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The Indica Portable Vaporizer

July 30, 2019

Look a huge Zippo! No, wait, it’s a vape.

The Indica portable vaporizer is among individuals kinds of vapes that’s modeled following a well-known device. I am not an especially fan of firms that do that, however i attempted to not allow that to affect my estimation as i tested it.

It’s really pretty much-made, it feels solid and doesn’t really appear like they cheaped on the components. It is also pretty small, just the Magic-Flight Launch Box is smaller sized so far as herbal vapes go that I’ve reviewed.

Performance-wise Personally i think that it is nearly average. I’ve certainly reviewed worse, but there’s also a number of other portables which i like and rate greater. I discovered the vapor this factor produces to become a little around the light side in addition to a little hot/harsh.

I’ve mixed ideas relating to this one, so let’s dive in and review every detail.

The very first factor to speak about is its size and search. It’s designed to become a Zippo, but it’s most likely double how big an average lighter. However, it’s among the tiniest herbal vapes I’ve reviewed to date, only a bit larger than the special moment-Flight Launch Box.

Quality is fairly great for the cost range it’s inside it certainly feels pretty solid, also it really doesn’t feel cheesy whatsoever. The plant chamber and vapor path consists of high quality stainless like the majority of vapes, and also the outer covering is really a polished metal which will most likely begin to show some scratches with time.

Near the foot of readily stored away where your oven or plant chamber is, after which there is a small hole at the end from the chamber in which the vapor can travel to the mouthpiece at the very top.

This is considered a conduction vaporizer as your material will get heated through the walls from the oven and never strictly by heat like convection vapes. For me you will find benefits and drawbacks to each style.

By using this vape is fairly easy, but you have to pack the chamber in a certain style for the best results. To gain access to the chamber of the vape just remove this cover piece here after which if you are scared of losing it you are able to place it to the foot of the system since it’s magnetized.

You need to make certain you grind your material really fine, essentially as fine as possible it. This boosts the area of what’s being heated which will help produce thicker and much more consistent vapor.

Equally as essential as grind consistency is when tightly you pack your material. You actually don’t would like your stuff loose inside, you have to pack it fairly tight to have it to do well. You do not need it so tight that barely any air can go through, however, you also don’t would like your stuff going swimming inside, somewhere in the centre is nice, Goldilocks style.

Now when you are packing this vape you have to decide in advance the number of draws you want to capture or how lengthy you would like your session to last. You essentially have two options you are able to pack the oven full or half-pack the oven while using stainless spacer they offer.

This can vary for the way finely you grind and just how tightly you pack, however for us a half-packing is roughly .2g along with a full packing is all about .4g. One half-pack is deserving of you about 7-10 decent draws along with a full packing about 15-20. This can also vary based on what heat setting it is on.

After you have your chamber packed it’s time for you to switch it on, and you accomplish that by holding lower this button on top for several seconds. Once it’s for you then need to pick a heat setting, which vape provides you with five options varying from 340°F to 412°F.

Personally, i discovered that the cheapest and greatest heat settings don’t really give a great experience, and so i would say the best choice is selecting among the middle 3 temps. To alter temperatures you push this button two times and it’ll cycle with the different colors that indicate the different temps. So for instance should you desired to vape around the middle heat setting, that is 376°F shown by the eco-friendly light, you would need to press this button six occasions, but gradually like this…

When your preferred temperatures are set after this you wait about a minute for that light to blink, which signifies the oven has arrived at operating temp and it is ready vape from.

Now this is actually the mouthpiece here, as well as for the best results you’ll wish to have a slow, lengthy draw, and it will have a couple of pulls before you begin to obtain decent vapor production. It’s strange holding something which appears like a lighter as much as the mouth area for five-ten seconds, but that’s neither here nor there.

This vape comes with a car-shutoff feature, and that i personally believe that it’s looking for way too short of the period of time. Once you set your temp the system will instantly turn off after ten minutes, which really isn’t lengthy enough for any full session, also it doesn’t beep or else indicate that it is turning off, so you’ve to keep close track of it.

The main reason this becomes slightly annoying during me is that it is not as easy as hitting one button to switch it on again – should you be vaping at among the mid-to-high temps you’ll need to hit the button a minimum of 6 occasions to resume vaping, with pauses in between each setting.

So far as performance goes I’d think about this vape about average. Though it works similarly towards the Pax I do not discover the experience as enjoyable. The vapor it creates is decent, but it’s just a little around the light side, and it is also type of warm. I’ve certainly reviewed vapes which are worse, but a lot of them perform better. Vapor taste can also be somewhere in the centre, pretty average.

One of the things which i would consider a benefit is always that it may used while it’s connected and charging, with lots of portable vapes you cannot do this. The kodak playtouch camcorder takes a few hrs to completely charge, that is more than most others, but battery existence is slightly excellent at 60-1 hour 30 minutes, based on what heat setting you utilize. Within my testing I made use of it around the crimson setting most frequently, or 394°F, and my battery lasted 70 minutes before dying (seven 10 minute sessions).

It doesn’t appear like there’s an excessive amount of maintenance or cleaning needed with this particular one, the most crucial factor to help keep it running easily would be to brush the chamber after each use. After in regards to a dozen sessions approximately you may have allow it a far more thorough cleaning, which may involve utilizing a little rubbing alcohol and among the provided pipe cleaners to wash the chamber and vapor path. The mouthpiece at the very top is removable and can also be a place where some buildup could occur.

Overall, I do not think this can be a bad vape whatsoever, but due to the average performance cheap it’s modeled following a Zippo I type of contemplate it just a little gimmicky.

One factor I actually do wish to give the corporation credit for may be the owner’s manual, it’s well-written and clear to see that is rare nowadays. However, I had been a little disappointed after i saw the warranty they provide, because it’s just for 6 several weeks and that’s under every other vape I’ve reviewed.

If you are strictly searching for any good portable vape to hold around along with you there’s a couple of which i presently recommend probably the most: the special moment-Flight Launch Box if you would like the tiniest or quickest option, the Pax or even the Ascent if you would like one which works similarly but performs better, and also the Firefly if you would like the greatest quality or tastiest vapor.

To look at reviews of those and lots of other vapes take a look at this site at There you’ll also look for a connect to the shop I purchased mine from if you feel this model fits your needs and you’re searching to purchase one.

I truly appreciate you making the effort to look at, and remain up!


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I purchased one of these simple some several weeks ago, however always felt strange how little visible vapor is created, specifically within the low settings.
I’m a new comer to vaping, same with it present with end up like that? I am talking about, I’m able to have the device warming up, but it’s so strange to not see any type of vapor unless of course within the greatest settings

Don’t waste your hard earned money with an Indica vaporizer. Mine lasted merely a couple of several weeks with light use. If this unsuccessful, I known as their customer support and it was told that lots of the very first run endured from the manufacturing defect which, basically would send my old Indica back, they’d send me new the very first week of Feb. It’s now mid-March, and my calls and letters are now being completely overlooked. Even if your vaporizer labored, it didn’t work nicely. I finally purchased a Pax 2, which fits great. Please avoid Indica unless of course you want a vaporizer which has a hard draw, that lasts merely a couple of several weeks, and that you won’t receive medicine whether it fails.

I just read in another review for that Indica that there’s a definite odor of material when vaping, particularly in a poorly ventilated room. Additionally you pointed out in answer an earlier comment that “

you really won’t smell anything unless of course the vape is on and heated to vaping temperature”.

So, may be the smell terrible? Because I’m wishing to purchase the Indica, however need a portable vaporizer that’s very discrete… meaning no smell (or barely any). What exactly are your ideas?

I wouldn’t repeat the odor is actually bad but someone close surrounding you or perhaps in exactly the same room would most likely smell it, it goes for many vapes.

I’d say two least-smelliest portables I’ve reviewed would be the Firefly and also the V2 Pro 3.

You need to evaluate the new Indica “

Noir” that formally released today. It certainly performs much better than the initial Indica (bigger air path, longer battery existence, and faster heat-up time) and that i would like to visit your undertake it.

Hey I really possess the beta V2 however i personally didn’t watch a factor in performance in the original one, so regrettably I do not think I will do a complete review for this.

I have seen individuals reports from it being better however i didn’t experience that myself. Appreciate posting though as well as for your request, I greatly be thankful!

Oh wow, just quick reply! Missed it initially. It saddens me the Pax continues to be your preferred portable after while using Indica v2 (although I know the Crafty is the favorite now lol). I truly suggest delivering inside your SS Indica and becoming a black Noir one since most those who have it prefer it within the Pax (including me). It’s been performing ideal for me! Battery existence, flavor, and vapor density are much better than the Pax in addition to how easy it’s to wash.

Also, I really hope your Crafty and Mighty comments are not far off!

Thanks, I’m a large fan!

How does one repeat the Alfa and Indica compare. Just purchased the Alfa however i looked pretty carefully in the Noir.

I’m really not positive since i haven’t personally attempted the Alfa yet, however i ought to be soon.

I believe the Indica is alright and pretty average for any portable but I am not excessively impressed by using it.

da vinci or this?

davinci. I do not such as this one either.. Davinci is much more multifunctional

Among the coolest reasons for this is the way stealth it’s (visually searching just like a zippo). My question, however, is when good may be the odor containment when transporting it around, full of a complete chamber, inside a pocket/purse/etc? What is the large amount of odor leakage where it’s apparent you aren’t just transporting a zippo? Or are you able to securely leave this factor packed an within the center console of the vehicle (or in your dresser of wherever) and do not have the vehicle (or room) reeking of product?

Typically you actually won’t smell anything unless of course the vape is on and heated to vaping temperature, when it’s switched off and awesome it’s virtually odor free, unless of course you stick onto your nose up to the chamber you can find a faint whiff.

You should think about mentioning the truth that it features a small usb and perhaps component that to the scoring process.

The main reason In my opinion this will be significant happens because it will help you to charge it from power banks, computers, any usb slot etc.

Plus it means you don’t need to purchase proprietary chargers, small usb is extremely cheap. Actually it was purely the main reason I selected this within the pax – plus it implies that by accident you are more inclined likely to be in times where you’ll be able to charge it ie cable from your old exterior Hard disk drive, or ecig cable for those who have forgotten to create the cable for eg… at the female friends house.

Regrettably mine has some issues, obama of the organization proposed a substitute (The very best customer support I’ve experienced) and so i might have more to state after i have provided the system an effective go.

Hey what types of issues have you have with yours?

Sent a message around the contact page regarding that question.

Would you mind saying what items you had, and whether your substitute unit solved individuals issues? I’m thinking about purchasing one.

I’ve been searching at these for a while attempting to determine if I ought to purchase one. Just review.

The Indica website claims that the system has a one year warranty as well as your video states 6 several weeks. Both of them are pretty short amounts of time however i am wondering in which you got the 6 several weeks from.

Hmm… this is exactly what it states around the last page of my owner’s manual:

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