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Pelikan fountain pens, the 100 vintage pen and also the Souverän

April 22, 2019

The 100 is really a true historic Pelikan vintage pen

It had been the pen utilized by Einstein. How will it become more historic than that. You will find off target several ‘Classics’ (and you will find even a few Pelikan fountain pens), however this one, the Pelikan vintage pen 100 is within itself some fountain pen history. Let me tell you why this vintage pen isn’t to become overlooked by pen lover and to do this I’ll begin with some history around the Pelikan company.

The way the pelican from the Pelikan fountain pen came into existence

Pelikan’s story started in 1832 like a workshop producing paints and accessories for artists. In 1863 Gunther Wagner, the factory manager, acquired the organization, gave it its name and ran it splendidly. He gave the organization a trademark like a sign for quality. The trademark was his personal family crest or coat of arms, namely a pelican. This trademark ended up being to be among the first trademarks ever to become registered of these purposes. The trademark itself evolved with time.

The origins from the Pelikan fountain pen

Gunther was proficient at a lot of things because in the turn from the century his products is going to be offered around the globe. The organization had around 3000 employees, quite an accomplishment in individuals days. It had been later that the Hungarian engineer Theodor Kovacs invented the piston filling mechanism having a differential spindling gear. Although he offered his patent in 1927, he re-patented it in 1929 and also the same year Pelikan launched its first ‘Pelikan fountain pen’. The first were built with a jade eco-friendly barrel, where most fountain pens offered then were black.

(image from Lothar Spurzem, Wikimedia Commons)

In 1931 models expanded and model names needed to be given. So the name model 100 saw light. In 1937 the model 100N (for brand new) was offered worldwide. Production ended sadly in the mid 1940s.

Now how can this be Pelikan vintage pen stand out ?

Well, before pen was invented people authored using the famously named safety pens or security pens nevertheless it was still being a hard task to utilize a fountain pen. These pens weren’t safe whatsoever. Charging a pen or filling it with ink wound up inside a stain party on hands and pockets. On the top of you could not go far on ink therefore the advantage over a plume as well as an ink jar were small. So i believe this filling system combined with the first pen to carry it, were somewhat revolutionary.

Bakelite, Palladium and cork were off target among the materials which were replaced in additional modern versions however this filing product is still utilized in some mixers exist today. It had been a large advance and altered the of fountain pens which is why it certainly is probably the most classic vintage pen. No question Einstein used the Pelikan 100.

Confusion with Montblanc which Pelikan fountain pen

Some say MontBlanc invented this technique but this isn’t true. Kovacs have been in discussions with several parties, MontBlanc was one of these but eventually Pelikan got the offer. There’s one more reason why some confusion with MontBlanc exists. At that time Pelikan and MontBlanc labored together. MontBlanc didn’t make ink and Pelikan didn’t produce nibs so that they were suppliers for one another. This is actually the Pelikan nib, in early occasions provided by MontBlanc.

So really, the real success story of Pelikan started using the model 100. This Pelikan fountain pen is viewed today like a rather middle-class citizen like Lamy, and never quite available online for with upper class MontBlanc. Funny to consider that Pelikan lies in the origins from the piston filling mechanism, and many fountain pen companies all make use of this system today.

Another Pelikan fountain pen, the Souverän

I can help you now select a very close and related modern form of this vintage pen because regrettably the precise replica from the model 100 isn’t made any longer. The Souverän, the direct successor of 1950’s Pelikan 400, is most likely probably the most legendary fountain pens today, and it has been successful the function from the classic pen, model 100. Probably the most striking part of the pen may be the striped barrel now produced from cellulose acetyl, another material than plastic utilized by most. This “

pinstripe” pattern gave the its nickname Stresemann, namely the Secretary of Condition in Weimar Republic well-noted for his striped pants. The clip by means of a golden pelican are features unchanged because the fifties.

So, if you’re charmed through the pyama or even the beak or wish to carry some pen history with you, you need to choose the Souverän. Lost of choices in colors (however eco-friendly is essential). Various sizes, such as the oversize, and you will find additionally a nice selection of Special Editions. You’ll find more details, reviews and also the cost of the vintage pen, here.

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