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The Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale

December 30, 2019

Thanks for visiting the launch from the Apollo – the earth’s most versatile group of drafting instruments.

Machined from aerospace-grade titanium and marine-grade stainless, the Apollo Pen is made to support 50 plus+ precision-point refills and multiple upgrade modules.

Forged from one solid block of aircraft grade aluminum, the Apollo Tri-Scale works as a completely functional architect’s scale along with a transporter situation for the Apollo Pens.

Our goods are superbly designed and focused to supply the perfect consumer experience. We are confident the Apollo will end up your ultimate drafting tool.

  • An excellent and innovative design would be a prerequisite for all of us. What began like a simple idea become something which exceeded our expectations.
  • Simplicity may be the ultimate sophistication. In an enormous amount of excess, we attempt to suit multiple functions into simpler form factors. The Apollo serves its technical purpose and keep you organized and searching great in your desk.
  • The pen feels and looks so great inside your hands. The Apollo Pen and Tri-Scale combination is really a working artwork. Everybody you realize may wish to borrow it!

Just like it appears. The Apollo is created by makers for makers. Our aim was to produce a group of professional tools that will not just exceed an architect’s drafting needs, but additionally inspire confidence and creativeness inside your projects.

Tackle projects requiring various ink, colors, and line weights. The Apollo Pen accepts 50 plus different precision-point, needle-point, rollerball, and fineliner refills.

The pen’s unique hexagonal body and knurled grip enhance comfort and control.

The pattern and size the stainless grip enables employed by hrs without fatigue.

An enhanced nib length and shape enables unparalleled precision and full visibility from the targeted writing area.

The Tri-Scale combines 6 precision scales having a 3-pen storage and selection system inside a gorgeous, minimalist form-factor having a modern twist.

The Apollo System is built to use a number of interchangeable modules to facilitate drafting, drawing, calculating, or writing needs. You are able to swap the pen’s color rings to point refill color, give a stylus, swap refills, and convert length measurements quickly.

With the proper module, you may also help your pen right into a mechanical pencil.

Apollo Pens and Tri-Scales are created without compromise. Each pen is machined from Aerospace-Grade Titanium and Marine-Grade INOX Stainless.

We used different premium materials around the pen for any purpose. Despite many years of handling, the stainless won’t ever show indications of put on. The balanced counter-weight from the titanium provides the Apollo an advantage over other pencils.

Then we refine the raw machined components via a rigorous multi-stage blasting, plating, and finishing process allow it an even, durable, and very lengthy lasting finish.

The Apollo Pen and Tri-Scale can be found in 3 gorgeous finishes:

  • Satin Silver The Satin Silver look is achieved by glass bead-blasting the fabric surface for any super-smooth finish. Then we treat the Titanium to really make it tough and sturdy in order that it continues to demonstrate its subtle metallic shine for very lengthy time.
  • Black Stealth – An attractive, deep all-black finish glued straight to the Titanium and Stainless components. This finish is achieved while using plating methods you discover on aerospace components, engine parts, marine applications, and premium drill bits. Creating a subtle stand out the colour, you simply could possibly catch the sunshine reflecting from the sharp edges of the Apollo. (For additional contrast, scale markings around the Tri-Scale are printed in white-colored.)
  • Steampunk Brass – Retrieved from Captain Nemo’s ship wreck, this Steampunk brass-style finish is really a timeless accessory for your collection. This finish is achieved utilizing the same techniques because the Black Stealth, but we have fun with the procedure just a little allow it that extra deep gold color that will not fade.

The Kickstarter community cherishes an image of making quality items that aren’t made to be tossed out or fail. We have put everything into making the very best group of pens we are able to so we need your assistance to propel the Apollo into the next thing of their existence.

By pledging on the project you’re helping us meet minimum order volumes needed by our manufacturers and driving lower supply costs to achieve the perfect materials to craft your tools. We’d love so that you can do that ourselves however the upfront pricing is overwhelming for the small team.

Any give you support can provide allows us to get this to product a real possibility as well as in return we’ll do everything we can to offer you the perfect rewards!

  • $130,000 – Refills Unlocked
    The Lamy Z60 Pencil Mechanism and Hi-Tec-C refills is going to be like pledge add-ons! The refills and Z60 pencil mechanism is going to be shipped together with your Apollo order. We are not near the appropriate order size for Lamy Germany to provide us any special therapy, so we have needed to jump through hoops and also over hurdles to locate a reliable source for that Lamy Z60 mechanism for those pencil backers for a price of $12 per pencil mechanism. We managed to sort out a much better cope with our current supplier of Hi-Tec-C refills – give us a call them as pledge add-ons in a discounted rate of $2 per additional refill!
  • [UPDATED] $130,000 – Bound Leather Notebooks Unlocked
    Produced by someone of ours, we’ve requested them for assist in producing beautiful pocket-sized field notebooks to tote around everywhere. These notebooks would be the perfect companion utilize them for writing, sketching and jotting lower ideas. They contain acidity-free paper, are highly durable and have a flexible strap to ensure that they’re closed keep. Each notebook is going to be offered like a $5 pledge add-on.
  • $200,000 – Premium Transporting Cases Unlocked
    We’re happy to announce this premium situation stretch goal! Many of our backers will gladly hear when this milestone is achieved, we’ll design and increase operations to create top quality leather transporting cases for that individual pens and for the Tri-Scale. This involves the Apollo Team to begin assembling an entirely new group of products all together—new designs, new materials, along with a new manufacturing process. The designs is going to be finalized following the stretch goal is achieved.

The Apollo Technical Pen ships having a Hi-Tec-C Refill within the color of your liking (Black, Blue, or Red).

For those who have another favorite refill or maybe your projects demands different line weights, colors, or any other characteristics, we have got your back. The Apollo supports numerous refills that may be easily obtained online or at the local art supply store.

We are focusing on an entire Apollo Refill Database which will list every supported refill, its pictures, specifications, available sizes, subtle characteristics, and reviews. To get notifications and additional info on if this feature is going to be available, sign up for the subscriber list on the website at

Risks and challenges

Getting labored on several products previously, we is familiar with that people should have complete control of our products and offer chain. Our team’s experience allows us to arrange for unforeseen problems that come up when going for a product concept into full-scale manufacturing.

During the last couple of several weeks we’ve scrutinized every process of our production and delivery process. Together with our manufacturing partners, suppliers, and shippers, we have produced a minimization and contingency arrange for several identifiable fulfillment risks. Our timelines include significant buffers for just about any problems that may arise so we aspire to drive challenging you your Apollo even earlier than expected.

We feel maintaining a regular and open dialogue with this backers and getting a powerful policy of transparency is crucial. Each step on the way, we’ll turn it into a priority tell you about our progress, our timelines, not to mention – our successes!

This project wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of several key people who have done some amazing work and also have been around all the way.

Cloud on the horizon Studios:
A really special thanks is out to Julien Cheron and Frederick Truong at Cloud on the horizon Studios who’ve been a motivation as well as an absolute delight to do business with. They required proper care of the whole video production from beginning to end so we can’t thank them enough!

A unique mention is out to the buddies:
– Richy Seto, Architect
– Javen Wilson, Industrial Designer
– Mia Giommi, Architect

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