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March 19, 2019

Tools & AccessoriesTools & Accessories

A nib block is a vital tool for straightening nibs which are sprung or else broken. Vintage examples are rare to find, however, and also the modern tool steel blocks which have been lovingly machined and hands-finished cost 100’s of dollars, if you’re able to enter on the certainly one of their limited production runs. Some time ago, we bought several old nib blocks from the lengthy-established pen repair shop in England. Most were tool steel in a variety of shapes, however a couple were created of acrylic. Though they’d some superficial scuffing and scratches from decades of hard use, these were still just like ever, which inspired us to make use of exactly the same material for any new run of nib blocks, affordable for each pen hobbyist.

People, acrylic is a perfect material for any nib block. While in some instances a totally unyielding metal surface will be preferred, more frequently the smallest amount of “give” is much better when bent metal will be counter-bent to revive it to straightness (we frequently place a strip of thin paper over our steel nib blocks just for this reason). We’ve made the decision to not sell straightening tools to be used using these blocks, simply because they are broadly offered at very modest cost using their company sellers. For approximately $5 it’s possible to buy a burnisher as utilized by jewelers and engravers, or some dapping punches with polished rounded steel heads. Making a person’s own tools is yet another option: we’ve several produced from cheap screwdrivers which have been cut short, ground round, and polished smooth.

Our new blocks measure 11.5 cm x 5 cm (4.5 x 2 “), with diameters on convex and concave surfaces running from three to fifteen mm (1/8″ to 19/32”) — a variety which should accommodate nibs of any size, in the tiniest miniatures to oversize dip pen nibs. Observe that these blocks are cast, not machined, which the convex ridge includes a saddleback curve in the centre instead of being dead straight over the top.

$25 each (photos above show the block from both sides)

Tools & Accessories

These 3 inch by 6 inch (7.6 x 15.2 cm) mylar-backed nib smoothing sheets aren’t cheap, but they’re the very best! Don’t confuse all of them with cheaper sheets coated with aluminum or chromium oxide — the commercial gemstone coating on these is way superior, and strongly resists being crawled from the extra-tough backing — so much in fact, that you can run the perimeters of those disks from a nib’s tines to smooth the interior edges from the tipping material. May be used dry or wet, will last longer than other polishing media many occasions over. Just one sheet should be easily great for smoothing a large number of nibs.

Provided with particle size .5 micron (very fine, for finish work or slow deburring gray) or 1.5 micron (very fine, offers faster deburring light eco-friendly). $6 per sheet.

NOTE: They are much finer than mylar-backed abrasives offered for hobby use, as the grit size is much more carefully controlled. This chart gives conversions between different abrasive scales, listing abrasives of .5 micron as equal to 60,000 grit (the best Micro-Mesh offers is 12,000 grit), and 1.5 micron as equal to 13,000.

Tools & Accessories

Cleanout bulbs are crucial for pen restoration and maintenance: rely on them to purge out accrued ink deposits and sediments from sections, feeds, and nibs, in order to cleanse dried ink from Parker 61 capillary reservoir units. Similar bulbs were provided by Waterman for routine cleaning of the eyedropper-filling pens at the outset of the twentieth century. Cheaper, less dangerous, and frequently more efficient than an ultrasound cleaner! These sturdy, thick-walled rubber bulbs will last a long time. The big bulbs will fit the section nipples on most pens, in addition to Parker 51 and 61 nib openings. The little bulbs will fit slender pens and miniatures, for example Eversharp Bantams and Peter Pans. We are in possession of extra-large bulbs (not proven) with similar opening size because the large bulbs, but two times the capability. $4.95 each.

Test tube brushes are another must-have. This set includes one large, one small: the very first is a great general purpose brush for caps and many barrels the second reason is well suited for the narrow barrels of eyedropper-fillers, as well as for cleaning up sections after feed removal. Two brushes, one cost: $6.50

Lengthy-necked applicator, an excellent filler for eyedropper-filling pens (the lengthy, thin tube reaches further in to the barrel, filling it more nicely):
$.50 each, ten for $2.50

Tools & Accessories

Have you got an eyedropper-filling pen within the box, filled with eyedropper? Odds are, the eyedropper’s bulb has lengthy since hardened and shattered. These latex bulbs make accurate replacements, at just $.60 each.


Tools & Accessories

Precision drill bits for mechanical pencil repair. Easily 90% of old mechanical pencils that do not work are just jammed. There is nothing wrong using their mechanisms, but lead is stuck inside. Sometimes it is simply just one bit of lead that will not budge, a piece has damaged inside, fragments jamming the mechanism. Cleaning the jammed lead needs a drill little bit of the perfect size. Not big enough, along with a tube of lead remains which needs to be damaged up and coaxed by helping cover their a clear, crisp pick. Too big, and metal will get removed, departing body from the lead within the pencil sloppy and loose.

Tools & Accessories

These precision twist bits are carefully sized for optimal easily fit in mechanical pencils which use 1.1 mm lead (.046 inches). Merely a couple of hundredths of the millimeter (thousandths inch) thinner compared to lead they are made to obvious, they’re created using spiral flutes which are dramatically twisted, which extracts pencil lead residue much more effectively compared to nearly-straight flutes available on standard home improvement store drill bits.
$8 for 3

Pencil Lead

There are lots of lead sizes and grades that we don’t stock. If you don’t find the thing you need here, look into the choices in our buddies in the Legendary Lead Company.

Thick 1.1 mm lead for older mechanical pencils (interchangeable with leads nominally designated as .046″, 1.18 mm, and 1.2 mm), in addition to .9 mm (.036″) lead in a variety of grades and colours. They are fresh production from Autopoint. Each tube contains 12 leads, each 1 3/8″ lengthy (3.5 cm). Black lead is $2 per tube colored lead is $2.50.

Versus (1.5 mm) lead, probably the most generally-used sizes for 19th-century mechanical pencils but lengthy from production and incredibly difficult to find. Hardness is HB.
10 cm for $8 (five 2 cm pieces proven, though two 5 cm pieces is going to be sent)

M (1.05 mm) was among the other lead sizes most generally utilized in 19th-century mechanical pencils, and today virtually impossible to locate. Our true 1. mm lead will fit M nozzles, although a little loosely. A skinny coat of shellac brings charge up to 1.05 mm, or it may be applied with beeswax to carry it in position. Another approach is to own nozzle tip a small squeeze for any snug fit. Observe that current-production pencil lead offered as 1.0mm is really .9mm.
Five 6 cm pieces for $5

Esterbrook screw-in Renew-Point fountain pen nib units are right here

Parker nibs are highlighted below

Other Areas

Tools & Accessories

New old stock vintage ringtop fittings, gold plated. Three highlighted, but cost is perfect for one unit. $10 each

Tools & Accessories

New old stock slip-on accomodation clips, nickel plated steel, 3.3 cm all the way through out of the box, fit caps 11 mm (7/16 inch) across, but tend to be adjusted to suit caps which are bigger or perhaps a bit smaller sized. New old stock, c. 1920. Proven back and front, cost is perfect for one clip. Offered OUT

Recently-manufactured precision stainless breather tubes for Aerometric 51. Our manufacture, designed to original Parker dimensions. Replacements for that original silver breather tubes, that are generally found damaged or badly corroded. Correctly sized and discovered side vent hole is vital for correct functioning. Obtainable in both standard and Demi lengths — please specify the number of of every are needed. Otherwise specified, standard size tubes is going to be sent.
$10 each, 3 for $24, 10 for $65, 50 for $250

(Parker 51 Aerometric repair notes here)

Our customized all-metal adapters permit utilization of ballpoint refills obtained from BIC stick pens in Parker fiber tip pens, including slender models like the 35 and European 45. Fiber tip refills were stopped lengthy ago the only real other adaptors presently available are created to order in England and significantly more costly. Full instructions on selection and trimming of refills here. $30 each

Covering (hood) for Vac-filling and standard Aerometric full-size 51, without recess for O-ring (won’t fit late production 61-style 51 Mark III pens with coarse 32 TPI threads): black, NOS, $20 each

Fast (not proven for Vac-filling 51s, more green compared to Aerometric blue), NOS, $30 each

Covering (hood) for late production 51 Mark III with flat 32 TPI threads (won’t fit earlier 51s), 36.5 mm lengthy: black, NOS, $20 each

As above, fast (not proven) $20 each

As above, burgundy (not proven) $35 each

Original coupler unit with sac for late production 51 Mark III with flat 32 TPI threads (won’t fit earlier 51 models), NOS, $40 each

Clips for late production 51 Aerometrics (38 mm lengthy, 12 ribs will fit earlier pens, but clip length might not exactly match the initial) c. 1960, NOS, gold filled or chrome plated, $35 each.

Inner cap for late production 51 Mark III (plastic liner, goes inside metal cap, holds clip retaining screw), 32.5 mm lengthy, NOS, $5 each

Parker Classic nib unit, gold plated stainless, may also fit Parker 180 broad, NOS, $20 each

Parker 61 nib, 14K gold, medium, NOS, $30 each

Tools & Accessories

Clip button for Parker 75 fountain pen or rollerball, earlier production with flat top, no recess, 8 mm maximum diameter gold plated, new old stock with minor storage put on: $15 each

Clip for Parker 75 fountain pen, fibertip, or rollerball, gold filled, NOS: $25 each

Clip for Parker 45 fountain pen, fibertip, or rollerball, gold plated, NOS: $15 each

Desk base pen holder, hole at bottom finish for attachment to swivel fitting, will accommodate most Parker desk pens in the 1950s-80s (21, 45, 51, 61) new old stock, $20 each

Tools & Accessories

Substitute flat coil springs for Sheaffer Snorkel pens. The originals are vulnerable to rust, particularly if there’s any leakage in to the barrel interior from the unsuccessful sac or point seal. Whether or not the rust is taken away, there’s more often than not residual pitting, along with a Snorkel mechanism won’t retract and extend easily when the spring reaches all rough. Not original Sheaffer production, but recently manufactured to original specifications, 3 for $18 or 100 for $300

Tools & Accessories

Substitute coil springs for Sheaffer PFM fountain pens. Not original Sheaffer production, but recently manufactured to original specifications, 3 springs for $15 or $150 for 50 springs


Skyline pencil clip set up, NOS, $10 each

6813: Waterman lever box set up later on production 58: original new old stock, fits 22 mm lengthy, 3.2 mm wide barrel slot, nickel plated.

DATE: c. 1928 • CONDITION: mint • $125

9500: Waterman lever box set up: original new old stock, 21 mm lengthy, fits 16 mm lengthy, 2.2 mm wide barrel slot, gold plated.

DATE: c. 1935 • CONDITION: mint • $15

9501: Waterman lever box set up: original new old stock, 23 mm lengthy, fits 16 mm lengthy, 3 mm wide barrel slot, gold plated.

DATE: c. 1945 • CONDITION: mint • $10

Tools & Accessories

Special thin-wall Teflon tubing won’t corrode, low-friction surfaces resist ink residue buildup. Roughly .074″ (1.9 mm) OD, cut to length and taper finish to create substitute breather tubes for Vac-filling Parker 51s and then 51s with plastic breather tubes, Parker Vacumatics, Eversharp Skylines, and lots of other pens.
5 ft for $5, or 50 ft for $30.

NOTE: for Parker 51 Aerometrics which use a lengthy thin metal tube, replacements are right here.

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Sacs and seals are actually listed by themselves page — make use of the link below.