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Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guide

January 15, 2020

A.T. Cross is the first and the longest running writing instrument company founded in 1847. Although the business Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guideemblem says it’s been in business since 1846 that is not entirely true. That is the year Alonzo Townsend Cross (the man after whom the company was named) was born but his father, Richard Cross registered the company in 1847 and started producing pens by 1857. Nevertheless, it remains one of the oldest companies to manufacture pens. We have also written a complete guide about the best luxury pens.

A.T. Cross started off strong and made pencil cases and pens of gold and silver. They also diversified their product range by delving in to an entirely separate industry i.e. cigar holders. When Alonzo joined the company in 1870, Cross began to pile on success upon success.

Alonzo was responsible for 25 patents during his life – nine were for stylographic pens while six were for pencils. In fact, the propel-repel mechanical pencil that is still used today was in fact invented by Cross. Check out our complete guide about the best waterman pens.

His most important innovation to date, however, remains the stylographic pen which is similar to an ink pencil. This is what set the tone for the design of the fountain pens of the future. This pen is now among collector’s items and was strong enough to produce carbon copies along with the print. This fascinated the U.S. Post Office so much so that they made they encouraged all their postal workers to use it.

A.T. Cross was sold to the Boss family in 1916. By 1930, it had started making art deco pens made of gold and chrome along with black enamel embellishments. The pen was so popular that it was reintroduced in 1982 (forty two years after its original launch).

In the years following the takeover, Cross steamrolled its competition and became a leader in rollerball, ball point and soft-tip pens, with increased sales for ball point and mechanical pencils. The designs are timeless and collectors add them (particularly the pen with the smaller rings) as a part of their valued items.

Cross Pens – The Brand

Since Cross was a pioneer in the writing industry – it commands a leading role in creating a demand for writing instruments. It is America’s oldest manufacturer that has retained its designs but has looked to expand the color and craftsmanship to make it suitable for people with different sensibilities.

What started off as a small, family owned business is now a global brand that demands respect because of its strong lineage. The designs combine heritage with contemporariness which make the product appealing for the young and old alike.

Over the course of years Cross has worked hard to maintain its relevance and to entrench itself in everyday Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidehouseholds by increasing its usage. It has also added leather accessories which serve well as gifting items and all Cross pens come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

In an advertising economy, Cross has smartly positioned itself as a company that pursues greatness. With its ‘Make your mark’ campaign, Cross highlights a list employees of their fields who combined perseverance and creativity to get ahead and to make a dent in the world. By associating itself with top class individuals, Cross has again proved that it is not just a manufacturing company – it is a brand that’s name will be remembered for times to come.

Quality of Cross Pens

The Cross family were originally jewelry makers which is why even the art of making the Cross pen carried with it such a strong aesthetic. Today, their designs include the Cross designs in silver, gold, platinum and is detailed with precious stones. To identify the authenticity of the pen, users should look for an ‘X’ as an authenticity mark.

Not only are the pens beautiful, they are dependable. Not many manufacturing companies commit to a lifetime guarantee, but Cross believes in quality products which is exemplified through their vast range. Cross also believes in innovation and have created their own ‘Switch it’ converter system i.e. it converts from a ball point to a mechanical pencil.

Cross Pens are so reliable, that they have been the official suppliers for the White House from as far back as the 1970’s. The pens were also given as souvenirs to all those who attended bill signings.

The pens chrome finish hints at luxury in their gold and silver editions.

Types of Cross Products

The current product line includes fountain pens, ball points, gel pens and mechanical pencils. Although they are sold in the mid-range, these are used by political figures and high powered professionals, alike.

Although most of the pens are made in China, the customized pens that are used by politicians are made in New England. Cross has also diversified its portfolio by expanding in to cufflinks, wristwatches and even office supplies (which holds more relevance to pen manufacturing) such as leather cases, desk accessories etc.

Known for their quality and distinctive style, the Cross pens are reliable no matter how long they have been used. The fountain pens are available in a medium nib, however that can be changed if the user requests the change.

Below is a list of some Cross Pens and their features:

Cross Townsend Pen: This is a tribute to Alonzo and is the iconic piece of the Cross Collection which combines their jewelry making knowledge with technology to create a distinguished writing instrument with a wide diameter and double-band appointments. This design is also available in ball point, fountain and roller ball pens and is available in seven finishes.

Cross Apogee Pen: This is a 21 st century design which comes equipped with a spring loaded clip and chrome-plated Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guideappointments and is available in ball points, fountains and roller ball.

Cross Century 2 Pen: This is one of their more traditional designs which has evolved to a popular medium diameter and is available in ball point, fountain, roller ball and pencil.

Cross Century Classic Pen: These legendary pens have been around for more than 60 years and have upheld standards of superiority. They are most well-known for their conical shape and have a smooth writing style. These pens are available in ball point, fountain, roller ball as well as pencil.

Cross ATX Pen: This futuristic looking pen has a smooth contoured look and is available in ball point, fountain, roller ball and pencil.

Cross Sauvage Pen: This is tailor made for the feminine hand and comes with a choice of two animal engraved chrome plated caps and lacquered bodies and are available in ball point, fountain pen and roller ball.

Cross Click Pen: This pen is available in 5 finishes and is a click action roller ball pen.

Cross Edge Pen: This is available in five colors and is an exclusive resin roller ball pen.

Cross Tech 3 Pen: This comes with the grace of its lineage and functionality of a modern design. It is a multipurpose pen that is available in a black or blue red ball point as well as 0.5 mm pencil with eraser.

Cross Refills, Ink, Ink Converters and Leads: Aside from pens, Cross also sells its own refills which are made for their ball points, roller balls and pencils.

Cross Leather Pen Pouches: These pen pouches are made from the finest quality of leather and are available in single, double and triple.

Cross Business Gifts: This can be customized to include a company’s logo and is an excellent corporate gift.

Cross Leather Journal: These journals are leather bound and come equipped with pen sizes A5 and A6 and are available in 6 colors.

Cross Leather Personal Organizers: This includes personal organizers, agendas, jotters and padfolio’s.



1. Cross Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Rollerball Pen (AT0045D-48)

Design and Build

Capitalizing on the Star Wars mania, this Townsend pen is based off the color scheme of the R2-D2 Droid from the Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate GuideStar Wars Enterprise. This collector’s item is available for a limited period of time and is based on R2-D2’s iconic look.

This Townsend comes with a memento box and pen which also includes R2-D2’s detailing along with a collector’s booklet with information about our favorite Droid. Even though it is a limited edition product, it comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Uses and Capabilities

This rendition of the Townsend not only pays tribute to one of the franchise’s most lovable characters, the writing instrument also comes with etched engravings that are painted on the platinum plate and have a fixed top jet cabochon. Perfect for any Star War lover, this is a luxury item that belongs on the shelves.

The pen also contains the designer’s Certificate of Authenticity and the detailed engravings of R2-D2 on the pen increase the character’s legitimacy.

Additional Features

Less than 2000 of these pens were produced and each were serialized independently. Not only is the pen beautiful to look at, it also writes smoothly and distinctly. The Star Wars themed deck that comes with the pen adds to the experience.

The gold nib provides a smoother experience than a stainless steel one. This pen is not only novel but has exception quality which you can feel as the gel ink flows across the paper. This is a treat for those who love Cross pens and Star Wars.

2. Cross Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Fountain Pen with Solid 18KT

Design and Build

As a nod to the Star Wars franchise, the Cross Townsend honors the 1977 Star Wars by recreating the original R2.D2 Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidethrough the engravings on the brushed platinum plate which is then embellished with smooth-top jet cabochon.

A collector’s item for fans and newcomer’s alike – this treat is packed in a luxury gift box including a themed pen stand. For those of you who aren’t aware, the pen also includes a collector’s booklet which tells the story of the unforgettable character.

Uses and Capabilities

The pen includes the designer’s certificate of authenticity and a lifetime mechanical guarantee. Not only in this ode a stroke of genius, the writing quality has lived up to a regular Townsend’s standards. The metal body comes equipped with an 18K solid gold nib with a choice between the fine and medium nib. It is accompanied with two ink cartridges as well as a converter. The gold nib provides a smoother writing experience as compared to a regular stainless steel nib.

It can be used for business or recreational purposes, either way it is a great conversation starter.

Additional Features

The Star Wars Townsend is truly a collector’s item as there are less than 2000 pieces that have been distributed and each are individually serialized.

If the nib is cleaned regularly and the ink is refilled on time, the pen can last up to 6 months.

3. Cross Century II 10KT Gold-Filled Ballpoint Pen

Design and Build

The Century II is a legendary collection which is a cross between the iconic and the contemporary. Its balanced and weighted feel adds tenacity to your writing. The precious metal and lacquer finish combine to create a unique rendition of the classic Cross Profile.

The pen provides a rich tactile experience and comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

This collection includes a black medium ball-point refill. The packaging is so beautifully crafted, that it can be given as a gift.

The Cross pen is available in a variety of ball-point refill sizes and colors. These range from Selectip gel rolling balls, porous-points (more commonly referred to as felt tips) and ball-point and document markers.

It is also available in 0.5 mm pencil leads, specially formulated cartridges and bottled inks.

Uses and Capabilities

The Cross brand was founded by jewelers and their design aesthetic is evident in their carefully crafted writing instruments. This is a part of their luxury collection and represents one of the four symbolic Cross designs. It is available in silver, gold and platinum and has intricate detailing with inset precious stones. The collection is known by its ‘X’ which works as an authenticity mark.

The ballpoint version of the pen is the most popular among the top technology for its sheer simplicity and ease of use. Its small rotating ball disperses ink as you write and does not have the disadvantage of fountain pens that blot. While they are not capped, the ink is stored through a rotating mechanism in the barrel. These pens are perfect for daily usage.

Additional Features

The writing is smooth with a solid black line and no skips. It has multiple colored refills and the pen only accepts cross refills.

It comes with a subtle incised line pattern and 23 Karat gold-plated appointments. Its swivel-action propel/repel feature performs flawlessly on paper, providing a superior writing experience.

4. Cross Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

Design and Build

This elegant black lacquer fountain pen comes with a 23 Karat gold plated appointment and a gold plated medium Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidenib to match. The package includes two black fountain pen cartridges that are as smooth to use as a ballpoint or rollerball fill. It also includes a converter (optional) to refill the pen from bottled ink.

Its balanced and weighted exterior provides an excellent writing experience and its precious metal and lacquer combination give it a distinguished feel. The lifetime mechanical guarantee make it a worthwhile purchase as this pen is not only iconic, it is also daring in its combination of old and new.

Uses and Capabilities

This pen is understated yet elegant. Its gold highlights accentuate the black lacquer and the medium nib is perfect for regular use. It’s presented in a sophisticated gift box making it a perfect gifting item for a promotion, a launch or even Christmas.

The pen is fit for daily use and would look especially classy in a business setting. It’s smooth and has a solid black line which adapts to the writer’s style.

Additional Features

The specially formulated Cross ink flows smoothly and dries quickly, making the writing experience blot free. The refills are also available in multiple colors.

5. Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen

Design and Build

The Black Lacquer roller ball pen has all the beauty of its fountain pen version and the simplicity of use of a ball Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidepoint. It comes in a variety of refill sizes and colors which include Selectip gel rolling balls, porous-point ball points and document markers. It is also available in 0.5 mm pencil leads, specially formulated cartridges and bottled inks.

The beautiful packaging includes one black gel ink rolling ball refill and its lifetime guarantee against mechanical failure makes it a timeless collector’s item.

Uses and Capabilities

Throughout history, Cross has invented creations and then reinvented its own creations. With their jewelry expertise, they have been able to craft beautifully designed writing instruments that are dependable and easy to use.

Their quality of presentation is similar to boutique-quality, making it a perfect gifting item no matter what the occasion. This design is available in precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum and has beautiful detailing of precious stones.

Its exclusivity is marked with an ‘X’ which marks their authenticity.

Additional Features

The Townsend is the perfect blend of taste and poise. It’s classic feel and design is reliable enough to be used in the future. Its innovation is timeless so much so that it has been a choice of American presidents and is inspired by the 1930’s Art Deco Design.

6. Cross Botanica Green Daylily Fountain Pen with Fine Nib

Design and Build

This beautiful Botanica Fountain pen is unique with its green and ivory palette sparkles and 23 Karat gold plate inlays and appointments. It comes equipped with two black fountain pen cartridges and an optional converter so that the pen can be filled with bottled ink too.

It has a click off capand is a one of a kind pen. The entire collection is brought together with vibrant colors, engravings and metallic inlays. From its bold design it is evident this is designed for users who want to make a mark. Its mechanical lifetime guarantee ensures that you will make your mark for a long time.

Uses and Capabilities

Its unique floral designs were inspired by henna prints and its ivory lacquer is deeply engraved with silvery chrome and gold plate.

Although the fountain pen is one of the oldest writing instruments, this pen adapts to your personal grip and writes according to your unique style. It is available in medium and fine nibs and is captivating to look at as well as easy to use. This is a perfect addition to a pen connoisseur’s collection. The writing glides effortlessly across the page and its medium weight and balance make it perfect for any type of grip.

Additional Features

The Special Cross ink flows effortlessly and dries quickly. It is available in five colors and finishes. These are Black Primrose, Green Daylily, Golden Magnolia, Purple Orchid and Red Hummingbird Vine.

Its fluted grip is made from plastic and provides a firm grip. The click on cap is secure from both ends and its centerband is textured and adds to the grip.

7. Cross Classic Century Classic Black Fountain Pen with Fine Nib

Design and Build

This iconic American design comes with a threaded cap and barrel design which holds the cap securely whether it is closed or posted. The Classic Century has a 23 Karat gold plated nib which works smoother than stainless steel nibs by providing a unique texture to your writing style.

The premium gift box makes it ideal for any occasion and its lifetime mechanical guarantee makes this iconic 1946 design a timeless addition to their collection.

The swivel-action propel/repel feature make the pens ink long lasting and it also has an understated, carved line pattern.

Uses and Capabilities

The jewelry makers cum entrepreneurs envisioned the classic collection which is available in precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum along with precious stones engravings. The collection is recognizable due to its Authenticity mark ‘X’.

The fountain pen, albeit one of the older writing instruments, is one of the smoothest, especially the Cross. The fountain pen adapts to your writing style and creates lines on the page over time that are unique to your writing style. It is available in medium and fine nibs, which are the most used among regular uses.

Additional Features

The slim, narrow barrel make the grip easy and the gold plated appointment is luxurious without being gaudy.

8. Cross Townsend Year of the Rooster Titian Red Lacquer Fountain Pen

Design and Build

This Townsend fountain pen comes with a fine nib. Its red lacquer provides it an exquisite smooth polish and the nib is etched with a design in order to celebrate the year of the rooster.

This is in keeping with Cross’s ability to adapt to the times and to commemorate occasions for times to come.

It has two exquisite finishes with 18 Karat gold-plated inlays and appointments.

Uses and Capabilities

The deeply etched designed is inspired by the Rooster and is a perfect gift especially for those who like a dose of Zodiac! It also includes the Zodiac edition gift box and stylish pen stand. Its lifetime mechanical guarantee makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Additional Features

One of the few pens to pay a tribute to the regal rooster, the pen is available in two finishes and is a class act – made to inspire anyone who owns it.

9. Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen with Fine Nib

Design and Build

The Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen is a one of a kind collector’s item with its threaded cap and barrel design. This is Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guideperfect to hold the pen securely whether the cap is in a closed or posted position.

A pen for regular users, this is an excellent stainless steel fin nib that comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee. A symbol of American heritage and innovation, the Classic Century has been a symbol of innovation since 1946. This pen is a symbol of entrepreneurship and made for those who want to make a mark in the world.

Uses and Capabilities

This pen is a fresh take on an iconic design. It’s a pen that has been used by leaders for over sixty years and is reflective of many great ideas that have overtaken America in the past.

The gold plated appointment is classy yet understated and is perfect for those seeking luxury through all their purchases. The slim narrow barrel makes writing a treat and the fine nib created a refined, incised line pattern.

The swivel-action propel/repel feature keeps the pens ink moist and running whether the pen is open or closed.

Additional Features

This is a perfect gifting item and comes in a premium gift box. It is available in four designs using silver, gold and platinum as well as precious stones. The ‘X’ marks the authenticity of the pen and is one of the best finer writing instruments in the Cross collection.

10. Cross Century II Medalist Fountain Pen with Fine Nib

Design and Build

The Cross Century II combines the timelessness of polished chrome with the elegance of the 23 Karat gold plated Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guideappointments. Its gold plated nib is designed to adapt to your distinct writing style. It includes two black fountain pen cartridges, as well as an optional converter that is available to fill pen from bottled ink.

The click-off cap makes the pen easy to use and its balanced, weighted feel adds meaning to whatever you’re writing. The beauty of Cross pens is that each new one is a derivative of pens from the past, with a modern twist. Their premium gift box make it perfect as a gifting item for several occasions.

Uses and Capabilities

This pen collection has a variety of finishes to choose from with beautiful precious metal and translucent lacquer finishes. The weight and balance of the barrel add to the physical experience of writing and the lifetime mechanical guarantee make it ideal for anyone looking for a long term, reliable find.

The fountain pen nib adapts to your grip and writing style which become unique to you, much like your signature. The pen is available in two widths – medium and fine.

Additional Features

A pen fit for the President is a pen fit for many. This pen has the grace of the Classic Century but a wider profile with a more darling look. Its smooth ink delivery leaves no skips on the page.

11. Cross Beverly Pearlescent White Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Design and Build

Sleek yet stylish, modern yet classy this Cross Beverly Pearlescent pen has all the makings of a collector’s item. Its rich lacquer finish adds to its distinguished design and its perforated accents are in polished chrome.

It comes equipped with a modern clip design as well as a variety of sophisticated finishes. It is available in different finishes but the most widely sold one is the white lacquer finish. Its trim looks even better with its dimpled effect. The simple twist and open mechanism makes the pen easy to use, yet borrows from the sophistication of a fountain pen. It is accompanied with a black refill. Its premium gift box is ideal as a Christmas present.

Uses and Capabilities

The ballpoint is the easiest to use because of the rotating ball that releases ink as you write. This ball is the link between you and the paper and it writes freely as the ink leaves the ink reservoir. These pens do not need to be capped and are stored through a rotating mechanism in the barrel, making them easy to fill and easy to use for everyday regular users.

The rollerballs are available in a few options; gel rolling ball (mixture of the fountain pen’s ink flow and the ballpoint’s easy use), jumbo ballpoint (ballpoint with a fuller write out) and porous point (also known as marker point that has a wet lay down like a fountain pen. They also dry out more quickly and need to be taken care of).

The lifetime mechanical guarantee make it a worthwhile purchase.

Additional Features

The Cross comes with the most diverse tip technology knows as the Selectip rolling ball which allows you to choose any kind of refill you’re looking for from the easiness of a ball point to the sophistication of a fountain pen.

12. Cross Classic Century Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen

Design and Build

The Cross Classic Century Sterling implies it with just its name – this pen is a class act all on its own. This sterling Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidesilver pen is tailor made for those users who are looking for a smooth yet refined writing experience.

The pen also has the Cross’s trademark conical tip and includes a black medium ball point refill. Its propel repel ball pen mechanism allow the user to use the pen without drying up and the lifetime mechanical guarantee assure you a quality experience.

Uses and Capabilities

This is among Cross’s most famous pens and has been around for sixty years. Its swivel-action is patented by Cross and it’s designed by previous jewelry artisans who used their aesthetic sense to carve a beautiful one of a kind product. It is also marked with Cross’s ‘X’ for authenticity. It creates sharp incisive lines as it cuts through the page, making a bold statement about its presence.

Its ballpoint is not capped and it comes in three options and multiple fill colors and widths. The options are gel rolling ball (a combination of a ball point and fountain pen), jumbo ballpoint (a bolder writing experience) or porous point (with similar lay-down of ink to a fountain pen)

Additional Features

The pen employs the patented Selectip technology and has aqueous based inks. Because these are fluid they also tend to dry out more quickly so users must make sure they always cap the pen if it’s not in use.

13. Cross Classic Century 14KT Gold-Filled Ballpoint Pen

Design and Build

This pen includes the black medium ballpoint refill and is crafted to perfection. An icon of American novelty, this pen is among the most well know if Classic century’s collection and is made for those people who look to make a difference in life.

Its 14 Karat gold-filled ball point makes the writing experience exquisite and carves intricate line patterns as you weave your hand across the page. The patented swivel-action propel/repel feature makes this pen a distinguished collector’s item.

Uses and Capabilities

The ballpoint is among Cross’s most prized technology’s and its beauty lies in its simplicity. As America’s first writing instrument manufacturer’s Cross has created a pursuit of luxury in what was originally considered a seemingly mundane item. It is available in a variety of ball-point refill sizes and colors and its lifetime mechanical guarantee make it a dependable choice. The boutique quality packaging highlights how much care and thought Cross puts in to every item.

It is further distinguished from other products with its ‘X’ symbol that marks its authenticity. By using it you can mark your own authenticity. The rollerball is available in gel rolling ball (combination of ballpoint and fountain, jumbo roller ball (a ball point) and porous point (ballpoint with the ability to write like a fountain pen).

Additional Features

The patented Selectip technology helps disperse ink effortlessly across the page. When not capped, it retracts and stores in a rotating mechanism but aqueous based inks dry out quickly so the pen must be capped if it’s not in use.

14. Cross Edge Capless Gel Ink Pen, Sonic Titanium

Design and Build

This pen is not for the faint hearted – it is designed for those who want their creativity to be unleashed. Its metallic fusion resin is blended in with hints of color. The Edge is versatile in its use as well as its style. It comes with the click and slide mechanism and the clip has a detailed logo. It is available in both gel as well as ball point refills and is available in red and purple gel inks. It is available in a variety of finishes such as Jet Black, Sonic Titanium, Nitro Blue and Octane Green. Its resin cap and barrel provide it the right weight and balance and its beautiful, premium gift box make it an ideal present for collector’s and everyday user’s alike.

Uses and Capabilities

This pen is easy to slide and can be closed with a simple click making the pen a handy choice when struck with an inspired idea. Its metallic fusion resin comes in a variety of metals such as silver, gold and platinum and has detailing of precious stones. The X symbolizes the authenticity of a Cross item and the Edge is a smooth writing companion. The rollerball comes in two options; the gel rolling ball has the perfect blend of the fountain pen and a ball point and the jumbo ball point provides the ease of use of a ball point with a bolder writing style.

Additional Features

The aqueous based fluid provides wetness to the writing style but also has a tendency to dry more quickly so the pen must be retracted between uses. The pen’s barrel in hefty which allows the user to write legibly. The pen’s mechanism can be operated with just one hand.

15. Cross Bailey Red Lacquer Fountain Pen with Medium Nib

Design and Build

The Cross Bailey is a classic pen with a multi-groove center ring and deep cut engravings. The rich lacquer finish Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018 – Ultimate Guidecomes in tasteful colors, making it excellent as a corporate gift. Its sensible medium nib is made of stainless steel and its gift box makes it perfect for any occasion.

Its cap-over-barrel style is unique and its twist action propel/repel feature is distinctively Cross’s and enhances a writer’s users experience.

The Bailey exudes style with its impeccable quality and flawless attention to detail. The lifetime mechanical guarantee further enhances the user’s experience.

Uses and Capabilities

The ballpoint is the most popular of pen choices among most users and Cross makes it even easier for users by giving them three options to choose from which range from a combination of a fountain and ball point feel to fountain pen feel to ball point feel – whilst using a rollerball point throughout.

The nib is available in medium or fine options and it comes with a black refill and optional convertor which allows the user to fill the pen with bottled ink. It is available in five finishes which are as follow; medalist (polished chrome and 23 Karat gold plated appointments), black lacquer (this is offset with polished chrome appointments), red lacquer (set against polished chrome appointments) and blue lacquer (set against polished chrome appointments).

Additional Features

The Selectip technology provide a superior writing experience for all its users however Aqueous ink can dry if the pen is left open so users need to be careful about closing the pen post usage.