How can magic erasers eliminate stains?

December 20, 2019

How can magic erasers eliminate stains?

Now available on the market for a few years, eraserlike items that eliminate stains you thought you had been tied to permanently have grown to be a typical household item. For instance, Mr. Clean sells a line known as Magic Erasers and Scotch-Brite provides a product known as the simple Erasing Pad.

The key behind these kinds of erasers is really a material generally known as melamine foam. With somewhat water, melamine foam can dig in and destroy stains that other products can’t touch. Kids add too much using the crayons? Co-workers leave a trail of scuffmarks wherever they walk? Erasers created using melamine foam may be just the thing you need.

Stain removal is not the only real factor this special foam is helpful for. It’s really existed for two decades and it has a number of applications, for example seem insulation (whether or not to improve a room’s acoustics or dampen excess noise) and temperature insulation (whether or not to safeguard against very cold or hot temperatures). It is simply lately that developers recognized its potential like a cleaning product.

A few melamine foam’s specific physical qualities turn it into a great stain remover, and we’ll dive into what individuals characteristics take presctiption the following page.

Melamine foam erasers work nicely but on surfaces which are colored, polished or easily scratched, they may work a tad too well. It’s suggested to check the eraser on the small, preferably unnoticeable, part of whatever you are searching to wash before you decide to dive on in.

A couple of years back, Internet rumors spread that melamine foam erasers might cause serious health issues simply because they contained chemicals coupled with the possibility to result in chemical burns. Take a look at for that outcome — along with a word towards the wise: Don’t go rubbing effective abrasives in your face.

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