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Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000

December 19, 2019

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000Pelikan introduced what’s known as the differentiated piston in 1929, this is when the thread mechanism has got the internal part turn quicker than the knob in the finish from the pen. Enables an even fast draw of ink.

Pelikan’s introduction from the piston being an ink filling mechanism signaled a significant change for pens.

For individuals who’ve a Pelikan piston pen within their collection, the level of smoothness and dependability of action from the filling mechanism is among the hallmark characteristics from the pens.

The M400, using what has become a vintage eco-friendly striped body, was issued in 1950 also it grew to become an emblem for Pelikan The road was named Souverän within the 1980s. The M400 was re-issued

The Pelikan Souverän M800 and M1000 represent a benchmark in classic style and quality workmanship inside a fountain pen.

The M800 has been around since 1987 also it symbolized a big change for the organization. It was a significantly bigger pen than have been formerly manufactured. Since it used a brass filling mechanism, the pen also had weight.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000The M800 was initially introduced with what many describe as the standard black cap and eco-friendly body, then within an an all-black costume cap and the body after which, for any limited run, a black cap and turtle brown body. More about that pen follows. Later the pen arrived on the scene in blue after which red.

The look right implies that I’ve M800s within the various colours issued.

The M800 is recognized as by many people like a classic fountain pen. It’s relatively large. Calculating 5 1/2 ” long once the pen is capped, and 6 1/2 ” once the cap is published towards the body. The width from the pen is simply over 1/2 inch wide. For anybody who likes a bigger pen, this pen will easily sit within the hands.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000The resin body has solid brass inner components that provide the pen an acceptable weight. The clip and trip are gold-plated.

The pen is equipped having a 18 carat gold rhodium washed nib with rhodium decoration. Indeed, the Pelikan nibs possess a classy appearance, are large as well as an important cause of the general appearance from the M800 fountain pen. The present selection of nib options include Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad and Oblique Broad.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000

The nibs can certainly screw from the nib section for simple substitute.

The clip is really a classic solid bit of metal using the emblem of the pelikan’s eyes and beak at the very top.

The M800 will come in solid Black, Black/Eco-friendly stripe, Black/Blue stripe and Black/Red stripe body. My first pens were the fundamental black that have a semi-transparent section right over the nib section that enables you to view the amount of ink locked in the pen.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000

With a few Blacks, Then i bought the classic Eco-friendly/Black, then your Blue/Black came in my 50th Birthday and also the Red/Black to complete the gathering.

I’ve bought numerous substitute nibs and so i have the choice of altering the nib which include Mediums, Broad, Double Broad, Medium Oblique and Broad Oblique.

My my M800 blue/black I usually write using the Double Broad nib. It’s very smooth and lays a great solid type of ink around the paper. The Double Broad Oblique may be the nib I’ve cold and hot feelings about. At times I really like it, others, I’ve found it less smooth. The Medium is appreciated for detailed work — how else would I make records into my calendar, although not a minimum of in my hands, perfect for fast continuous writing however i discover the Broad within the Eco-friendly and Red to become more favorite when it comes to what nibs I usually have fitted using the pens. .

Some describe the M800 as getting a nib that’s rigid, however, for that heavy pressure I placed on a nib this appears to make with my style in your mind.

M800 Brown Tortoiseshell Exclusive Edition

In 1987 Pelikan issued a restricted run of Brown Tortoiseshell M800. It adopted the development of the M800 since it’s entry in to the luxury type of pens, and it was a great bold move, getting just emerge from personal bankruptcy. Now, in 2013, Pelikan repeats the limited discharge of this classic pen. Issued in Feb 2013, the pen is going to be created in limited figures, Pelikan states according to order response, after which after they have left, that’ll be it for that particular pen.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000

The pen has all of the great feel from the M800. The brown shirt is spectacular. After I understand the “exclusiveness” from the pen, and that i was pleased with the performance, I have to admit I had been just a little let lower inexpensively packaging from the pen. Although some packaging has ended-the-top, this pen coming with what is essentially a card board box, without any printed material that’s specific towards the pen was a let lower. Also, because the Pelikan Edelstein ink has issued the color Amber, because the Ink of the season (2013) what you know already it might be packaged using the pen.

As the solid black M800s possess a small window to let you find out if there’s ink within the pen, the striated pens permit you to see in to the pen, just a little, when held towards the light. So that you can check up on the quantity of ink within the pen. The M800s hold 2. ml of ink.

Pelikan Souverän M800 & M1000The M1000 arrived on the scene in 1998. My first M1000 is at the classic Eco-friendly/Black stripe, however i then adopted having a Black model. Who are able to have only one of these simple pens!

Just like the M800, for that Eco-friendly/Black there’s a translucence towards the barrel so that you can see a few of the ink level. Like the M800, the M1000 in black includes a obvious window towards the top of the barrel through the nib section. A celluloid sheet is within the barrel where the piston mechanism sits.

Try not to be worried about people seeing a lot of it level within this pen, the nib is exactly what catches the attention. It’s massive. A sizable hands crafted 18 carat, two-toned rhodium masked gold nib — most likely the biggest I’ve come across on any modern pen. One thing I love concerning the M1000 and also the M800 is the opportunity to screw-in nib units so that you can easily get one pen with a number of nibs. Be mindful because the M1000 nibs really deliver ink. My Double Broad nib is saved for “signature days” having a broad nib employed for daily writing.

I love the M1000 however the pen I get probably the most may be the M800, just a little smaller sized, they fit more easily within my hands. The M1000 includes a completely different writing experience in the M800. That isn’t only since the pen is bigger, however the nib is extremely bigger compared to M800. It’s also more flexible. I write having a fair quantity of pressure, and also the ink really flows out of this pen.

2015 – the distributor for Canada has elevated the cost of Pelikan pens so they’re hard to obtain in Canada. The M800 might have a $800-$1000 CDN cost tag, and well an excellent pen, that cost can create an obstacle for buyers.