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The Mix pen is mightier…

December 24, 2019

My first reaction was denial.

I couldn’t have misplaced it! Seriously. I personally use it constantly. My beautiful Mix pen. I searched my desk and bag a couple of occasions before popping open my TrackR application.

The application demonstrated the l ast known location as that morning at 8:45AM at Carrillo and Chapala – closer than you think in the office. Ok. Therefore it was probably somewhere at the office. “I’ll think it is soon,” I figured.

That morning when i visited conferences, I stored my TrackR application open and anxiously waited for that Distance Indicator to exhibit me I had been getting closer, however it never did. And So I switched on Crowd Locate notifications.

At 11:10AM, I received an update giving me same position as that morning – Carrillo and Chapala. Therefore it Needed to be at the office. I ongoing my search as well as managed to get to building 3 to decrease off some documents but still no luck. What is! Why couldn’t I’ve found it?

That’s once the anger began flowing. I entered our backend database and confirmed there wasn’t an insect showing incorrect locations. To my relief, everything examined. Feeling guilty for getting doubted our backend, I ensured to go with the engineering team after i returned to my desk.

Where was my pen? I required an in-depth breath and attempted to simply accept that my pen was – in some way – lost for the moment.

Your evening I showed up home and received another location update. However this time that it was for the similar address as…my house.

“It’s the follow!” I figured.

Now I understood I possibly could a minimum of narrow my search lower either to my new laptop bag or my vehicle. I left towards the front yard. Eureka! The Space Indicator demonstrated it had been nearby.

I rang the pen and adopted the seem.

There it had been, secure, tucked in to the side from the driver’s seat. A later date, another mystery solved.

The Mix pen is mightier…

The Mix Peerless TrackR pen has become on or perhaps in stores throughout Europe and also the US.

The Mix pen is mightier…


* U.S. only. Worldwide shipping charges may affect free battery shipments.

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