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March 14, 2018

The Fountain Pen Network  dollar, in addition to limited

Event: Bertram’s Inkwell Annual In-Store Pen Fair

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I have got more than a dozen vendors coming to give the latest and finest in pens! Each year, the wedding may be the big one! We have got pens which are great value for that dollar, in addition to limited editions that you simply normally wouldn’t see! You will see more pens within the store than imaginable, and we’re certain to have something for everybody!

To date attending we’ve:
The Fountain Pen Network  give the latest andAurora, Montegrappa, Esterbrook, Monteverde, Conklin, Hugo Boss, Marlen, Online, Parafernalia, Pineider, Stipula, Diplomat, Nettuno, David Oscarson, Bald eagle Pen Company, Alan Shaw, Michael’s Fat Boy, Bill Enderlin (Fountain Pen Repair), Write Notepads, David Silber (Selling Vintage Pens), Caran d’Ache, Tim Girdler, and Richard L. Greenwald LLC..


The Fountain Pen Network  Online, Parafernalia, Pineider, Stipula

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