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My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

February 8, 2019

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An Outing to Uncover the very best Supplies

I’ve been about this road to self-discovery for a while now, as well as in my journey, I’ve attempted a lot of various supplies. It’s really among the best reasons for diving into the field of journaling, specifically for a paper and pen junkie like myself. But let’s be truthful — it may be very daunting trying to puzzle out what supplies to invest your hard-earned money on. Nobody wants to sink their cash inside a bad group of pens or perhaps a crappy notebook. I wish to assist you to eliminate hard a part of getting began and allow you to in on my small favorite supplies that I’ve used through the years. Allow me to take you step-by-step through my top choices to find the best bullet journal supplies.

My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

The bullet journal is exactly what began everything for me personally. My first humble bullet journal solved the problem establish roots that brought to clean lettering and watercolor journaling in a manner that Irrrve never imagined. It simply appears right to begin with bullet journal supplies before getting to other things. To create this less overwhelming, I will separate the bullet journal supplies into two groups: beginner supplies and advanced supplies.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies for novices

When you start your initial bullet journal, you undoubtedly just have a notebook along with a pencil/pen. You may make it as being easy and utilitarian as you would like — or use that single pen to create some doodle magic. It’s totally your call. But you might like to invest a bit inside your productivity and organization, and simple things like a little group of pens or perhaps a minor notebook upgrade can definitely make a significant difference. Yes, it did for me personally!

That being stated, don’t feel compelled to purchase all of the bullet journal supplies the thing is before you decide to. I understand it’s tempting. Rather, try choosing a couple of things at any given time and growing your bullet journal supplies during a period of time.

Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

The notebook may be the first step toward all of your bullet journal operation, and so i would highly suggest you receive a notebook that you simply love. Don’t spend a lot money that you’re scared of writing within the journal and wasting the web pages — in the end, individuals pages exist that you should write in. So look for a notebook that’s a balance of monetary and splendid.

Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted A5

This really is hands lower my personal favorite bullet journal notebook. I’ve attempted other notebooks which i enjoy, however i return to the Leuchtturm over and over. Carry the us dot grid for a little bit of subtle structure that enables a lot of freedom, unlike a ruled notebook. One factor I especially love concerning the Leuchtturm is you can use watercolors gently inside them! Take a look at my bullet journal watercolor test to discover for yourself. And when the A5 size isn’t to your liking, you are able to grab a Leuchtturm A6 or B5, which offer a great selection of sizes.

Moleskine Soft Cover Us dot Grid Notebook

The Moleskine type of notebooks is yet another good way to show for the bullet journal. Their softcover and slim profile make sure they are an excellent notebook to slide inside your bag and take on the run. And you may also employ watercolors within the Moleskine if you want, though their paper is really a hair thinner compared to paper from the Leuchtturm.

Rhodiarama Us dot Notebook

The Rhodiarama notebook is an additional excellent choice for the newbie bullet journal. The notebook includes a softcover having a lovely texture and it is obtainable in many colors. And also the paper is really a dream to create on, particularly if you’re keen on juicier pens.

Best Pens for that Bullet Journal

The notebook may be the foundation for the bullet journal, however the pens you utilize could affect your utilisation of the bullet journal just like deeply. It’s important to utilize a writing utensil that you simply don’t hate. If you are trying to utilize a crusty old pen that you simply got out of your banker’s desk, it will not add pleasure to the entire process of making use of your bullet journal. Rather, go for one pen or some pens which are nice to make use of — this makes it simpler to apply your bullet journal more frequently, that is imperative while you get the habit.

Ticonderoga Pencils

Could it be a pen? No, technically. But could it be helpful? Yes! I really like these cheap pencils for lounging out spreads before I personally use ink or just for doodling. They’ve been my go-to pencil since senior high school.

Pigma Micron Pen Set

Searching for any nice group of black pens? These Microns will have the desired effect! They are available in a number of nib sizes to get extra wrinkles to more bold strokes. Mine lasted me for a long time of abuse, in order to personally attest to their dependability.

Tombow Mono Drawing Pens

If you wish to possess some choices for black pens, here’s another which i use and love. The Mono drawing pens are ideal for plain ol’ writing completely to doodles and sketches. Plus they, too, come in a number of nib sizes.

Pilot G-2 Pens

Sometimes you simply desire a cheap pen on hands. Should you bullet journal on the run or at the office, your supplies could easily get stolen or lost by sticky-fingered coworkers. However, you shouldn’t compromise on performance, would you? This is where these G-2 Pens (or their Pilot Precise cousins) come up. They are available in black in addition to a number of colors, as well as their ink is very satisfying to put on the page.

Pilot FriXion Pens

An issue that lots of beginner bullet journalers face may be the anxiety about making mistakes. It’s one that will be overwhelming and result in a delay or outright halt of progress. If that’s something which worries you, then I recommend the erasable Pilot FriXion pens. By having an erasable pen, you may cut back time fretting about mistakes and much more time writing.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

If color is the your game, then think about this fineliner set. As it would seem, they indeed have very wrinkles. As well as their selection of colors is incredible and crisp around the page. These pens are fantastic to take color coded notes or simple doodling.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Personally, I really like the design of a felt tip pen. I simply love how they write. That is why I’m tossing this group of Paper Mate Flair pens out there — many people might should you prefer a colorful group of pens with this unbeatable felt tip feeling.

Zebra Mildliners

You’ll need highlighters for the bullet journal, right? Take a look at these Zebra Mildliners. I had been no fan of highlighters until I discovered this brand, but after with them, I grew to become a convert. Most highlighter sets have a similar screaming neon colors, but Zebra comes to you with softer hues. You will get pastels, jewel tones, and earth tones — which in my experience is really a million occasions much better than neon yellow.

Miscellaneous Bullet Journal Supplies for novices

Aside from the apparent bullet journal resources of a notebook and pens, there’s a couple of other products that you desire to get to create your experience fun. They are by no mean necessary, however they will make your bullet journal simpler to produce or simply more fun!

Free Bullet Journal Printables

When you are first beginning your bullet journal, you might like to rely on bullet journal printables once in a while to help you to concentrate on other facets of your planning. That’s totally fine! In the event that seems like something you’d enjoy, There is your back using the free bullet journal printables obtainable in the Fox Living room Resource Library. Just sign up for my list and also the printables are yours!

Washi Tape

There’s something intoxicating about washi tape. The opportunity to add colorful flair and style for your bullet journal having a snap of the fingers (or nearly) is fairly amazing. And washi tape is available in a vast varity of colours, textures, patterns, and sizes, there is really something for everybody. A thing of warning, though: you might become addicted and picked up a 1000 washi tapes. Beware.

Westcott Ruler

I can’t count the amount of occasions that the ruler has prove useful in my bullet journal. It’s one of individuals things which will make or break a range, and it is invaluable to possess one out of my pencil bag. Personally, i relative having a cork back therefore it doesn’t slip while I’m utilizing it.

Pencil Bag

Talking about a pencil bag, this little pouch makes going with your bullet journal millions of occasions simpler. Keeping a lot of pens rattling around inside your purse or backpack isn’t ideal — for you personally or even the durability from the pens.

The Very Best Bullet Journal Supplies for Advanced Journalists

If you were making use of your bullet journal for some time and you’re feeling like you’ve got a solid grasp around the basics, then you’re most likely prepared to step-up your game. There’s a lot of handy bullet journal supplies that may overwhelm a novice but are ideal for someone more complex within the bullet journal world. While you make use of your bullet journal many reach understand your very best utilisation of the system, you’ll have a better concept of which from the supplies the following is worth considering.

Advanced Bullet Journal Pens and Markers

There’s a lot of incredible pens and markers available which are pleading for use inside a bullet journal. Each one of the materials right here is attempted and true, but it’s your decision to determine which of them are suitable for your look.

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen

Have you been interested in utilizing a fountain pen? The Pilot Metropolitan is a superb jump into the field of fountain pens, and it is reasonable priced, too. This pen is really a pleasure to create with and could make you excited to get your pen and employ your bullet journal.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers

Like I stated earlier, bullet journaling was the catalyst I desired to begin my passion for brush lettering. If you wish to incorporate lettering to your notebook, then these Dual Brush Pens really are a must-have. You may also utilize them for highlighting and adding all sorts of decoration for your bullet journal!

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

This is among individuals pens which i will probably never, ever stop buying. I really like these pens. They’re very fine brush pens, which makes them ideal for the narrow corridors of the bullet journal. I really like with them for drawing, lettering, creating spreads and boxes, and a whole lot. They’re beloved in my experience.

Pentel Aquash Brush Pens

If you wish to dabble in watercolors inside your bullet journal, then your Pentel Aquash Brush Pens are ideal for you. They create it increasingly simple to splash some color around the page without a great deal of fuss. And a lot of notebooks handle it much better than you may imagine. Take a look at these four easy watercolor strategies to use within your bullet journal for many inspiration!

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

Regardless of whether you like brush lettering or otherwise, I’d still recommend this brush pen. It packs an enormous punch using its bold, dark colored and versatile brush tip. I have tried personally it for a long time in establishing my spreads since i love the variation lined up width and texture it produces.

Prismacolor Illustration Brush Tip Markers

I’ve had these for any lengthy time, and that i still rely on them in the end these years. After I got the Staedtler set I fully likely to stop with such, however i just revisit. I can’t really evaluate things i like about these markers, however i really adore how they write. Prismacolor is simply great at the things they’re doing.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens

This pack of pens includes a huge degree of variety which i really adore. You will find drawing pens, different brush pens, or even a fat bullet tip pen. If you wish to check out brush pens without investing in an entire set, this is actually the choice for you.

Miscellaneous Advanced Bullet Journal Supplies

These random ins and outs are certainly a bit extra, but you will probably find something you absolutely cannot bullet journal without.

Helix Circle Maker

When you are trying to produce a circle for any spread, like an amount 10 Existence chart, it will take forever. Even when you’re utilizing a us dot grid notebook, the procedure isn’t what I’d call easy. Get this affordable circle maker, though, and you will be whipping out circles all day long lengthy having to break a sweat.

Publish It Notes

I really like using Publish It Notes within my bullet journal. Sometimes I personally use these to jot lower a concept or perhaps a plan before I correctly organize it around the page. Sometimes I personally use them like a indication, moving the note from page to page until I recieve an activity done. Other occasions, I utilize them for extra information which couldn’t fit onto a webpage. One of the ways for an additional, Publish Its happen to be incredibly helpful in my experience through the years.

Decorative Stickers

Wish to add a little bit of character towards the cover of the bullet journal? Grab some your preferred vinyl stickers from my shop and you may help make your planner distinctively yours!

Some Clips

I required ages to end up buying some paper/binder clips, however which i ask them to, I personally use them every single day. Save the annoyance and frustration and merely grab an adorable group of clips. You’ll be thankful later.

Avery Ultra Tabs

If you want to tab your website, then you’ll love Avery’s type of Ultra Tabs. They’re incredibly durable, are available in a lot of cute patterns, colors, and shapes, and therefore are smudge resistant. I had been super astounded by this type of tabs, and you’ll be, too.

Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive

Are you currently keen on taping things to your bullet journal? Then grab one of these simple Tombow adhesive tapes. They rock. You are able to slip one to your pencil bag and in on the run to stick in quotes, pictures, doodles, and anything else your heart desires.

Your Bullet Journal Studying List

Wish to read some good books that will help you organize your existence making a better utilization of your bullet journal? Listed here are a couple of excellent choices to help you get going. And should you not have enough time to sit down lower and browse, give Audible a go! You are able to pay attention to books in your commute to operate, while you’re doing chores around your home, or when you chill within the bathtub. It’s an excellent option for those who have packed schedules, and you may check it out for thirty days free and obtain 2 free audiobooks simply to check it out! Just mind here to enroll in an effort and find out whether it rocks your world.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

This book gives some fantastic strategies to increase your mornings and develop killer habits. Actually, the amount 10 Existence technique comes directly from this book, which means you know it’s filled with masterdom!

The Existence-Altering Magic of Cleaning Up by Maria Kondo

This book may not be about journaling, by itself, however, many individuals the bullet journal community have discovered it incredibly helfpul for organizing their resides in general. The bullet journal will help you organize the mind, which book will help you organize your physical space so that you can achieve balance!

Beyond Bullets: Creating Journaling Suggestions to Personalize Your Individual Productivity System by Megan Rutell

Desire a book compiled by part of the bullet journal community? Your search is over! Megan from Page Flutter penned this awesome book chalk filled with insipiration and bullet journal eye chocolate. There’s a little reference to me inside!

Bullet Journal Supplies Aren’t Everything

While I think you’ll find their list of bullet journal supplies useful, Among the finest to help remind you that its not necessary a lot of stuff to possess a effective bullet journal. The thing you need is a few way to help make the process enjoyable — whether which means using nice supplies, consuming a warm mug of coffee when you write, or listing to songs, no matter. Don’t seem like you have to spend a lot of cash on an enormous assortment of supplies to get the most from your bullet journal. But never be afraid to indulge your little either! If you’re able to strike a pleasant balance together with your supplies, you will notice that your bullet journal system will build up nicely and you’ll love the procedure. Now venture out there and rock your bullet journal!

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My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

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My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

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