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Technical pens & drawing ink

December 17, 2019

Technical pens & drawing ink were utilised to

Mars® matic 700 Technical pen Set that contains line width .25, .35, .5, .7, technical pen compass adapter, drawing ink bottle 745 R-9 and template attachment for simplifying use templates

Mars® matic 700 Technical pen Set that contains line width .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .8, 1., technical pen compass adapter and drawing ink bottle 745 R-9 with template attachment for simplifying use templates

Mars® matic 700 Technical pen

Mars® matic 745 Drawing ink

Mars® matic 745 M Drawing ink for film + paper

Mars® matic 745 R Drawing ink for paper

Mars® matic 750 Spare drafting point

Drawing with ink is really a broadly used technique utilized by professionals and artists. Technical pens have stable tips because of modern chrome-plated tubes, which makes them a great tool for architects and draftsmen. Our range of products includes not just refillable technical pens and appropriate drawing ink, but the right accessories for achieving outstanding results.

High-quality technical pens and drawing ink for professional work

Draftsmen, architects, cartographers and artists all depend on high-quality technical pens for professional drawing and style work. Previously, drawing pens were utilised to attract with ink, however modern technical pens with hard chrome drafting tubes now allow you to achieve maximum precision.

The STAEDTLER Mars matic technical pen

The STAEDTLER Mars matic is a superb option for drawing with ink on drafting board and drawing paper since it provides the following features:

  • Steady ink flow because of an ink collector system.
  • No drying out of ink because of the double sealing system within the cap.
  • This technical pen will come in 9 assorted standard line widths, so it may be ideally adapted for your specific needs.
  • The conventional line widths are ISO and Noise colour coded.
  • Technical pens are appropriate for focus on drafting and tracing paper in addition to matt drafting film using drawing ink 745 M-9.

How’s a lot of it put on the paper?

A funnel within the technical pen ensures optimum pressure equalisation. Simultaneously, a movable drop weight controls the steady flow of drawing ink to the paper using a tube found at the end from the pen. This produces a consistent line width which is dependent upon the diameter from the tube. A lot of it itself provides the following features:

  • Drawing ink is definitely an aqueous liquid that colour pigments are added, mainly black smoke.
  • Drawing ink is:
    – Waterproof
    – Lightfast
    – Has excellent reproduction characteristics

Refillable ink for drawing

When the ink has been utilized up, there’s two methods for you to refill the pen:

  • Fast and easily replaceable black cartridges.
  • 22 ml bottles in red and black.

Tip: The black and white (745 M2-9) can also be appropriate to be used on film. The red ink has excellent reproduction characteristics, so it’s particularly appropriate to make copies.

Important: If it is likely to be some time before you make use of your technical pen again, make certain you empty and fix it first otherwise, it won’t write whenever you next go for doing things. Simply run water with the pen and provide it a great shake. Test if the pen continues to be emptied of ink by repeating the procedure before the pen doesn’t leave any marks behind in writing. Keep pens horizontally. Technical pens ought to be consumed within 24 months.

Excellent accessories to satisfy an array of drawing needs

The STAEDTLER Mars matic can be purchased in a collection:

  • With four or seven assorted line widths
  • A technical pen compass adapter
  • A refill bottle of drawing ink
  • A template attachment for dealing with lettering guides or perhaps a ruler

Tip: Whenever using a compass, the compass needs a screw thread to connect towards the technical pen. Enter tip should be positioned vertically around the paper. We suggested utilizing a special compass with technical pens, like the Mars professional 555 03.

Products using their company manufacturers aren’t always suitable for each other.

With the proper equipment, you’ll possess a comprehensive technical drawing looking for work, professional work or perhaps a master class.