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Ohio Pen Show!

January 11, 2018

Published by John Grey on November 02 2018

We’re packed and prepared for any great weekend in the Ohio Pen Show!

We’ve been so busy preparing that I’m afraid which i didn’t have enough time to construct a relevant video showing what we’ll be getting, but our inventory is just around the corner from what we should we introduced towards the Michigan Pen Show a few days ago. This video provides you with advisable regarding the pens that we’ll have having a couple of exceptions.

We’ll be setup Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Hopefully to determine you there!

Michigan Pen Show!

Published by John Grey on March 18 2018

We are attending the Michigan Pen Show a few days ago!

Begin to see the video below for that inventory that we’ll be getting. There are plenty of pens that we’ve produced in some excellent new translucent materials.

If you notice a pen within the video that you want but cannot attend the show, you can message me to inquire.

Stay tuned in, as following the Michigan Pen Show, I’ll come up with your blog publish featuring these new materials that you simply see within the video.

Then in 2 days, hopefully to determine you in the Ohio Pen Show!

New Beaumonts!

Published by John Grey on March 12 2018

I’m pleased to announce we have refreshed the development Line Beaumont with new materials! All of these materials derive from fan-favorites.

For individuals individuals who choose the originals, I observe that a lot of our retailers have some stocked, but when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here would be the new materials! (if you fail to begin to see the images below, please click the link).

If you are looking at these new materials, our retailers must have received their shipments right now. You are able to follow here to determine all the retailers transporting this for sale.

Amber Glass, Twilight Embers, Unicorn

I’ll discuss just a little regarding each material.

Amber Glass…

Amber Glass is really a material that we’ve used previously, only within our Signature Line except for a little special edition from in the past. Until recently, we’ve known as it Flecked Turtle. This is a extremely popular material inside our Signature Line, however the materials are pretty costly. Because of this, it never really given itself towards the cost structure from the Production Line. However, with this growth within the last 2-three years, our volume gets enough where we are able to negotiate bigger quantities in a better cost, causeing this to be material much more attainable for all of us within our Production Line.

The fabric is gently translucent as you can tell by searching in the cap within the top photo. Held up to and including more powerful source of light, you will see through these components. It will possess some nice pearlization, however the tighter flecked pattern breaks this up. So there’s certainly depth, but small “

chunks” of depth.

Twilight Embers….

Twilight Embers includes a base color that’s dark, but additionally with a few hints of indigo. The swirls are orange and yellow, creating a nice contrast. A number of you may recognize this from your custom line if this was known as Elderberry Neon.

From the three materials, Twilight Embers has got the most uniform depth and pearlization.

These components continues to be extremely popular within our Signature line, and that i believe that it’s a welcome accessory for our Production Line.


Unicorn includes a pretty interesting backstory, and it has been awfully popular previously. The entire factor began about four years whenever we introduced this like a new material in the Electricity Pen Show. A person (@faustine2012) loved it, got it, and stated “

this appears like Unicorn Barf!” She hash-tagged this on social networking, and for that reason the name required off and stuck (despite the fact that we’d always known as it Hawaiian). Should you lookup #unicornbarfpen on Instagram or social networking, you will see how popular this moniker continues to be! Following this, the pen was utilized inside a effective special edition, so we are pleased to combine it with our Production Line.

As I personally love the name Unicorn Barf, I am not certain I wish to ask our retailers to place the term

BARF” on their own websites! Therefore we shortened it to “

Unicorn”. By doing this, still it has got the same panache, and it is possibly inside joke! 🙂

As the slightly crazy colors speak on their own, there’s also enough depth and pearlization contained within within the blue portions.

So fundamental essentials new materials! We’re thinking about adding a fourth for this line with time. Let’s read your comments will be a good addition, and we’ll certainly contemplate it!

Beaumont Materials Being Stopped, New Materials Coming!

Published by John Grey on Sep 13 2018

I needed to create everybody aware that we’ll be refreshing the types of materials utilized in the development Line Beaumont inside a couple of days.

We’ve new materials selected, and therefore are manufacturing them now. I’ll wait to reveal what individuals new materials is going to be, on the other hand if anybody continues to be sitting undecided in regards to a Production Line Beaumont in Bordeaux, Silver, Azure, or Foundation Flake, this is the time!

Our inventory closets are totally bare using these original materials, so what’s left at our retailers could it be. Just in situation you had been up in mid-air regarding these Beaumont materials, they’re not going to be coming back towards the Production Line.

The brand new materials should anticipate to be announced within four days, hopefully three.

Beaumont Materials Being Stopped

New Materials and a lot of Updates Coming Soon….

Published by John Grey on Sep 06 2018

A lot of you will know we lately committed to brand new machinery, replacing what we’ve used during the last ten years approximately. With this particular machinery coming, time continues to be dominated with a lot of setup and tooling, but mostly programming. Every program for each part for each pen needs to be re-written, de-bugged, and proofed. It has truly been another full-time job during the last 2-3 several weeks. We’ve been doing 50-60 hour days, but it’s really been fun and rewarding since many of these changes are awfully exciting for all of us!

Because of being this busy, we’ve admittedly been type of dark on social networking. However, I’m beginning to determine light in the finish from the tunnel and situations are uniting. So it’s time for you to acquire some bulletins available!

1. We’ve lots of new translucent materials that we’ve not used at all before. A few of these are simply downright stunning. I’m so excited to possess them available, mainly in the Draw Fillers. Watching a lot of it slosh around during these pens is simply super-awesome. If you want translucent materials like I actually do, you will see lots to peruse here. Here shows a lot of our newest translucent materials, but I’ll be delivering an update to showcase these soon, so stay tuned in. Meanwhile, you can observe photos below of the couple of in our new favorites.

2. With this particular new machinery, Personally i think that it is time for you to enhance the curtain again and provide an updated “

Behind the Scenes” video. We’ve done these previously, and our fans always love seeing these types of videos displaying our processes and equipment. This latest video ought to be very enlightening once we moved to a different and far bigger location this past year, which year the brand new machinery is really an enormous deal for all of us. So a great deal has altered since our previous videos of the type. Anticipate seeing a relevant video tour in our facility and procedures within the next couple of several weeks, plus some type of “

making-of” video, likely showing the way we make our Draw Fillers.

3. This latest machinery has opened up up some possibilities inside our Production Line, so anticipate seeing a comment regarding something totally new during these regards over the following month approximately.

4. What’s up for 2019? Well the options for all of us are much wider now, so anticipate seeing more changes, more bulletins, and much more nutrients once we get moved in!

Here are a couple of types of a lot of our favorites from all of these new translucent materials.

Menlo Draw Filler see how to avoid Blue Obvious Translucent Swirl

Menlo Draw Filler in Black Obvious Translucent Swirl

Away From Vacation, Can’t Make Electricity This Season! 🙁

Published by John Grey on Jul 16 2018

Only a quick note to create everybody conscious that we’re away from vacation and well rested! I’m tackling my mountain of emails now, so if you’re expecting an answer from me, you’ll receive it today or tomorrow.

However the real reason behind the post…this is really a difficult decision, but we won’t cover the cost of the Electricity Pen Show this season.

Main point here, lots of you will know we’ve had new machinery arrive. I’ll keep this brief and never too technical, however these new machines don’t simply connect making pens! Besides rigging crews, tooling, setup, along with a steep learning curve regarding operation, the greatest job is programming. They speak another language than our old machines. So literally every program for each part for each pen needs to be re-written, proofed, tested, after which tweaked for fine tuning. It has shown to be an enormous job. Much bigger than I’d expected. At this time, I’m about 20% completed with the re-writing and re-programming process.

So which means that I’ve been doing consistently 10-12 hour days before holiday for in regards to a month, and continuously achieve this until I’m finished.

A pen show like Electricity often takes 2-3 days of preparation when it comes to inventory prior to a really hectic weekend. Only then do we don’t return into our groove until about 7 days following the show.

Therefore it just will not be achievable this season for all of us. This isn’t a simple decision, once we truly like to see our clients live in the pen shows. Then although the pen shows are extremely hectic and busy (especially Electricity) they’re a lot of fun!

After we have been in full operation using the new machines, we’ll get things normal again here.

On Holiday!

Published by John Grey on Jun 26 2018

My loved ones and that i take a significantly needed 2 week vacation.

Possibly lots of you realize, but we’d lots of new machinery arrive which has dominated time, and there’s been little light in the finish from the tunnel. Coding every program for each part for each pen then showing them around the new machinery is a big job (on the top of my normal routine), and I’m just getting began! So a rest from work is needed!

I’ll be remaining from emails during this period. If you want my direct attention, it may be This summer 16th or 17th whenever you listen to me.

Current Inventory Updated!

Published by John Grey on May 16 2018

With this formulations for that Chicago Pen Show, we manufactured lots of new pens. Most of them weren’t claimed in Chicago.

We could get many of these pens photographed and submitted into our Current Inventory Gallery.

So if you’re interested, you will find enough pens in certain new and ideal materials that people haven’t been on the galleries yet.

There is a slideshow below, or click the link.

Chicago Pen Show!

Published by John Grey on May 03 2018

We’ll attend the Chicago Pen Show a few days ago!

Take a look at the recording below to determine the pens that we’ll be getting.

Hopefully to determine you there!

Additional Footage from Goulet Visit!

Published by John Grey on Apr 16 2018

A lot of you’ll remember when John Goulet and Came Brown using the Goulet Pen Co found visit in The month of january. We’d a lot of fun sitting lower and talking about our business evolution through the years, gave lots of insight regarding the way we have become as well as discussed some very recent happenings. If you didn’t check this out interview-style video, you can observe it here.

But while John and Came were here, additionally they taken some excellent footage in our facility and our processes. We’ve enough Behind the curtain videos, but none of them within our new facility. And So I believe that most discover the video below pretty interesting!

It had been so competent to possess my good buddies in the Goulet Pen Company show up for his or her visit! Because of John and the team for putting this together!

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