid refillВ (via Amazon . com) is late towards the party, however when it caught my attention I believed I’d grab one to look at and review.

Mix Satnink Package Writing Sample and Comparison

Since the Mix ballpoint refills are pretty proprietary, they need you to make use of a Mix ballpoint pen to be able to test them out out, and so i grabbed myself a Mix ATX (via Amazon . com) in Basalt Black to operate with the paces. В It absolutely was some time since i have authored having a standard ballpoint refill, or possibly I simply blocked the experience because its generally awful or painful as far aw writing pleasure goes. В Affirmed, after i used the Mix ATX using its standard (non-Satnink refill) it truly wasn’t something worth writing home about. В After transitioning to theВ Mix Satnink Hybrid Refill though I had been pretty astounded by the comparative difference backward and forward pen refill writing encounters. В After working a couple of days writing with theВ Mix Satnink, I discovered myself with consistently smooth, dark, and lump free writing samples. В I additionally discovered that the writing experience was better using the Mix Satnink since it requires minimal downward pressure when writing, simply gently grazing the pen over paper leaves a dark enough line to see. В Exactly the same little bit of pressure using the standard ballpoint didn’t even leave the tiniest trace of ink behind, making this certainly an excellent pen for individuals that participate in longer writing sessions to prevent fatigue.

Mix Satnink Refill and Comparison Close-up

Within this close-up photo from the Mix Satnink (top row underneath the refill itself) versus. the conventional ballpoint (main point here near to the photo caption) you can observe just how much more dark the Satnink is. В Bear in mind the Satnink refill I’m tests are an excellent point, as the ballpoint would be a medium point. Additionally, you will notice that it’s much smoother and consistent because the standard ballpoint refill shows some lumpy habits around the swirling loops in the finish from the writing sample. В Additionally to simply writing considerably better than the usual standard refill, the Mix Satnink dries incredibly fast and it is archival quality as well. В Should you take a look at the reviews on Amazon . com, the sample dimensions are really small, but you’ll visit a couple of folks with a few complaints, and to tell the truth I did not experience the same difficulties with this sample which i reviewed.

Mix Satnink Refill – Born on Date?

After getting a fairly positive knowledge about my Mix Satnink refill, I had been interested in the negative reviews which i saw on Amazon . com and so i made the decision to dig around and find out basically may find anything. В To begin with, as this is a comparatively cool product and also, since Mix ballpoint pens don’t have a tendency to excite many people that will write reviews, it wasn’t surprising which i didn’t find a lot of others speaking about these. В Used to do however stumble across a publish on EDCForums that could explain things a little. В User RMinNJ mentioned that they are in touch with their local pen shop about these which there have been some quality issues so they weren’t immediately available to buy. В Sounds in my experience like maybe there is a preliminary release which was faulty and Mix needed to factual that before releasing more. В This brings me towards the date placed around the barrel from the pen right beyond the word “

fine” on the website right within the picture. В The discuss EDCForums was from October ninth of the year plus they didn’t possess a date when new refills were designed to become available, so I’d assume my refill from 08/14 is before any supposed recall of those. В Although I’d a great knowledge about mine, I’d want to consider seeing basically can find these refills which have to start dating ? placed in it that’s sometime after 08/14 in order to rival the main one employed for this review.

Mix Satnink Package Writing Sample and Comparison

If you have В a Mix ballpoint pen, it may be worth looking at theВ Mix Satnink Hybrid refillВ (via Amazon . com)В because no matter any allegedВ manufacturing difficulties with the very first batch of those, they are doing write considerably better than the usual Mix ballpoint refill. В Certainly give these a go if you’re able to locate them and when the cost suits your financial allowance, they might simply make you want that oldВ Mix pen again.

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Thanks yes. I contacted both my local pen shop and Mix USA and both responded the
Satnink refills remained as unavailable. Shop recommended checking in The month of january 2015.

Have them off amazon . com or where one can I suppose.

Hello! great review! I had been just wondering did your refill leak? there are several review online stating these “

leaked horribly” in to the pen requiring extensive cleaning, Im afraid to buy these now if the review…I dont want my pen to become destroyed! Just wondered should you have had exactly the same experience-thanks! Sincerely carol

Today is 1/3/15 and that i just checked Amazon . com: for everyone’s info the refills are offered out.
I emailed Mix to inquire about when they could be available again. Staples also doesn’t have it for purchase or perhaps listed.

Also, does anybody know if this sounds like the type of refill within the relatively “

new” Mix Easy Author pen, which apparently is the first having a silicone grip, uses the hybrid/Satnink? The copy around the Mix website promises an even writing experience, but doesn’t specify.

@RMinNJ – Thanks a lot for that follow-up and also the great information.

@Carol Chapman – Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed review and located it useful! Certainly no difficulties with dripping here, but I know there are more variables like temperature and altitude as well as additional factors that may be involved.

@PenaciousH – Thank you for discussing, nfortunately I do not have information though.

They never announced these refills again. My Mix pens stay in the drawer.


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