Pen Franklin covey

Platinum Quad-Point Pen

December 30, 2019

Our Quad Point Pens have four different writing tips in a single pen. You will find three inks – black, red, and blue, and something .5mm pencil and all sorts of four are refillable. Each pen comes gift boxed with an eraser within the cap. These pens would be the original Multi-Point transported by Franklin Quest, Franklin Covey and Daytimers. This pen’s barrel is Platinum and it is produced in Japan.

This pen is on purchase now!

New Waterbrush Set

Platinum Quad-Point Pen

Our new Waterbrush V2 set is available in three convenient tip sizes for various creative strokes and is ideal for water soluble paints, watercolors, pencils and inks. The durable .

Karen Parsons Jul 10, 2018

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